Male art that dehumanises women vs. female art that illuminates the reality of sexual violence and female objectification

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Rae Story reflects on how when male artists create works that dehumanise women it is taken to be a comment on society as a whole, while women’s resulting brutalisation, isolation and objectification is seen as little more than a sideshow. She compares this with the powerful art of Suzzan Blac who mines her own traumatic memories of abuse and prostitution to create a blistering commentary on pornographic, female objectification and paedophile culture.

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3 thoughts on “Male art that dehumanises women vs. female art that illuminates the reality of sexual violence and female objectification

  1. Thank you so much for this post.

    My stepfather sexually abused me since I was 3, groomed me for prostitution, raped me, and pimped me off. Everybody who knew what he was doing, everybody who knew he was a serial rapist, everybody who knew he was a serial paedophile blamed me.

    I had nowhere to run, nobody to turn to.

    When I have met other survivors I have been both enraged that women suffer at the hands of men so commonly, it’s a common occurrence. Nearly all of my women friends have been raped iff not put through what I went through. The pain and PTSD never leaves you. I’ve suffered this shit for decades and no amount of therapy makes any of that stuff in the past any less painful and events invite reliving of every terrible thing that I went through before.

    I still find I use language that distances me from my own experiences, from the experiences of other women.

    Lately as I’ve begun to unpack a lot of my life and everything that I’ve been through I’ve been remembering things I never thought I’d ever forget, this makes the PTSD worse. I have no therapist available where I am, I have no money, I’m poor and disabled, I get no assistance. Recently I’ve been gathering anything that is free online, media tools, in order to make my own forms of art to express my anger and hatred of the whole class of people who ruined my life. I have been working to try to keep myself stable as I fight this fucked up patriarchy and add my voice to the fray of angry women who aren’t going to take this shite anymore. I’ve found art my only solace, it has never betrayed me, unlike the people around me.

    Although I’m battered and scarred and in some ways annihilated as a woman it helps to know what other women are doing to save themselves from the hell of reliving every fucking moment of every rape, every oppression, every bit of damage that society dumps on individuals.

    To my step father, to the people around me: I’m just a worthless nigger whore bitch.

    I am grateful that I didn’t end up homeless and raped and tortured and having to prostitute myself to eat. I’d rather die than ever ever have to live through that again.

    Sometimes making the art is reliving the trauma, because there really is no end to it, but it can help you sort things out and understand that you, I, have worth. I have worth, I’m not here for anybody but me.

    I hope Suzzan Blac’s story and her art reach a lot more women.

    This is the most difficult thing I’ve ever written on the net about myself and I can’t tell you how devastated I am to see it in print.

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