How low can you go?

A trans activist named Cursed E who identifies as a transwoman has reached a new low by harassing a young lesbian with a brain tumor.

You have probably all heard of Magdalen Berns’ unfortunate illness.

What an unbelievable comment.

It’s unbelievably poor taste to Tweet this kind of disrespectful comment to a young woman who could possibly die of her illness.

This is the same guy I got in a little argument with one time because he thought I was being “disrespectful” to say that a woman in a relationship with a transwoman is not a lesbian, because lesbians are only attracted to females. However, he didn’t think the following blog comment was too disrespectful to allow in the comments of a blog post he wrote about me.

This screenshot is taken from his Jan 30 2017 blog post called “A radfem wrote a blog post about me.” I will not be linking to it.

Not only does he allow people to make ugly rape jokes about women on his blog, but he thinks it’s okay to harass a young woman who is ill.

When transwomen behave exactly like MRAs, they cannot be surprised when women don’t think of them as women and when we don’t want to share our private spaces with them.


Court rules against women’s right to privacy in Planet Fitness case

In 2015, Yvette Cormier was using a Planet Fitness gym when a man who appeared unambiguously male used the women’s locker room. She complained to the gym’s management and was told the man was allowed to be there. After she warned other female gym members that men were allowed in their locker room, the gym revoked her membership. [Link to article on Gender Trender.]

She took them to court, with the following results:

From CBS Detroit:

“Michigan Planet Fitness Wins Key Ruling In Lawsuit Surrounding Transgender Woman In Locker Room

MIDLAND, Mich. (AP) — The Michigan appeals court has ruled in favor of a Midland health club in a lawsuit filed by a woman who said her rights were violated when she encountered a transgender person in the locker room.

The court found no evidence of sexual harassment, noting that Yvette Cormier and a transgender woman were both wearing clothes at Planet Fitness.

Cormier’s membership was terminated a week after the 2015 incident after she returned to the gym and warned other women. Planet Fitness told her that it allows people to use the locker room that matches their identity as part of a “no-judgment policy.”

In a 3-0 decision Thursday, the court said there was nothing illegal about the club yanking Cormier’s membership.”

As Gallus Mag found out in 2015, the man who scared Cormier at the gym was not living full-time as a woman but had a sexual fetish for cross-dressing. He considers himself a member of the “kink” community and conceives of women in misogynist ways.

This court case sets a precedent that is seriously dangerous for women and girls. Men who have not taken any steps toward transitioning—in other words, regular men—are allowed to use a female locker room on a whim, and the law will not deter them. This is due to the success of the trans movement which has convinced many that men’s subjective feelings are more important than their physical reality, and certainly more important than the needs or concerns of women.

It is significant that the court ruled that this was not sexual harassment. Their justification for that is very weak—the two may have been clothed at the time, but a locker room is a place specifically designed for undressing, so it is likely that if they both kept going to the gym, they would see each other undressed at some point. The entire reason Cormier objected to the man’s presence was because this was an area reserved for women to undress privately away from men. That she was dressed when he entered was a lucky circumstance but doesn’t change the fundamental problem here.

Knowing what we know as women, when a porn-soaked “kinky” man tests women’s boundaries by entering our private spaces and making us uncomfortable, that is a sure sign he is an unsafe person to be around. Despite the ruling by the Michigan appeals court, this is an obvious case of sexual harassment.

From here on, any time women join a gym, we should be asking ahead of time whether there will be sex-segregated facilities for our use, and we should refuse to join any gym that does not accommodate us. Women should not be required to undress in front of strange men, and certainly not those who have misogynist sexual fetishes.

At this point, appropriate activism to protect women’s rights to safety and privacy will involve multiple lawsuits to get businesses to provide sex-segregated spaces again and enforce that sex-segregation the way they used to. We are having to redo battles that we already fought and won, because our rights are being systematically taken away by transgender activism.

Since transgender activism seeks to eliminate the rights of women, all women need to vigorously oppose it.

Video: Man explains to other men how to have “lesbian sex”

It’s Riley J. Menace again! In this video entitled “Having sex as a trans lesbian,” the heterosexual male YouTuber delivers his usual brand of preposterous nonsense and homophobia disguised as “progressive” politics.

He is addressing male-bodied people who identify as “lesbian” or “nonbinary” and who want to have sex with women. He starts off by saying there are no sex ed resources for these types of “queer trans” people. Ironically, since he is addressing male-bodied people who want to have sex with women, he is actually talking about hetero sex, the most-talked-about type in the world! And unlike most sex ed programs about hetero sex, Riley doesn’t say anything at all about birth control, making this information less useful than most regular sex ed! There are so many complete reversals of reality in queer/trans “logic” it makes my head spin.

People think that lesbian sex only happens between two “cis” women, Riley explains, but lesbian sex can also occur between two trans women or a nonbinary person and a woman, even if they have penises!

In order to respond to that, I will need to use this “fail” button.

The reality-denying queer/trans community likes to pretend that “lesbian” is an abstract concept that anyone can define for themselves and a free-floating identity label that anyone can try on like a hat. Well, it’s not just “anyone” because, in the queer/trans cult, only men can define what a lesbian is, and any actual lesbians who attempt to define “lesbian” are bigoted TERFs.

Sexual orientation is what sex you are attracted to, not what gender. Lesbians are female homosexuals, that is, humans of the female sex who are attracted to humans of the female sex. By definition, anyone who is male cannot be a female homosexual, since he is not a female anything. Men who believe they are “transwomen” or “nonbinary” are not lesbians.

The first thing Riley explains to the male “lesbians” he is addressing in this video is that sex doesn’t always mean penis-in-vagina sex (PIV.) This is just golden, because the only people in the world who think that sex=PIV are MEN. You would never have to explain to an actual lesbian (female homosexual) that sex isn’t always PIV, because for us, sex never involves a penis. We do not think about penises at all when we think about sex!

Men who identify as transwomen like to claim to have female brains, but they demonstrate at every turn that their brains are just as male as the next douchebag’s. If a man actually did “think like a woman,” it might occur to him that penises aren’t the center of the universe, without anyone having to explain it to him.

One of the bits of advice he gives is for men who are worried about going on hormones because they enjoy PIV and they aren’t sure how hormones will affect that.

It’s hard to even find adequate words to convey how incredibly homophobic and offensive it is to suggest that men who like using their penises to penetrate women and who haven’t even taken any hormones can possibly be regarded as “women” or “lesbians,” or that the heterosexual intercourse they’re having can be regarded as “lesbian sex.” A man who hasn’t taken any steps to medically transition and likes using his penis to penetrate women isn’t even a transwoman, so even if transwomen could be called “lesbians,” (and they can’t), he still wouldn’t make the cut. He’s just a regular straight man!

In 2017, in liberal circles, it actually needs to be explained that lesbian sex never involves a penis. It never involves a man of any kind. Lesbian sex, by definition, can only occur between women who are attracted to women.

Riley explains that sex doesn’t always have to include penetration, it can also involve touching your partner’s genitals with your hands! There’s another thing that all women already know, and the only people who haven’t gotten that memo are men! Men are the ones who define sex as “when I put my penis in a thing.” Women, however, define sex as when we engage in pleasurable activities that lead to orgasm. Women’s bodies respond to manual and oral stimulation and we all know that without being told!

His next bit of advice is to use sex toys, and then he reveals that this video is being sponsored by a sex toy company, Adam and Eve, who has provided him with sex toys to demonstrate! Wow. This isn’t the first time a sex toy company sponsored a video by a trans-identified person so that they could give “advice” on products to buy. As I said last time, if your liberation movement has corporate sponsors eager to sponsor you, it isn’t a liberation movement! So what products does the company Adam and Eve think that male “lesbians” need to buy in order to have “lesbian” sex?

Firstly, a large massager with a very powerful vibration, that, personally, I would never use because intense vibration like that makes me numb, that also has an add-on attachment for a penis! So a guy can have “lesbian” sex by putting his penis in a vibrating massager! And this is better than a regular sex toy for men because it’s more “feminine” and seems like something a “cis woman” would use. Pardon me while I laugh my ass off!

The next one is a strap-on, because if you put a strap-on over your penis you can feel like you’re having real “lesbian” sex! And just so that you feel really girly while using something so phallic, it’s pink and has a frilly-looking pink strap! (However, the dildo itself is still penis-shaped, which is weird. They make dildos that are smooth and not penis-shaped, so if you were dysphoric while wearing a dildo, wouldn’t you want the smooth kind?) I wouldn’t use a silly, pink frilly strap. Real lesbians use leather, dude!

The next sex toy from our lovely sponsor is one that stimulates the prostate. News flash: zero lesbians have prostates!

After he puts the sex toys away, Riley explains to the dudes who aspire to be “lesbians” that sex is a whole-body thing, you can focus on parts other than genitals, and lots of foreplay is good. Again, all women know this by instinct. It is only men who think that there is “foreplay” and then “sex.” That’s because for men, “foreplay” is just an annoying thing you have to do to get your lady interested in being penetrated. Sex between women is naturally a whole-body experience because we don’t define sex as ‘when I put my penis in a thing.’ Even those of us who enjoy penetration know you don’t start by immediately jamming things into her, you start by getting her aroused!

Then Riley finishes his autogynephile sex ed talk by suggesting BDSM. It never fails–the queer/trans cult is totally into the idea that if you are already dissociating from your body, the solution is to dissociate more. Riley suggests a paddle and some bondage equipment helpfully provided by his corporate sponsor. He mentions PIV again here, I don’t know why. It’s almost like he has PIV on his mind? Because he’s a straight man?

Riley is always offensive, but this video really tops them all. A man purporting to explain to other men how to have “lesbian sex” is just the height of male entitlement to appropriate lesbian identity and erasure of actual lesbians. I know that tons of people on various social media platforms have already told him how homophobic he is, and he just doesn’t care. Actual females, including actual lesbians, are not as real to these men as their fantasies are.

Transwomen’s lesbophobia

There is a long history of stupid dudes (and occasionally, stupid straight women too) wondering why it is that lesbians will use dildos to have sex but still don’t want to have sex with men. It should be obvious to anyone that the reason lesbians don’t want to have sex with men is because we are exclusively interested in women and aren’t interested in men. Asking “why don’t lesbians have sex with men” is as dumb as asking “why do you get wet when you jump into the pool.”

Transwomen, like other men, get pretty enraged when lesbians don’t want to have sex with them. They, too, use the silly argument “but you use strap-ons” to try to convince lesbians that it totally makes sense to convert to heterosexuality. (Not that that would ever work!)

Someone on Tumblr named “exterminateterfs” whose own page is now deleted, wrote the following comment, which I have seen many times now from the trans community, in one form or another.

“it’s not that deep, if a lesbian will fuck dildos or strap ons (aka 99% of lesbians) but not a girl’s dick then she’s prejudiced and transmisogynistic and at this point deserves to die painfully just like all other fascists.”

It’s really popular these days for the trans community to target lesbians and tell us that our preference for other women is transphobic. (Take Riley J Dennis, for example.)

The majority of men who identify as transwomen are heterosexual men, and they can be just as misogynist and homophobic as any MRA.

In this context, “exterminate terfs” means that the Tumblr user wishes violence against any women who say no to men, with the intention of silencing any other woman who might wish to say no to men. This is the position of abusive men and anti-feminist extremists. This Tumblr user believes that “99% of lesbians” use strap-ons, a statistic that is pulled right out of thin air, and is probably based on what he has seen in “lesbian” porn, which is porn where straight women act out what men imagine to be “lesbian sex.”

Men’s rage when women don’t want to have sex with them is fueled by their narcissism and their belief that women exist for their pleasure, and not as people in our own right.

Comparing women’s homosexual orientation toward other women to “fascism” is not only a ridiculous hyperbole, it’s straight-up homophobia. It’s a type of homophobia directed at lesbians by misogynist men. Can you imagine anyone suggesting to a straight man that it’s “fascist” for him to take no sexual interest in other men?

Here’s some useful facts about lesbians and strap-ons, in no particular order:

  • A strap-on dildo is a fun accessory, and can be very enjoyable, but it isn’t necessary for sex between women. Sex is also very enjoyable without any props or equipment and with just women’s natural bodies.
  • There is no penis “missing” from sex between women and so a dildo does not attempt to replace a missing penis. There is no need to replace something that wasn’t necessary in the first place.
  • A piece of inanimate silicone bears very little resemblance to a human body part that belongs to men and produces sperm which can cause pregnancy in women.
  • Some women enjoy penetration and some don’t, regardless of our sexual orientation. It’s possible to be a homosexual who enjoys penetration or a heterosexual who doesn’t. If a woman enjoys being vaginally penetrated by her female lover, using either her fingers or a toy, that doesn’t indicate heterosexuality.
  • Lesbians who enjoy being penetrated don’t even necessarily need a dildo either—fingers work great! The only people who don’t understand that fingers can satisfy a woman are particularly stupid heterosexual men who are terrible in bed.

Every time a transwoman makes a comment about lesbians being “fascists” for not wanting dick or that his dick is a “girl dick” or any of this other nonsense, he proves that he is 100% male-brained, and is a particularly idiotic and hateful man.

How charming

On International Women’s Day, both men and women around the world talked about women’s status in society and how to end the problems we still face, such as the wage gap and male violence against women. Danielle Muscato, a fully intact male who identifies as a “woman,” Tweeted the following message in honor of his fellow women:

“Some women have penises. If you’re bothered by this, you can suck my dick.”

Yeah, that’s totally the sort of uplifting, pro-woman message that women contribute for a day dedicated to the advancement of our status in society, and totally not what the average caveman MRA would say.

That totally proves you have a Laydee brain, rather than just a normal, everyday misogynist male brain.

Way to go, dude!

Transwomen: proving that transwomen are men every day!*

*I do not believe for a second that Muscato is actually a transwoman. He’s just a guy who likes to get attention by trolling. However, according to popular trans dogma, there is no difference between an narcissistic troll and an actual MtF transsexual—everyone who identifies as a transwoman is a transwoman! #peaktrans

Women kicked out of women’s shelter for objecting to the presence of a man

From Global News, Concerns over transgender client at Okanagan shelter by Klaudia Van Emmerik.

“Two women are raising concerns about the latest person to move into a Kelowna homeless shelter for women.“He wants to become a woman, I mean that is his choice but when a man comes into a women’s shelter who still has a penis and genitals he has more rights than we do.” Tracey said. Tracey is upset that she was made to share a room with a transgender individual, a man transitioning to become a woman. “They told me, sorry if a person identifies themselves with female, then we have to go with that.” Tracey said. Another client named Blaine was also staying at the shelter. She recently fled from an abusive relationship and says she’s uncomfortable with a transgender person staying at women’s only facility. “Some women have had bad experiences with men so they are fleeing men and now we have a man living there,” Blaine said.

The shelter is run by the NOW Canada Society. While the organization declined an interview on the matter, it did issue the following statement to Global News. “NOW Canada cannot speak to specific cases. It is against the law to discriminate against transgender individuals. NOW Canada and other shelters in Kelowna welcome people without regard to age, race, religion and gender identity.”

On Thursday morning, both Blaine and Tracey were asked to leave the shelter for good after speaking to the media and breaking the confidentiality agreement designed to protect the safety of all the clients. But now they say their safety has been compromised after being tossed out on the street. “Hopefully we will stay safe,” Blaine said. Despite being kicked out of the shelter, they don’t regret speaking out and fighting for their rights. But they say more needs to be done to help the transgender population too. “We need to make a fine line between the distinction of male, female and transgender. I think it’s all three different groups,” Blaine said. “I feel bad for this person, they are transitioning but they need to be in a place where they can associate with other people like them.” While everyone is just looking for a safe place to stay, it’s not as easy as it sounds. NOW Canada says its shelters don’t have enough space to allow transgender clients to have their own room and there are no shelters in the Okanagan designated specifically for transgender people. It all means there are no quick or easy solutions in sight.”

Gender identity legislation means that any male who declares himself a woman will be able to access women-only facilities such as washrooms, locker rooms, and shelters, without even having transgender surgery. This effectively means that fully-intact males can now enter spaces that are supposed to be designated women-only. Women are not comfortable sharing bedrooms, showers, and washrooms with strange men and we shouldn’t have to be. Women fleeing male violence should not be subjected to being forced to share intimate spaces with men. It is pure misogyny to attempt to force women to disregard their own boundaries and their sense of safety in order to accommodate men who mistakenly call themselves women. Men are not women, and we all know this. All women have good reason not to support transgender ideology—it’s not because we’re “bigots,” it’s because we are allowed to recognize our own needs and fight for our own rights as women.

Video: Anti-feminist protesters in Vancouver

Did everyone watch this video? Women from the Vancouver Women’s Library documented the harassment from anti-feminists when they opened their library. I snorted with laughter when a fully-intact male not even trying to pretend to be female insisted he was a woman. WTF, dude? I have compassion for people with gender dysphoria, but I have zero compassion for asshole MRAs who use “I’m a woman!” as a bullshit trolling tactic when harassing feminists. Also: make sure to read the Feminist Current article about this event, it’s excellent.