More appropriation of lesbian identity

Although a lesbian is a female homosexual, it’s also a fashionable label for people who aren’t female or homosexual to steal for their own use. This is not okay. When non-lesbians call themselves lesbians, not only is it lying, but I’d say it’s homophobic too—it’s blatant disrespect and erasure of actual lesbians.

Today’s example is celebrity opposite-sex couple Nico Tortorella and Bethany Meyers. 

Both of them are bisexual, but for some reason, Meyers identifies as gay.

It’s interesting that the queer/trans movement makes it compulsory for all women to be bisexual and outlaws homosexuality, and yet at the same time it’s fashionable for bisexuals to take “lesbian” on as an identity. They’re okay with a “lesbian” identity as long as it doesn’t mean being actually lesbian. If you’re actually a lesbian, then you’re a bigoted exclusionary TERF. (Words don’t mean anything, unless women attempt to use words to set a boundary that excludes men, and then her words are committing literal violence.)

The article about them in The Advocate claims that this couple is “reinventing what it means to be family.” It also claims that Tortorella is “defying the gender binary.” You heard it right, folks—an opposite-sex couple who both look typical for their sex are reinventing the family and defying the gender binary.

Quoted from People magazine:

“Even though Meyers identifies as gay, she embraces the queer label and shared that Tortorella is the only man she can imagine having a relationship with.”

Women who are gay can’t imagine being with ANY man. I have never been able to picture myself marrying a man or living with a man and the mere idea of it makes me uncomfortable. If a woman is happily in love with a man, even if he’s the only man in the world for her, she’s not a lesbian. She’s either straight or bisexual.

I wish people would just be honest. If you’re bisexual, that’s totally fine, but please don’t call yourself “gay.” If you’re in an opposite-sex relationship, you’re not reinventing the family. Opposite-sex relationships are the default.

Everybody wants to be fuckin’ special these days.

18 thoughts on “More appropriation of lesbian identity

    • 😂😂😂😂 “We are reinventing the family. Where dad can be really loaded. And have a beard. So much newness! So revolutionary”. Assholes.

      My sympathies to you Purple Sage at all the other lesbians having to experience this bizarre mindfuck.

      Who knew when my Jerry Springer/reality TV show culture became the main culture it was gonna be about this stuff? #HipsterFatigue 😣🙄

      Have some cake 🍰🍰🍰🍰

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    • “Also, are they both high in the picture?”

      Maybe that’s just what they think being lesbian or “sexually fluid’ looks like. So this is the life cycle of identity politics–from oppression Olympics to mere fashion statement within a few years. I just want the whole navel-gazing, edgier-than-thou hipster nonsense to go away. Why don’t all these young people go work in soup kitchens or volunteer for Habitat for Humanity or even just learn to play a musical instrument? Can we somehow make actually DOING things trendier than demanding special pronouns? It’s as if we’ve sold our collective soul to smart phones and social media.

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      • Don’t you know? Pronouns will change the world!! If only we had just changed pronouns, we wouldn’t have had the need for any civil rights movement whatsoever!! 😉

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  1. Does she think she is a lesbian because she is androgynous looking? And am I the only one who thinks pansexual is not only bull but also pretentious as hell?

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  2. I don’t know who these people are, but from the article, it sounds like Tortorella might be trans, and Meyers might see this as a similar-gender relationship.

    Focusing on the unattainable, such as pregnancy, or the unchangable, such as chromosomes, is one way to put off transition…


  3. There was a time was “The Advocate” was a decent magazine. Now they have cover stories about heterosexual couples and much of the magazine is devoted to promoting transgender nonsense.

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  4. This horror that bisexuals have of owning their own sexuality is…horrifying. I’m starting to think it’s what’s really behind a lot of the genderbollocks movement. I’m sorry that lesbians keep getting thrown under the bus like this.

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      • The seem to avoid owning up to bisexuality by appropriating other identities or making up new ones – anything to avoid accepting a stigmatised label that accurately describes what they are like. In doing so, they undermine not only themselves, but gays and lesbians as well. It’s not exactly culturally acceptable to be bisexual in a day-to-day sense, so whensome bisexuals see homosexuals gaining more acceptance, they tag onto that, rather than bothering to confront the actual (and different) challenges they face.


        • Okay, now I get you. Do you think it’s less culturally acceptable to be bisexual? To me, bisexuality seems really popular, but maybe that’s just among liberals.


        • My experience is that the social expectation to pick a side (preferably hetero), and ‘grow out of it’ bashing against how difficult it is to actually do that, causes all sorts of crazy. You feel guilty all the time, even if you practise monogamy. It’s an experience of having a split mind, and a part of you that needs to be hidden most of the time. It’s lonely AF, even if you’re a confident and otherwise well-adjusted person,which to be honest, most people aren’t. The statistics for mental ill health and substance abuse among bisexual people are pretty grim.

          It might seem popular as an identity (though the number of people actually identifying that way contradicts it) but in practice, having relationships with both sexes is seen as terribly subversive. The psychological tensions it leads to are profound, but that’s our own shit to deal with. I won’t say it’s harder than being gay because I wouldn’t know, but it’s definitely difficult.

          I think a lot of bisexual people chicken out of trying to get society to accept them. It’s easier to try and look like you’re something other than what you are if you’ve spent a lot of your life trying to do just that. That’s why bisexuals are the ones tagging onto the gay rights movement as ‘queers’, and focusing on identity politics, rather than finding common political ground with homosexuals (there is some there) as well sorting out their own issues.

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