Men are oppressed by cupcakes and I’m scared for the next generation

The trans movement has brought a lot of misogyny and idiocy to student unions and now even high schools. I just cannot believe what I’m seeing sometimes.

The Auckland University Students’ Association is trying to plan an event called Womensfest at which they want to serve vulva cupcakes. This has caused a huge uproar among people who have bought into trans ideology. Apparently, serving vulva cupcakes creates an unsafe environment for trans women. Reading through the comment threads on this page I have found some comments that are so far removed from reality it is shocking. Serving vulva cupcakes at a women’s event has been described as “not respecting the lives of transwomen,” “a slap in the face to intersex people,” and “contributing to violence and discrimination.” One of my favourite sentences is: “This is literally the primary tenet of trans-exterminatory feminism and that branch of feminism has literally killed trans women.”

Many of the commenters are super confused about biology. Someone claimed that “sex is not dimorphic” and that there is a “spectrum of human sex hormones.” Someone claimed that “cis women aren’t real women.” And one man calling himself Kylie posted an entire biology-denying poem:

“trans women are women.
trans women are biologically female.
trans women are womyn-born-womyn.
trans women are female-bodied.
trans women have female chromosomes.
trans women have female reproductive systems.
trans women’s genitals are female.
trans women’s secondary sex characteristics are female.
trans women have female voices.
trans women are female-socialized.

(source: queerkittenprincess on Tumblr)”

Unpack yourselves.
Stop excluding trans women.
Trans women are dying and you are aiding and abetting in that.
You are complicit in that.

One woman innocently asks that since there are already events during Womensfest specifically for trans people, and since most women do have vulvas, isn’t it okay to have vulva cupcakes there? And everyone piles on calling her a TERF. See, it’s not enough for a womensfest to include events designed for men in dresses, the entire festival must actively cater to the feelings of those men.

One person said “the only good thing about terfs is that they dont have feelings so its ok to kill them whenever you want.” Someone said that “cis women” have more social, political, and institutional power than “trans women.” Someone said “This strong association of vulvas with womanhood makes it unsafe for literally every non-cis or intersex person ever to attend.” So Womenfest is being asked to agree that women have institutional power over men, that women who understand our own bodies are making the event unsafe for men, and that women don’t have feelings and it’s okay to kill them. What I’m seeing here is the same old MRAs who have trolled every feminist event since the beginning of time.

comment TERFS

It is so idiotic to claim that snack foods are oppressing people I am just shocked that people are making this claim with a straight face. The only way you can truly believe you are being oppressed by cupcakes is if you are privileged enough that you have no idea what oppression actually is. Oppression is institutional power harming a group of people and limiting what they can do in life. Oppression is groups of people with power forcibly extracting resources from people with less power. Slavery is oppression—both economic slavery and sexual slavery. Widespread police violence against Black people is oppression. Theft of land and genocide perpetrated by colonizers against Indigenous people is oppression. Male control over women’s bodies and reproductive capacity is oppression. Snack foods? Come on! And by the way, this event is a university event, and there are tons of people in the world who will never have the privilege of higher education. The people whining about these cupcakes are some of the most advantaged people in this world. And the idea that a correct understanding of biological facts is “killing people” is so ludicrous that I don’t understand how people don’t reach “peak trans” immediately upon reading this.

As for the biology-denying poem above, that doesn’t stand up to even the slightest bit of scrutiny. Trans women have XY chromosomes. So if trans women have female chromosomes, as the poem states, then does that mean all human chromosomes are female chromosomes? Both XY and XX are female? And if XY chromosomes are female chromosomes, and most men have XY chromosomes, then that means most men are women, right?

And then there’s Lila Perry over in the U.S, a teenage boy who has decided to wear dresses and a wig to school. His school has been very accommodating of his non-compliance with the clothing choices that are normally expected for males. They have provided him a separate washroom to use to keep him safe from the bullying that comes from violent males who try to enforce masculinity on all men. Tweets by Lila reveal that he is interested in dating men, so he is either a gay man or is bisexual, but he is not referring to himself as such–he prefers to call himself a girl. He is so invested in the idea that he really is a girl that he has insisted on using the girls washroom and change room instead of the gender-neutral one that was provided for him. The girls at his school do not wish to share their private spaces with a boy and have made this known. I don’t blame them a bit because Lila is nothing like a girl at all and they have no reason to take his gender feelings seriously. Lila has all the male privilege and entitlement that any other boy has and he has no regard for girls’ boundaries or feelings. Even though the girls have clearly stated they are uncomfortable having a boy in their change room, he does not think they really are uncomfortable. He has decided for them what they feel. He believes they simply do not understand the concept of transgender and that they are bigoted but that their own words saying they are uncomfortable are not true. He only cares about himself and the validation that he really is female. In videos of Lila he appears as a male wearing a wig and he tries to adopt stereotypically “feminine” mannerisms. Unfortunately he has not taken any steps to make sure his male genitals do not become visible in the dresses he wears. The girls at his school are understandably alarmed. Girls do not want to share intimate spaces such as locker rooms and washrooms with males who wear dresses and leave their penises in full view. This is uncomfortable and upsetting for girls to have to deal with since this behaviour strongly suggests that he is an exhibitionist and exhibitionist males are frightening and abusive toward females. Also, the fact that he is acting out the mannerisms that our society has assigned to females makes his classmates feel he is imitating and mocking them. He is stereotyping and violating his female classmates.

I hope that this gay or bisexual teen boy can grow out of having to pretend he really is a girl and can grow into a respectful and mature gay man. Wearing dresses and makeup is fine, but insulting and violating your classmates is not okay. There have been drag queens in every generation because it is totally normal for gay/bi men to want to try on or wear femininity. I can’t help but think Lila is experiencing internalized homophobia and is using the trans cult as a way to avoid dealing with it.

When teen boys insist on disrespecting girls so much, and when cupcakes are oppression, I feel really scared for the next generation. Please, people, break out of this cult!

vag cupcakes meme



37 thoughts on “Men are oppressed by cupcakes and I’m scared for the next generation

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  2. These men just hate girls and women so much. They would love to skin us and take our identity like the serial killer in Silence of the Lambs.

    Most women don’t even know the word, vulva, but call it a “vagina,” since that’s what men want.

    Representations of pricks are everywhere, from nuclear missiles to monuments, but no complaints about that.

    Women need to stop genuflecting to these disgusting men and say no. Expect the rape, mutilation and death threats we get from them, and say no to everything they demand.

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  3. As of now, not incredible, but sad, terribly sad. As for the “Lila” topic, I think you’re giving him much compassion. From what I’ve seen, he is your typical male who wants to enter female bathrooms to prey on girls, and more. I wouldn’t be surprised if that were the outcome. And, like, they even gave him a literal PRIVATE bathroom and whatsoever, what else does he need? He should be kidding when he’s saying he needs to be in the women’s stall room and bathroom. Literal male entitlement. Ugh, this makes me sick.

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    • I saw a quote from his tumblr where he was carrying on about how he was bored with gay male stories and wanted to hear about “queer teen girls, girls in love with their best friend, girls in love with the cute girl from their art class…” This dude is a fetishist pure and simple. He is fetishizing adolescent girls and their relationships with other teen girls. There is a photo from his facebook where he is making the vulgar and threatening hand signal for cunnilingus. This is not a misunderstood teenager, it is a sexual predator who wants to force adolescent females to participate in his fantasy against their will.

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  4. Thank you for posting this. I went and read most of the posts on that Facebook page where any discussion of biology was labeled dangerous “TERF” material and the entire thing was so insane it made me wonder how many people are drinking this koolaid because it needs to stop. We cannot even discuss being actual women at feminist events without being attacked? Good show of the transjacktivists support of the patriarchy. And now the whole event page has been removed from Facebook. Depressing.

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  5. In case you don’t know…many male rights activists consider transgender “women” their black knights and opportunity to use transgenders to get rid of women safe spaces and occupy women’s colleges, abuse shelters, bathrooms, locker rooms. Male rights activists also dont want women to work. So I question how many transgender crossdressers that refuse to transition are actually male rights activist moles.

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    • Yes. That’s exactly what’s going on. You see, MRA’s see MtT as men who deserve all the entitlement. MtT are the black knights who, right now, are capable of breaking down women’s boundaries and so MRA’s back them. Anything to harm women. Anything.

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    • Zounds! We need a pamphlet. A single well-made one that clearly lays out the rather voluminous details of this whole Trans mess. So much of it is propaganda. Including the inventing of crazy taboos. Like the cupcake thing and menstruation and vaginas cannot be mentioned.

      Incidentally, wouldn’t vulva cupcakes be totally in-line with trans women of the 70s style? When they have genital surgery it’s to make, yeah *VULVAS* ffs!

      Anyway we need a pamphlet. That we can distribute both online and maybe in person. Because people will hit ‘peak trans’ by the time they finished reading the pamphlet. Black Knights, good night! The pamphlet will need to explain what MRAs are as well. And: this is so much like science fiction. 😳

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  6. Trans people are NOT and will NEVER biologically be the gender they are transitioning to. As a long time supporter of lgbtq rights I’m just about out of patience for trans females political outcries at this point because natural women are ALWAYS going to take precedence regarding feminist rights for me and anyone else with a half a brain. We are living how we were born too and have had to live with the oppression of being female since day one. I’m tired of trans women trying to compete with biological women in beauty competitions in martial arts. (I don’t think artificial beauty should be competed about in the first place) All of that will only serve to set back the progress. It’s starting to feel like some of these trans females were just crappy males so they decided to become women because they thought it was easier. Well guess what being a woman is a blessing and a curse suck it up white male privilege ended when you cut it off.

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    • When trans people say they are biologically the gender they are transitioning, that’s because we all are both woman and man biologically. We don’t need to say things like “trapped in another gender’s body”. What I believe is sex and gender are different things. I can be biologically what society calls a male but my gender (my role) is feminine and I think I should be respected the same way as everyone respects a “biological” woman. No. I believe that everyone should be respected as human beings. As equal. We need to stop exclusive groups and accept everyone in every ground, group and bathroom.


      • No, we aren’t “all both woman and man biologically.” The vast majority of humans are either biologically male or biologically female. Human procreation is based on this biological difference. Seed from the male fertilizes an egg from the female. We are not a hermaphroditic species. Females have a right to spaces that are female-only including bathrooms and locker rooms. Women and girls do not wish to undress in front of males and you need to respect that. I don’t mind males who are feminine, that’s fine, but I’m not going to support the denying of biology and the removal of women’s safe spaces.

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      • I’m not saying humans are hermaphodite species and I’m not denying any biology. I’m saying humans have both genders biologically. You might be a woman in society and genetically, but you also have male genes (not that you are male and female per se). But it doesn’t really matter if I’m wrong. I’m looking for real gender equality here. Separate bathrooms aren’t a biological demand but a mere ideological idea from society. Anybody can have any gender role regardless of biological sex and you can’t do anything about it. It just natural. You can’t accept any transgender woman just as any other “biological” woman? that’s maybe just because you think we are men and you can’t accept how we are in the inside. You are misunderstanding things. Transgender women are not men. Transgender women are women (not what society calls biologically women of course, I know). I have a lot of argument to defend my opinion but I don’t like to waste my time writing to the wall. The last thing I’m just gonna say is please keep in mind that all transgender people (or LGBT people) is not all the same.


        • It doesn’t make sense to claim that people have “both genders biologically.” Gender is not something biological. Gender, or sex role stereotypes, is a set of behaviours and mannerisms that have been attributed to males and females by patriarchal society. For example, the gender assigned to male humans is aggressive, individualistic, and competitive, and the gender assigned to women is passive, submissive and weak. These are not biological traits; they are social constructions. I can agree with you if what you’re saying is that any human can have any of these traits. The thing is, our personalities are not dictated by our genitals. Males can have any personality and females can have any personality. Of course I cannot accept a transgender woman as a biological woman, because transgender women are biologically male. I’m not really interested in how men “feel on the inside.” That is their personal feelings to deal with and that has nothing to do with me. Women and girls have the right to define who we are and we have the right to safe spaces that exclude males, regardless of how men “feel on the inside.” To deny women’s right to be exclusive is a part of rape culture. It is telling women we have no right to say no and that we cannot create boundaries regarding our bodies and privacy. If you are campaigning against women’s right to set boundaries regarding our bodies and privacy then you are a misogynist and an MRA.

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      • I see someone failed Basic High school or college level Biology and Genetics. NO humans are hermaphrodite and the word hermaphrodite is very offensive towards Intersex/DSD people. Even as an Intersex/DSD person myself I find that word very offensive.

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      • As a real scientist, I say you are quite wrong that “we are all both woman and man biologically.” This is total utter nonsense and not based on science. The very moment sperm meets egg, is the moment that DNA determines a “blueprint” for development. A zygote has either XY or XX chromosomes the literal moment the sperm and egg meet. Development proceeds accordingly. Yes, a very small portion of the total population (less than 1%) has atypical development and may have a variation such as XXY (Klinefelter syndrome) but these are still boys biologically since they have a Y chromosome and male genitalia. Please take biology, A&P, genetics and other college level courses before trying to “educate” anyone, because your ideas are blatantly false. Science does not care about ideology. Science cares about truth.

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  7. I agree that there are LGBT people who do things the wrong way. And the problem is that LGBT people who don’t do those things are also affected by the stupidity of them. I consider myself a transgender person (not transexual yet) and I don’t think vagina cakes are disrespectful at all.

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    • I hope that you will learn to love yourself in the body that you are in. If you are a gay male, you are a gay male. Pretending to be female won’t make it any better. Accepting that you are a male who doesn’t conform to stereotypes is the healthiest way to deal with your predicament. You are not female, can not be female, and will never be actually female regardless of hormones and cosmetic surgery. Radical self acceptance is the answer! Radical self love is peace!

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  10. “This is literally the primary tenet of trans-exterminatory feminism and that branch of feminism has literally killed trans women.”

    “Literally?” Feminists are “literally” killing male transgenders?? I am sorry, but I am going to have to call shenanigans on that person’s assertion that women are killing male transgenders. There were, what, 22 male transgenders who were killed in 2015 & the vast majority of them were killed by men.

    I read somewhere that one of them was killed by a woman over a dispute concerning her boyfriend & the male transgender coming on to him or something like that. That was not the act of a feminist, radical or not, killing a male transgender by missexing him, that was a dispute over another man.

    So this trans “exterminatory” BS is just that: BS.

    Also, since this person has changed “TERF” to “TEF,” they are not just attacking radfems, but all feminists who do not fall for their propaganda; & I guess they are sticking with exterminatory, as if by missexing these men (which is not true, we name their true sex & they missex themselves), we are exterminating them. In 2015, 21 out of 22 of these men were killed, or exterminated if you prefer, by men. Not women.

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  11. Trans people will not be women until they manage to achieve XX. If they are horrified by vulva cupcakes, that is further evidence that they Are. Not. Women! I am weary of our spaces–women’s spaces–being co-opted by Envious Others, namely men. Men who want to pretend they are women might consider developing spaces for themselves….in the meantime, anyone with a Y chromosome and a penis had better stay out of MY female space! (And no, boys DON’T bleed, unless they are injured.) And I don’t care what names they call me.


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