Sorry dude, men aren’t lesbians

Another day, another man who thinks that making cosmetic changes to his body makes him a woman, and who thinks that “woman” is whatever a man says it is.

I got into this goddamn argument with a transwoman. I shouldn’t have—it’s a waste of time and I know it, but he commented here a couple of times so I was following his blog for a while. I’ve learned my lesson!






The link he provided here basically amounts to “I’m a woman because I say I am, and I don’t care what you think about it.”

It’s interesting that he calls his girlfriend “a biological female.” If a transwoman actually understands what a biological female is, then he knows he’s not one. A transwoman is biologically male, and it’s not “phobic” to state that, it’s just a neutral fact.

A man is an adult human male, and it’s not “phobic” to state that either, it’s a neutral fact.

Lesbians are females attracted to females. We can have any “gender” we want, but homosexuality means attraction to the same sex, not the same gender.

No man is ever a lesbian, no matter what. Not if he takes artificial hormones, not if he has surgery on his penis to turn it inside-out, not if he wears makeup or a dress, and not if he gets his documentation falsified by putting an “F” on it under “sex.” He’ll never be female and he’ll never be a lesbian.

When men say their heterosexual attraction toward women constitutes lesbianism, they are appropriating our identity. When men suggest that their female partners are lesbians, they are erasing what lesbianism is. When men suggest that lesbians can/should/would date men, they are being homophobic.

When transwomen insist upon dismissing what actual lesbians have to say while calling themselves lesbians, they are displaying their lack of respect for women and for lesbians. They are demonstrating that they do not deserve our support.

37 thoughts on “Sorry dude, men aren’t lesbians

  1. Lesbians have heard this crap forEVER!! Guys saying, “Well, I like women, I’m a Lesbian too.” No, d00dz, you aren’t. I don’t care if they wear a dress and want to be called Cindy, it is appropriation, anti-Woman and definitely anti-Lesbian!

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  2. Well I identify as the Angel of Death; it is thus my right to kill anyone I wish in any way I see fit and to then absorb their soul back into my Infinite Darkness forever. If you tell me that I do not have beautiful black wings or that my height is not 15 meters tall on Sundays and Fridays, or worse, if you tell me that I am not an Angel of Death when I definitely am because I just told you so, or that I have no right to kill you and take your soul…You are clearly being Angel-of-Death-phobic and I will sue you and make your life a living hell.

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      • Be patient, my ultimate Angel of Death form shall be fully unleashed and revealed upon the time of the Apocalypse for all to see…You will get the privilege to see me harvesting the lost souls. I mean of course I could post a picture of my 15 meters tall self, with my black wings and my gigantic scythe but I don’t care what you think and I don’t need you to validate my identity, because I know who I am because I decide who I am because I transcend millenniums of human biology (not that I am even human) and because if I say I am something then it means I am that thing, regardless of what you may say or think about me. Stop being Angel-of-Death-phobic by asking me to prove myself to youuuuuuu!!!!! I am offended I will now write a book full of retarded grammatical and syntactical errors and completely void of logic about how I would like for something super duper evil to happen to you and all you AoDPs (that’s the acronym for Angel-of-Death-phobic in case you didn’t get it)!

        On a more serious note (if I dare express it as such), I really feel compelled to draw this…You and your suggestions! If only I was not so lazy…Angels of Death are very lazy and exhausted from all the soul harvesting I’ll have you know.

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        • Of course not! Everyone knows Angels of Death are stunning Females, peulease. (Also if you were making a brilliant reference and I missed it, I apologize but I am not very knowledgeable of human culture. I have only recently been assigned to this planet you call Earth.)

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        • Dmy humble apologies, O winged one! We only got a glimpse of a skull, not enough to sex it … I presume it was a cunning disguise!

          Of course stunning female could mean Basement Cat, too …

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  3. Why…although I am revolted at being missexed (not that Angels of Death have a sex) in such fashion, I guess I could spare thy soul for the time being, measly human. However, can you please stop assuming that I have wings (referring to your “O Winged one” comment) just because I said I had them, because not all Angels of Death may have wings and it is extreme violence to miswing an Angel of Death and assume something about Us and it is worse than the rapes and tortures that have been going on in this world for aeons. Of course, We Angels of Death may take any form We see fit; stunning black cats being no exception but that does not mean you should assume anything about Us or assume that just because a cat MAY be an Angel of Death, that the cat IS an Angel of Death and vice versa. In my case though I am only allowed to take another form once every blood moon or so and you better accept that form as part of my identity spectrum too or else I might go Angel of Death on you! Whilst I do accept your apology, I shall still continue writing my book wherein I shall include a chapter on how I wish non-Angels-of-Deaths and cishumans like you people would just die in a fire!

    And! and! If you don’t stop assuming things about me I’ll….I’ll! I’ll kill myself and harvest my own soul! Please just stop the violence against Angels of Death OK!!11?6! It is harmful to Us! Just stop you cishumanscum! You have no right to tell me who I am and who I can or cannot kill!!!11!

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  4. Well…Je suis démasquée…. :’) I concede that you are right about my feline nature…HOWEVER! Lest you make a mockery of you and be labelled an AoDP (again…acronym for Angel-of-Death-phobic) by Our community! You need to recognise and accept the fact that part of my identity spectrum is still that of a humanoid Angel of Death with wings and a scythe!

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  5. The males get women going on this crap forever and then they laugh their narrow asses off. They know that if we’re engaged in forever disputing them on their out and out blatant lies (which they even know themselves to be lies), then we won’t have any time or energy left over for the really important things in life, like concentrating ALL of our love and positive attention on each other and taking over the world and making it a kind and decent place for US to live in.

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  6. In real life – these twanz “lesbians” look so obviously male that’s impossible that lesbians get fooled by them. Thanks to their lazyness and biology (can’t get rid of giant hands and feet) they are easy to notice and easy to avoid. The possibility that a lesbian would even unkowingly date them is ZERO.

    And this makes these digusting fuckers so angry. LOL

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    • Well, the FTMs aren’t usually even 2% as obnoxious as these dudes, but a few of them are now denouncing as “transphobic” gay men who aren’t into vaginas, and whining about the “discrimination” they face.

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  7. I’m not a lesbian but it was the cotton ceiling crap that made me first hit peak trans. Men describing themselves as lesbian is so appropriative and homophobic. It’s disgusting.

    Then I read more and discovered that these men were invading pretty much all lesbian spaces, wrecking them. In universities now the LGBT Societies have become unsafe places for young lesbians just learning about their sexuality. It made me v

    I think a lot of straight women hit peak trans over this. We’re all sisters regardless of orientation, and men bullying women for sex is something we know all about.

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  8. My blood pressure reading that back-and-forth! Applause for having the patience to have a conversation like that. I’m so glad there are people like you standing up for all of us, defending the very definition of what it means to be a woman.


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