Planet Fitness court case update

You may remember that the court ruled in favor of the gym when Yvette Cormier first filed her lawsuit against Planet Fitness.

She is now taking her case to Michigan’s highest court.


“Planet Fitness transgender locker room case heads to Michigan Supreme Court

MIDLAND, MI — A Midland County woman who sued Planet Fitness for its transgender-friendly locker room policy is now taking her case to Michigan’s highest court. Yvette Cormier’s lawsuit is based on her seeing a transgender person in the locker room at the Planet Fitness in Midland on Feb. 28, 2015.

Midland County Circuit Court Judge Michael J. Beale dismissed the lawsuit on Jan 4, 2016. Cormier’s attorney, David A. Kallman, appealed the judge’s decision to the Michigan Court of Appeals 24 days later. On June 1 this year, the Court of Appeals issued a ruling affirming Beale’s ruling. Kallman believes the Court of Appeals decision was not correct and filed for leave to appeal to the Michigan Supreme Court on Wednesday, July 12.”

“We believe the Court of Appeals decision was erroneous because it stated that a business policy (Planet Fitness’ judgment free zone policy) itself could not be the basis for an Elliott-Larsen Act claim,” Kallman said in an email.

“Further, (Planet Fitness’) actions against Mrs. Cormier clearly violated her right to privacy by allowing a man in the women’s locker room/shower area and violated the Michigan Consumer Protection Act.”

I support Yvette Cormier and I believe she is fighting an important battle for all women. We have the right to privacy in washrooms and locker rooms and we should not be forced to share them with men.

This newspaper’s framing of the case as a woman having an issue with a “transgender-friendly locker room policy” hides the fact that the man in the locker room was not living as a transwoman and appeared unambiguously male. These locker room policies allow fully intact men into women’s locker rooms and are therefore not safe for women.

Gender Trender is still the only website that has published the full story on this, including details about the misogynist male fetishist who used the locker room that day.

2 thoughts on “Planet Fitness court case update

  1. If screencaps from Carlotta Sklodwoska’s Fetlife and Facebook pages from around the time he went to Planet Fitness are considered admissible evidence, the court should rule in favor of Cormier. Carlotta is clearly a het male forced feminization and urination fetishist who decided to go full time as a woman. You can find these caps from the likely sources. GIW and GT are good places to start.

    I fear that Cormier will likely lose her appeal. Rulings are decided by what is considered relevant evidence or testimony, not by the informed decisions of judges or jurors. Whoever controls evidence and testimony wins. I fear that Cormier will lose again as she did before. This will be a terrible loss.

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  2. Somewhere in the highly intelligent British feminist twitter I saw a comment pointing out that women fight to be included in public spaces — lecture halls, politics, priesthoods, and so on. Men fight to be in women’s private spaces — bathrooms and locker rooms.

    It was so obvious once I read it, I couldn’t believe the pattern hadn’t occurred to me before.

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