School won’t let lesbian student change identities again

From the New York Post:

“School to student: Enough with the gender flip-flopping”

“Administrators at a Long Island high school forced a student to sign a contract barring her from changing her gender identity because she had switched it twice already, sources told The Post.”

Okay, it’s slightly odd to make a student sign a contract not to change her gender identity. Adolescents normally go through many stages of identity formation, you can’t really stop that process nor do you need to. And this student only changed her identity twice, which is not that much. However, adolescents these days don’t just get a strange piercing or dye their hair, or go around being goth for a while, now they force everyone around them to acknowledge their identities for them by changing the way they speak to them. The one thing I will agree with here is that the school should not be forced to change their school records and retrain all staff on new pronouns every time an adolescent discovers new feelings about her- or him-self. That would be an administrative nightmare and a waste of time. People are allowed to have a gender identity and change it whenever they want, but as has always been customary among humans, we refer to each other by our sex, which does not change, rather than our subjective internal feelings, which are subject to change any time, possibly several times a day.

Although trans activists claim that trans people were born inherently trans, and can’t be any other way, and will die of either murder or suicide if not allowed to transition, this adolescent girl identified as a boy for a while and then all of a sudden desisted just so that grandma and grandpa wouldn’t find out. Did she go back into the closet so that her grandparents wouldn’t find out, and continue to think of herself as male, while planning to come out again later on when it was safer? No, she just stopped thinking of herself as male.

“Now a gay female again with her original name, the student said she is likely to remain a woman for the foreseeable future.”

“I just came to the realization that gender is not a big deal either way,” she said. “People can think of me however they want. It’s not important.”

I agree with that last statement of hers. Your “gender” isn’t that important. It basically amounts to your taste in fashion, your choice of hairstyle, and your feelings about yourself. These can change any time and it’s no big deal and it doesn’t change who you are.

The fact that this student now identifies as gay was tucked away in there casually near the bottom like no big thing. This happens so often with articles about women who identify as men. The fact that they are lesbian is mentioned in passing like it’s no big deal, and no journalist, (aside from TERF bloggers) ever reports that this phenomenon is something largely affecting lesbians.

Lesbians are not born inherently male, folks. We’re born female and we remain female. We often feel different from other girls, which is normal. This doesn’t mean we’re male, it means we’re lesbian.

I hope this young woman finds happiness in the lesbian community.

15 thoughts on “School won’t let lesbian student change identities again

  1. I think it’s great that the school is making clear that all of the administrative stuff you mentioned about changing your “identity” is not something kids can keep doing. It will discourage, in a good way, young people from buying into the most extreme and silly non-binary notions. “Oh I’m having a girl day today”. They’ll see that how things work on Reddit is not how they work in the real world.

    I can’t help wondering though if the reason the school is putting their foot down is because transactivists have told them that people switching back-and-forth is demeaning to the great trans identity. 🤔

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  2. Reblogged this on Rod Fleming's WordPress World and commented:
    We are growing a generation of very disturbed young people. CHildren need stability and clear quideliines. There are kids who are TS but they are rare and, in the West, their supporters are operating in their own political interests, not those of the children.

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  3. Glad the girl finally accepted she is a girl. Trans-activists make it seem gender identity can be fixed as young as 2 or 3 years old. Wrong. We need to stop this trans train before our our questioning children embark on a lifelong journey full of hormone treatments and possible surgeries.

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  4. I think what disturbs me most about her ‘identities’ is that she seemed to adamantly push being a lesbian (most likely a butch lesbian, at that) away, as if it was the worst possibility of all.

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    • If you spend any time on tumblr, you know why. It’s not really possible to call yourself a lesbian anymore (unless your a transwoman) without scrutiny. You have to be adamantly pro transwoman or you get called a terf. If you are attracted to a transman bc they are female, but dont opt to call yourself pansexual, youre “invalidating his identity” so youre a terf for that too. There’s even a tumblr called “terfmeanslesbian” to document how often it happens, being a female who is only attracted to females is an offense in youth culture now. So is being butch and still identifying as a woman. People call you a coward for not coming out as non binary or a trans man. Being a lesbian is so difficult for young women now because they are getting an inordinate amount of shit from both “lgbt” homophobes and right wing homophobes. Lesbian community has been eroded by this in real life too, there’s no lesbian bar in friggin Portland for the reasons listed above.

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  5. Good post, Purp. Thank you. It’s disheartening to read on the comments that young lesbians are getting hated on for a whole “new” (supposedly) different set of reasons. Just goes to show how lesbophobia the whole trans cult is. What a shame. What can we do to support young lesbians?

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  6. “as has always been customary among humans, we refer to each other by our sex”

    Could you provide any reason at all why this particular custom deserves to be preserved? Sex acts and reproduction are distinct private matters; outside these matters and some kinds of sport, *why* should humans refer to each other by our sex?

    I posit that the custom is presently harmful, whatever its historical benefits – just like the historical custom of referring to a woman in different ways depending on her marriage is harmful (and that one is on its way out). Sweden is at the forefront with its official gender-neutral pronoun.

    If the custom is harmful, then it follows that while a way to refer to people without reference to sex is not presently available, pretty random changes should be ok. The school should not have required this contract. If the process to change is complicated then it darn well should not be, it should be a quick tick in the database, get IT to work fixing the outdated stuff. I hope this will be the decision of the department.


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