What is a TERF?

First and foremost, she is a woman who says NO to men.

NO, I don’t have to cater to men’s feelings.
NO, I don’t have to create resources for men.
NO, I’m not responsible for protecting men from other men.
NO, I won’t have sex with men.
NO, I don’t owe men anything.

She is a woman who won’t give her time and energy to men.

NOT her emotional labor.
NOT her apologies.
NOT her admiration and fawning.

She is a woman who won’t ignore male violence.

She won’t pretend not to see what men do to women when they represent us as sex toys and porn fantasies.
She won’t pretend not to see men’s perversions and she’ll call them out when she sees them.
She has a sharp eye for identifying red flags in men’s behavior. She knows when she is being disrespected.
She doesn’t make excuses for men, minimize their abuse, or argue that #notallmen or “boys will be boys.”
She calls out sexual assault every time she sees it.
She recognizes when men want to consume women by appropriating our identities, invading our spaces, claiming to be better women than we are, taking our names for their own, and using us as props in their fantasies.
She will prevent male violence against women by separating the sexes in any context she sees fit.

She is a woman who won’t be gaslighted.

She won’t stop trusting what she sees with her own eyes.
She won’t believe that male organs are female organs.
She won’t believe that her female biology is oppressive or that it’s a social construct or a privilege or an identity.
She won’t believe the lie that women have privilege over men.
She won’t believe that her oppression is an identity that men feel they have.
She won’t believe that it’s violent for her to create spaces for women.

She is a woman who won’t shut up.

She talks about female biology, female reality, and female oppression, even when it’s taboo to do so.
She continues to speak even when being bullied.
When people shout over her, she shouts back.
She won’t back down even when she is told she is not being nice and inclusive.

She is a woman who is devoted to women.

She puts women first in her life, in her friendships, in her politics.
She considers what effect this will have on women.
Her political allegiance is with women.
She loves women both politically and personally.

She is a radical feminist, a lesbian feminist, an untamed woman, an emancipated woman, a witch, an Amazon, and a threat to patriarchy.

The patriarchy will do everything it can to destroy her, but she will plant seeds of rebellion and more like her will spring up from the ashes.

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