Video: Anti-feminist protesters in Vancouver

Did everyone watch this video? Women from the Vancouver Women’s Library documented the harassment from anti-feminists when they opened their library. I snorted with laughter when a fully-intact male not even trying to pretend to be female insisted he was a woman. WTF, dude? I have compassion for people with gender dysphoria, but I have zero compassion for asshole MRAs who use “I’m a woman!” as a bullshit trolling tactic when harassing feminists. Also: make sure to read the Feminist Current article about this event, it’s excellent.

12 thoughts on “Video: Anti-feminist protesters in Vancouver

  1. This is horrible. Mind you it was pretty funny when after yelling at the women’s library women the shitty protesters try to hand out their stupid pamphlets! πŸ˜† Also the all talking at once to this tiny group of people showed true competence. πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

    It’s a disconcerting situation to be in for sure, but I think the women’s library women handled it exactly wrong. As soon as the pseudo-protesters lined up, or their signs were visible they should’ve asked them very clearly to leave. And if they didn’t leave at once called the police. If the pseudo-protesters were still there when the police came they would’ve each got a $50 fine. At least that’s how it works in Ontario.

    Apparently feminist events need to be ready for, and know how to respond to, these kind of weirdos. And yeah clearly the long hair man on the left was just there for a fight.

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    • Hey Petunia Cat.

      I think a lot of us are saying “they handled it wrong” and I thought that at first, too, but then I thought of how many times I’ve been faced with a hostile male and you just go into placation mode. It’s a socialized and learned/self-preservationist reaction to a violent man because you learn that if you give it back to him he’s likely to punch you. That’s how they maintain their positions. But I do agree that women in these kinds of places and situations need to be prepared for nutbag assholes like this and learn to overcome their training to play nice.

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  2. This whole thing is so very saddening and enraging. I read that one of the aims of this library is to bring together feminists of different generations–so that young women can learn from the struggles of their elders.

    Can’t have that eh?

    Imagine how shocking this must have been for older women who haven’t been exposed to the cult-like trans activism online. The Feminist Current article discusses that a bit:

    “Based on the shock and confusion expressed by feminist elders who attended the launch, it’s fair to say this particular backlash is one we have never seen before. Isolated and emboldened in online communities, young leftists have become comfortable attacking without asking, silencing without thinking”

    *I’m* shocked, and I’ve been following this so-called movement for a while now.

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  3. Anarchists. Queer theorist anarchists. Note the “cop sympathizer” accusation. Basically queer theorist punks, that’s what men like that are.

    There are good people around who call themselves anarchists, but with no meaningful differentiation, it winds up being about the lowest common denominator.

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