VRR vandals prove, once again, that TERF is a misogynist slur

On August 16th, Vancouver Rape Relief & Women’s Shelter reported that a dead rat had been nailed to their door:

The unknown vandal was likely trying to intimidate women and express his misogyny.

Only a couple of weeks later, a second act of vandalism occurred. Someone wrote death threats against “TERFs” along with the never-ending mantra “transwomen are women” on the doors of the shelter.

Trans activists are still claiming that “TERF” is just an acronym for a subtype of feminist; however the way they use the word shows clearly that they intend it as a slur. This graffiti is transparently about intimidating women and making us scared to set boundaries that exclude men. Vancouver Rape Relief does not have an anti-trans policy—they have an anti-male policy. Because it’s almost always men who rape and assault women, and because men largely have the power to get away with their crimes against women, shelters are needed that exclude men in order to give rape and assault survivors a safe place to recover. Women who identify as transgender are not excluded from the service.

Trans activists, who theoretically ought to be doing work to help trans people, put a lot of energy and effort into silencing and intimidating women who understand the reality of male violence and fight against it. This appears to be far more of a priority than, say, opening shelters for trans people fleeing violence.

Only the lowest form of scum on Earth would think of bullying victims of violence who are attempting to find a safe shelter in which to recover. The level of cowardice and misogyny on display in this vandalism is astonishing.

Anytime you call women TERFs, you take the side of violent misogynist scumbags who use bullying, intimidation and threats to put women in our place and attempt to stop us from organizing for our liberation.

It was already clear but it becomes even more clear all the time—TERF is a misogynist slur.

7 thoughts on “VRR vandals prove, once again, that TERF is a misogynist slur

  1. It’s obvious that you’re really passionate about the safety, well-being, and empowerment of women. The fact that you share with us what you care so deeply about is wonderful. I feel inspired by how much you care, and it makes me want to do more to help both women and men find empowerment and freedom from suffering. Thank you for such a gift!

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    • Hi Susan, I’ve been slacking in the reading department. Now that I’m single, mostly what I do in the evening these days is swipe left on nearly everyone I can find on dating apps. I do have another book on order though, so I”ll be reading again soon!

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  2. Hey! I came across your blog at it seems you misunderstand the context. The word TERF is used in a way to ridicule the shelter but you must realise that it is being used how protestors use their signs. You don’t see signs that say “Hey could you please give us equal rights.” at women parades, you see signs demanding for equal rights. A TERF is someone who excludes transgender women from their meaning of women and the fact they don’t accept transgender women into a homeless shelter is what a TERF by definition does, the word idiot, for example, is used in a similar way yet it doesn’t mean the word is a slur. Around 11-40 per cent of homeless youth is LGBT yet excluding the MTF women from women shelters because “They will rape women” is saying that trans women aren’t real women, men are all rapists and that LGBT people aren’t valid in their shelters despite a huge portion of homeless youth being LGBT.

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    • You think that messages saying women should die is just “asking for equal rights?” Wow, you’re deliberately ignoring what you see right in front of you and pretending to see something else entirely. Trans people are not asking for equal rights when they make violent threats against women—they are bullying and intimidating. If they were simply wanting a shelter of their own, they would advocate for a shelter of their own. I’ve never met a feminist who doesn’t think that trans people deserve a shelter.
      Nobody is “excluding trans women from the definition of women” as a deliberate act of exclusion. Trans women are not women because a woman is an adult human female and trans women are adult human males. Males are not female. The word for an adult human male is “man.” (Of course, you know this already.) In much the same way, a penguin is also excluded from the definition of a giraffe, because a penguin is not a giraffe. Nothing about that is insulting to penguins. It’s not hateful or bigoted to correctly identify the type of being someone is.
      You are coming in here to lecture me but you haven’t read much about this topic and you know far less than I do. It’s already been firmly established that TERF is a slur, and feminists have explained thousands of times that even though all men are potential rapists, that doesn’t mean that literally every single man on earth will rape someone.
      Yes, a lot of homeless youth are LGBT. That is because of homophobia and sexism. Feminists are fighting against homophobia and sexism, but trans activists are reinforcing it.
      You would really benefit from reading more posts on this blog.
      I don’t allow people who are very uninformed to comment here, so you have been placed in moderation, but if you come back around to answer this, please explain to me what a woman is. Precise definition, please! Good luck.

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