The Lesbian Handbook

The Lesbian Handbook is a creation of blogger This Soft Space, a lesbian who realized her orientation later in life and who once identified as trans. She wanted to create a handbook that provides the information she needed when she was unsure of her orientation. In her own words:

“Our goal with this project was to create a comprehensive booklet of information for lesbians who are beginning to explore their orientation and what it means to be a lesbian. My hope was to answer a lot of questions I had when I first realized I was a lesbian and a lot of questions I have seen in blog comments and tumblr asks over the past year. Although much of this information can be collected elsewhere, having it all in one place will hopefully give some women a source of comfort to fall back on when needed. It helps, I think, to have something so solid explaining so much.”

I was interested in helping her with this project because I am witnessing fewer and fewer women who are attracted to women calling themselves lesbians and many misrepresentations of what lesbians are in popular culture and popular political opinion. Lesbians are females attracted to females—that means men are not lesbians and straight women are not lesbians. Lesbians are not “men trapped in women’s bodies” and we’re not men’s porn fantasies either. It’s important for lesbians to say who we are and to give younger lesbians some factual information they can rely on. Therefore I helped This Soft Space with her handbook by doing some editing and creating the layout.

This handbook will be shared around Tumblr and WordPress, therefore if you would like to share it too you are welcome to. I hope you will find it useful.

Download the Handbook here: lesbian-handbook