Another college student group hosts a violent, transphobic cupcake party

Remember that time when a college women’s group in New Zealand nearly killed all their trans women students with horribly violent vulva cupcakes? Well, hold on to your hats, because it’s happened again, this time in California, U.S.A! It seems that Scripps College hosted a violently transphobic event called Project Vulva in which participants were invited to….decorate cupcakes and talk about vulvas. As we all know, when a bunch of privileged college students get together to bond over snack foods, trans women literally die.

screenshot Nov 4_5

Let’s look at some highlights from their Facebook event page:

screenshot Nov 4_1

This commenter says “Right like this entire event is so incredibly violent to trans women specifically. I’m so disgusted.”

College students sitting around a table, decorating cupcakes and talking about vulvas…how violent!

screenshot Nov 4_2

“The term ‘transgendered’ is highly offensive, Kelly. There’s nothing wrong with penises. And having one doesn’t make a person more or less powerful than anyone else. Equating genitalia to a person’s gender is and always will be transphobic.”

This person claims that having a penis doesn’t make a person more or less powerful than anyone else. Phew! I’m so glad that people with penises no longer own most of the world’s money and property, hold most of the positions of power in government and business, have the power and ability to control and purchase female bodies…oh wait! They still do. Also, why is the term “transgendered” offensive? Isn’t that what they’re called? I just can’t keep up with all of this violent nomenclature. The word “transgender” is fine but add the “ed” to the end and suddenly it’s HIGHLY OFFENSIVE. (Since when were oppressed people actually oppressed by morphemes anyway?)

screenshot Nov 4_3

“Because instead of saying something about how the wording of this event excludes trans women, and further normalizes transmisogyny and violence against trans women, you’re trying to say that I somehow don’t understand the event description, and are trying to spell it out for me. I don’t need your help parsing out the finer details of this garbage, cis, white event. A trans woman is telling y’all this makes her feel uncomfortable and that’s not enough for you to rethink your stance on this? You’re gross, this whole thing is gross, have fun with your ugly cupcakes.”

You heard it, folks. Vulva cupcakes further normalize transmisogyny and violence against trans women. College students getting together to bond over snack food is “garbage, cis and white.” Now, it’s entirely possible that this event will have a lot of white people at it, and maybe the icing will all be white and pink icing, which could perhaps make this a “white” event. However, we don’t know this for sure, and maybe the organizers actually did make sure they purchased a variety of icing colours in order to make sure women of colour felt included at the event? I don’t know, I wasn’t there. But the word “white” here is most likely being used because males who transgender tend to call women who understand biology “white feminists.” Apparently, an understanding of human anatomy is inherently racist. There is a lot of confusion over what intersectionality means these days. It’s supposed to mean an analysis of the way race and class intersect with women’s oppression, not an excuse to invite people with dicks to every goddamn student gathering at every college on the planet. And I like how he calls this a “cis” event even though the organizers specifically referenced trans individuals with vulvas in their event description. It’s like the very mention of a vulva is automatically “cis,” even though trans men have them. Obviously, the word “cis” means something that doesn’t specifically validate trans women’s identities.

screenshot Nov 4_4

“As someone with a vulva, I think this event was created exactly because people call us “gross” when we talk about them. It can be taken offensively, but it isn’t meant that way. All genders and all vulva-owners and non-vulva-owners are invited! It’s an attempt to normalize and celebrate a body part that is talked about as dirty and disgusting, often. Reproductive systems are really cool, and we should be able to talk about them without tying them to a gender, which this event doesn’t do! The word women is not in the event description. Calling the cupcakes gross kind of underlines the problem this event is trying to fix…vulvas are awesome! Just like all genitalia!”

“I…….am so glad I didn’t end up going to Scripps. There are so many terfs at that horrible school. ^This is a prime example of a trans women exclusionary radical feminist. If your feminism is centered around gendering of genitalia, then it’s surface level and harmful feminism at best. Ariel is a trans woman. And this entire event is focused on excluding women like her and it’s disgusting and you should be ashamed of yourself, Jillian.”

This is just….ludicrous. Here is this woman perfectly adhering to transgenderist dogma by calling women “vulva-owners” and refraining from mentioning that people who have vulvas are female, and it’s still not good enough for trans activist Kasie. Apparently, just talking about vulvas at all, even while refusing to acknowledge the truth about the biological femaleness of that body part, makes someone a TERF. I don’t even get it.

Two commenters in this thread have talked about how it’s wrong to “gender” genitalia. Let’s talk about the transactivists’ mantra that “genitals do not equal gender,” shall we?

When trans activists say this phrase, what they really mean is that genitals do not equal sex. They are unable to differentiate gender from sex, but we know what they’re saying here: they’re saying that a person with a penis can be a woman and a person with a uterus and ovaries can be a man.

I would propose that the statement “genitals do not equal gender” is actually a true statement, if you actually understand what gender is. Gender is a social construct. It is the cultural enforcement of masculinity on men and femininity on women. It is true that your genitals do not determine which sex stereotypes you will identify with. But this is not what trans activists are saying. They are not trying to divorce sexed bodies from cultural constructions so that we can all be free from these constraints, they are trying to enforce the idea that anyone who is “feminine” is female and anyone who is “masculine” is male, regardless of their actual sexed body. It turns out it’s actually the radical feminists who are trying to divorce sexed bodies from cultural constructs so that we can all be free to express ourselves as we are. It is the trans activists who are trying to assign sex stereotypes to men and women.

This sentence is such a gem: “If your feminism is centered around gendering of genitalia, then it’s surface level and harmful feminism at best.” What this person is trying to say is that feminism should not acknowledge the sexed bodies of males and females and what it means to be male or female in a patriarchy. Even though feminism is exactly that—it’s fighting back against sex-based oppression, which necessitates naming sex differences. However, if you understand that gender is a harmful social construct that oppresses the sex class female, then you realize that this sentence actually makes perfect sense, from a TERFy point of view. If your feminism involves assigning a socially constructed gender role to genitalia (i.e. biological sex) then it’s harmful. Because assigning a socially constructed gender role to someone based on their anatomy is oppression. It’s the exact oppression that Totally Excellent Real Females are, in fact, fighting.

vag cupcakes meme

68 thoughts on “Another college student group hosts a violent, transphobic cupcake party

  1. I think it’s obvious that the term ‘transphobia’ is utterly transphobic!!! First off, it has the word transphobia RIGHT IN IT!! 😱 On top of which it just like totally differentiates something from something else, and that happens when something is excluded from something else so it’s just always totally bad! Duh. So not only are people who use the word transphobia transphobic! But they are also Differentializationists, which is going to be the new really bad thing to call people. So there.

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 🎂🍩🍮🍪 and for the men: 🌶

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    • That gets me thinking … isn’t “gender reassignment surgery” inherently transphobic, too? I mean, it aims to create something looking somewhat like a vulva. If it’s wrong for cupcakes, it certainly is wrong to do that with human flesh?
      (Okay, that’s probably a stance the transwacktivists actually have, as they all keep their penises)
      Just, I don’t see them calling for a ban on those surgeries. Which they totally should do!

      Are we actually allowed to have vulvas anymore, or will they next demand we get surgery to transform our vulvas into more “aesthetically pleasing” ladypeens?

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      • That’s probably the next stage, lol, where guys having surgery or adopting feminine gender markers is itself is seen as transphobic, so that they can all take off their heels, grow their beards out and say they are ‘male-presenting trans girls’. Probably already happening…

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        • You didn’t see Conchita Wurst in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest?

          Amazing voice! Actually he doesn’t identify as trans but is gay and uses male pronouns for himself but female pronouns for Conchita. He’s not pretending to be other than what you see.

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        • Yes. We already have male-presenting M2Ts. That is so old! Keep up ;p. J/k.

          TBH, I would have never believed it, myself, but at my college in 2008, I read campus news articles about a young M2T who was demanding to use the laydees room. Then I met him at a Take Back the Night organizing meeting. (Of course, he had to crash/ruin that.) My jaw dropped when someone said his name. They were referring to the young man on the couch with a businessman’s haircut, wearing men’s-cut clothing: a typical men’s flannel plaid shirt, men’s jeans and sneaks. No effort to pass or lose/compromise his male privilege.

          And of course he brought a big loud drum strapped to his chest, with drumsticks, and led the march by being out front and loud, going wherever he wanted to go, women of diverse abilities scrambling to keep up with him.. As someone who remembers a real such women-only march through an urban college town through dark scary streets after a series of campus neighborhood rapes, and having experienced the thrill of feeling safe on that pitch black night because I was in the company of a huge group of only women, there’s nothing quite like that, and it ruins the entire point having men there.

          There’s also a dude with a beard, who sports a businessman’s haircut, suit and tie who works for the American Atheists. His photos can be found online. He has people call him she, and demands his laydees bathroom access. Soon we will no doubt have M2T Congressmen in men’s suits who insist they’re women.

          Liberals are so dense and misogynist, I bet we have an M2T president before we have a woman U.S. president. After all, M2Ts are so much more oppressed, are they not?! Smh!

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      • @ammonitey there was a guy and a beard and a dress on Twitter just like a week and a half ago. He’s a very special kind of woman who has a beard. 🙄 then there is the Leeds university washroom guy. And Ricki Wilchins the big government lobbyist of crazy ass trans stuff, and who created the group Trans Menace, to do just that to the Michigan Women’s Music Festival, is one of these beard women-men or men-women. He stopped bothering with the dressing up as a woman a couple years ago. Not that he’s actually acknowledging de-transitioning. 😒 so yeah it’s already happening

        @Sellmaeth, maybe the gender fluid/genderqueers will start FIGHTING 😃 with the breast and penis men! 😊 Gigantic schismatic gender squabbles! Which may then lead to reporters finally getting it together and reporting on how weird all this is. And how it’s not even one tiny bit like what I call ’70s style transsexuals’. And of course, nothing to do with gay people. Except for how it’s anti them.

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      • Oh Petunia, why am I not surprised. Funny how the beardy types never get wheeled out as the ‘poster girls’ by the mainstream media. Because by their own logic, just as woman-y.

        Actually though, so far for me, the beardy ones are a bit of a gift when trying to consciousness-raise around this issue with people outside the insanity. In my experience to date, only the hopelessly lost-in-pomo space cadets see them as anything other than a man. Whereas with those who are feminine-presenting, people are much more likely to embrace the ‘harmless, really a woman’ narrative.

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  2. What we have to realise with these fuckers is that nothing will ever be good enough for them.

    I normally would be really fucking hesitant to quote Kipling, but when it comes to attempting to please transwacktivists…

    “And that is called paying the Dane-geld;
    But we’ve proved it again and again,
    That if once you have paid him the Dane-geld
    You never get rid of the Dane.”

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  3. “Transgendered” is a “highly offensive” term? This whole thing is just eating itself now.

    I think that the crux of the matter is this:

    A trans woman is telling y’all this makes her feel uncomfortable and that’s not enough for you to rethink your stance on this?

    That’s the sort of thing that, when said in real life by a person born as male to a person born as a female, is often followed up with assault.

    As you so eloquently point out above, even when a woman is doing everything they say, it’s still not enough, because they are demanding utter self-annihilation from women. Clearly abusive behaviour, which needs to be shut down as soon as it emerges.

    Transactivists have done an impressive PR job with regards to their most-oppressedest-ever status. I have conversations with friends whose only exposure to this is Orange Is the New Black and they have totally bought the ‘fragile flower” narrative.

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    • WRT the quote, “A trans woman is telling y’all this makes her feel uncomfortable and that’s not enough for you to rethink your stance on this?” Let me explain what this means to anyone still confused; it means, “The be-penised, superior, privileged man in a dress is talking and you lowly actual women need to do as he tells you to do.” This is the crux of patriarchy and there is no person more patriarchal than the tranny.

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    • “Submit, or die”, is the way the d00dbros used to deliver the ultimatum. You should change your opinion because I say it makes me uncomfortable is pretty weak sauce.

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      • Yeah, imagine a woman takes him to task for cotton ceiling rapery, thus:

        “a woman is telling y’all this makes her feel uncomfortable and that’s not enough for you to rethink your stance on this?”

        Can’t see that working.

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        • Oh but the poor trans dudes are so much more oppressed than women because being a woman is the worst possible thing imaginable, but since we are actually women we are used to it and stuff and thus privilege. See? Logic!

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    • ” … even when a woman is doing everything they say, it’s still not enough, because they are demanding utter self-annihilation from women.”

      This is exactly it. They want all women to confess their sins against the trans without having been told to do so. For us to self-flagellate and self-abnegate so that they don’t have to work as hard at trying to erase and redefine us.

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  4. The bottom line is that actual XX women are free to do as we please, and we do NOT need the permission of men— whether actual men or men in dresses who call themselves trannies. Rock on real sisters, and make all the vulva cupcakes you want. You don’t need permission from patriarchs who think they can do woman better than a woman. Trannies, suck it up and get used to it! You are not the boss of us. We will NOT be bullied. Go get the psych help you obviously need for your GID.

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    • ‘About this being a “white feminist thing”…. Do they think about black women?’

      Yes, they think about black women. About how the black woman should shut up and listen to what the white man (in a dress) says.

      But, in order to insult and bully women as “white feminists” they have to either edit out all the non-white women in the room, or accuse women of colour of practicing white feminism and oppressing white males with all that powerful “cis” privilege. Either way, it’s aggressively dismissive of radical women of colour who don’t buy trans bullshit.

      And, again, who is using this “white feminism” as a silencing tactic and weapon? Why, white men of course! They’ll preach intersectionality while practicing the very thing that concept describes: the compounding of misogyny with racism. It’s just incredible.

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  6. What a bunch of dickheads these cupcake haters are. You’d think women were baking foreskin tarts or something. All feminist activity that centers females and not males must be squashed in the name of equality or something.

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    • That it’s women, that they’re happy, that it’s feminist, seem to be the only criteria that unite all the things that they’re constantly crabbing about. None of it makes any sense in terms of fighting any kind of prejudice against either trans people or gay men. The latter because there is no socially organized, long time prejudice against transgender people. If a transgender or transsexual male to female looks like a man in a dress when they’re out and about and receive hostile attention it’s from people who think that they’re gay.

      Men do murder a small number of transgender people. The transactivists go after feminism. That’s one of the most important facts about this to let people know. In a saner world that would destroy the whole trans movement’s political credibility. Sigh.

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      • Yes, as usual, women have to clean up more male bullshit for them to feel superior. OOOh, their dresses have gotten dirty with the cum of them. It’s a good thing only women know how to correct things without rape and death. Personally, I am for extermination of inferior, invasive diseases. But, fucking the would give them pleasure. So, seriously, why are we trying to even help them?

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  7. A man ranting about how baked goods are killing other men in dresses over them (in spite reality that it is clearly men do this) and about how he feels this event is gross because it offends men like himself who of course this event should be centered around. Wow how stupid does he think everyone else is? Why doesn’t this get cupcakes throw at him while we kick his kind out of our events for disturbing our celebration & liberty to bake whatever under the sun our hearts choices which vulva shaped cupcakes are simply beautiful & yummy.

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    • When the earlier cupcake story came out and the AU women’s group in question caved and canceled the cupcake event, a friend suggested that women stand outside the gate and hand out guerrilla cupcakes. But I like your idea of throwing them at these dudes, too. In your face with Cupcake Mace.

      I am 58, and if anybody had told me when I was young that I would wind up being part of a feminist movement that had to address nonsense like this I would have thought they were, I dunno, quoting Kurt Vonnegut? Philip K Dick maybe?

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  8. I would bake a batch of vulva cupcakes, but the small grumps are at that age where any mention of genitalia throws them into fits of near mortal embarrassment. They’d never go near the kitchen (or cupcakes) again if I did that…

    ::runs to kitchen to make vulva cupcakes::

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    • I would really like to host a vulva cupcake baking event right now. Just for the fun of it. If only I knew enough feminists …

      The other idea would be getting a cookie cutter for cute uteruses. (There’s a picture of a sparkly, cutesy uterus somewhere on the internet. That would look nice as cookie I think.)

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      • Actually, I am not sure how realistic those in that picture are. I am rather sure not many (if any) white women have such a bright pink skin tone.
        This raises an interesting question: How realistic must vulva cupcakes be in order to unfold their lethal power?
        Do they still kill trans when they look like badly made marzipan roses? And what if they look like surgically constructed vulvas? If they look more like penises than vulvas, what happens then?

        Maybe you should start an experiment, purplesagefem! (But be careful with penis cupcakes. They might kill lesbians. You never know!)

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      • Can’t kill lesbians with bake goods, but if you want to try start sending them my way i’ll just donate the Penis ones to the homeless after i have fun dressing them up is icing panties calling them Brucette.

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  10. It’s pretty much hjgh time that some trans women stop being offended at the slightest discrepancy in getting their asses kissed just because they say so. AS A TRANS WOMAN, some of the protests reek of unrepentant privilege and a lack of insight as to what it’s NOT like to be believable just because you want it so.

    My own anecdotal experiences tell me that this is just a complex, sociological version of the Little Red Hen. Men went about their business; some did very well because they were men; and ignored the inequities of gender in their own homes. Didn’t learn squat, no social conscience………nuthin! Then, all of a sudden they decide to come out and because it is their time, it needs to be everyone’s time to kowtow to them. Newly minted trans women can be the most selfish and self-centered narcissists going. So everyone wants to eat the bread but no one wants to do a thing to earn the right to eat the bread.

    Suck it up, trans women; just because you say something doesn’t mean it’s true, right, or going to be acceptable. Get a sense of self, grow a social conscience based in reality, and understand that no one is going to embrace you just because you decided to “switch sides”. It’s up to YOU to forge a new life based on realistic expectations; not forcing your way into the safe spaces of others just because you now see it as YOUR safe haven.

    And take off that stupid fucking dress and heels for goodness sake! Is that what you have reduced yourself to?

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  11. Good lord, these kids yell & scream about privilege & how oppressed they are, but they’ve basically shown that they’re nothing about a bunch of whiny college kids with too much time on their hands-actual oppressed people likely don’t have time to get into ‘debates’ (pissing contests) on social media about how ‘violent’ vulva cupcakes are. And the one saying that they’re ‘ugly’, that just sums it up right there. And even when the one person gave a nauseatingly PC defense on it, even using tumblr-approved terms, the one who thinks vulvas are ugly calls her a terf. These kids are in for a nasty, NASTY surprise when they get out into the real world-the real world isn’t made up of overly PC, easily intimidated 20 year olds that they can just shut up by simply calling them a bigot, or terf, or transphobic, or any of the other over used terms they so readily throw around. Plus, people like that are just shooting themselves in the foot anyway-they pick apart & over reach & find absolutely EVERYTHING somehow offensive & ‘violent’ to transpeople, & scream ‘transphobia’ or ‘transmisogony’ every time they don’t get their way, that even the ones that support, or just go along with their nonsense, or at least tolerate it (like the one who got called a terf despite using the usually approved PC jargon), are just going to soon realize that you can’t win either way with these people, so why even try. Personally though, I think deep down they know this-the greatest joy in life for people like that is screaming about how oppressed they think they are, so if everything just went exactly how they claim to want it, then they’d have no reason to get into their internet pissing contests & tumblr rants (I think this is why they change their minds on things so much & what the ‘approved’ language is so often, because once people start going along with it, then they won’t have it to complain about anymore, so they have to do a 180). And they can’t have that, that’s their whole reason for existence. I see alot of so-called ‘activists’ that I believe are like that, that they don’t really want anything to change, but that’s another can of worms.

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  12. Thank you so much for this article and these thoughtful responses. I am a part of an artist collective that celebrates women in our art, no matter the definition to the individual artist. We have been recently labeled as transphobic, which the group, and many of our trans friends, are looking at like…”where did that come from?” Luckily the art community has supported us. We just want to cool and inclusive and make art. Is that so wrong? Thank you thank you for this article. Thank you.

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