The Genderbread Person, radical feminist edition

We’ve all seen that horrid Genderbread person that attempts to teach nonsensical gender theory using primary school pedagogy style graphics. Well, here is a “corrected” version of that graphic, radical feminist edition. You have my permission to download, repost, and share. When someone posts the genderbread person in a social media argument, feel free to use this as an answer! Have fun!

The PDF version for download.

6 thoughts on “The Genderbread Person, radical feminist edition

  1. On the original Genderbread person, under Male/Female, what the heck is “male self ID” and “female self ID” supposed to indicate? That although you know you are biologically male or biologically female you have decided to “identify” as male or female? Or does it mean that you may have been “assigned” male or female you have decided you’re the other sex?
    The whole idea that you can “identify” as man or woman makes me cringe, but the idea that you can “identify” as male or female? Completely batshit nuts.
    Your Genderbread person is brilliant. It both nails the absurdity of the queer/trans nonsense and provides a logical alternative.

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