Male Glamour columnist mansplains feminism to the TERFs

An article was just posted in Glamour Magazine entitled “Call yourself a feminist?” It was written by their male-to-trans columnist Juno Dawson who is apparently going to tell feminists whether they “really pass the test.” Oh goody!

Juno Dawson came out as a trans woman in October 2015, so as of the writing of this article, he has been a “woman” for about a year.


Juno Dawson. Photo source: Glamour Magazine

Before Dawson came out as a “woman,” he was a gay man. In his own words:

“For a decade, I was pretty happy with that. I dated guys as a guy.”

Great! Another homosexual lost to the trans cult. What he should have done is reconciled with being male and accepted the fact that men can be feminine, but instead of being a proud effeminate gay man he’d rather pretend to be a woman. He named himself Juno, which is similar to his male name James, and it means “Queen of the Heavens.” And now, after several months of being a “woman” named Juno, he’s an authority on feminism and telling us bigoted, hateful women that we’re doing feminism wrong.

So what can female feminists learn from a gay man with internalized homophobia who writes for Glamour magazine? Let’s find out!

“One of things I love about GLAMOUR Magazine is how it supports women’s choices. Indeed there is a whole section called Hey, It’s OK…because, when things are your choice, and if they’re not hurting anyone else, it is OK. Women are sometimes made to feel guilty about their choices in a way that men are not – you shouldn’t eat that, wear that, think that, do that, say that. What I also love about GLAMOUR is that, since 2001, it has encouraged women to feel confident about their choices while rarely using the word ‘feminism’. That was because, back then, feminism was something of a dirty word. It was a word that felt militant, angry, unconstructive and, frankly, unglamorous.”


This is a perfect example of the neoliberal version of “feminism” that is being sold to the masses by corporations and mainstream media. The “feminism” they sell is a consumer lifestyle that can be branded and marketed and the practice of this type of feminism involves the choosing of choices in order to gain a thing called “empowerment.” This “empowerment” has nothing to do with gaining actual real-world power–it’s only about the “power” to keep doing what women were expected to do anyway, like buy products from capitalists, look pretty, and suck up to men.

Actual feminism, the kind that seeks to liberate the female sex class from oppression, cannot possibly be marketed and sold. That’s the kind that people think of as militant, angry, and unglamorous–because it is. Ending male violence against women is hard work and there’s no glamour in it.

The sexy version of feminism that is being marketed to us by the likes of Glamour magazine is in fact an anti-feminist backlash against the actual women’s liberation movement.

“Fifteen years later, thanks to a rebranding – although by no means a retooling – feminism is mercifully ‘in’ again. Caitlin Moran; Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Beyoncé, Lena Dunham, Amy Schumer and many, many more stars are proudly reclaiming the label. The goals of feminism are the same as they always were: social, political and economic equality between genders. We know, in lots of ways, we have not yet reached equality: the wage gap; unpaid domestic labour; FGM; domestic violence; rape and those are just the biggies.”

Yep, every few years, the mainstream media and industries that target women “rebrand” feminism, making it more fun, more sexy, and more “empowering” than ever before. Choosey-choice “feminism” has become so “sexy” these days that it’s pretty much indistinguishable from the pornstitution industry.

At no point has feminism ever been about equality between the ‘genders.’ First of all, if it’s about equality then it’s equality between the sexes, male and female, not the ‘genders.’ Second, real feminism (not the fun and sexy kind) is about liberating the female sex class from oppression by ending patriarchy and male violence.

“When I visit high schools with my novels, I always encourage teenage girls to call themselves feminists because I believe all girls need feminism. They need it to safeguard the rights they already have and those inequalities still not fought. I have always been a feminist, but it’s from feminists that I’ve faced my harshest criticisms.”

Ha! You’ve never been a feminist, dude. You don’t even have a clue what feminism is.

Dawson complains about how Germaine Greer was being all TERFy when he was coming out as a “woman,” and quotes her saying some pretty logical and reasonable stuff about how a man with a chopped-off dick is not a woman. Duh.

That’s when he starts in with the TERF stuff.

“Greer is not the first, nor will she be the last, TERF: a trans-exclusionary radical feminist. A subgroup of feminists who steadfastly believe me – and other trans women – are not women. Sadly, there are probably women reading this right now who are like, “If it looks and sounds like a bloke, it’s a bloke. If it’s got a penis, it’s a bloke.”

Blogger Marina S wrote about how unsurprising it is that a mainstream “women’s” beauty magazine like Glamour would embrace the anti-woman slur “TERF.” If you haven’t read her post already, please do– it’s a great read.

As for, “If it’s got a penis, it’s a bloke.” DUH.

He talks about bathroom bills for a couple of paragraphs–I’m not going to address that here, except to say that he names a time when a transwoman assaulted a woman in a shelter while simultaneously claiming this never happens. Right.

“What it boils down to is, am I somehow less of a woman? Well, I think – as women – we can all agree on one thing: sometimes biology fucks us over. Those of us who can’t get pregnant – less of a woman? Those of us who need mastectomies – less of a woman? Those of us (including me) on HRT – less womanly? I think I’m just one more woman who was royally fucked over by biology and now I’m in the process of putting that right.”

No dude, you aren’t “less of a woman.” You’re not a woman at all. Men aren’t women. We are two distinct biological categories and if you are male you are 0% female. People who are female and can’t get pregnant–due to infertility or not being in child-bearing age–are still female. The fact that some females cannot get pregnant doesn’t mean that males can call themselves female. I’m not in the business of calling some women more “womanly” than others. All adult human females are women–there are no degrees of womanhood to judge us against. Similarly, all adult human males are men–there should not be any rules that say males have to look or behave a certain way, and just because a male identifies with stereotypes about what women are supposed to be, that doesn’t make him any less of a man. The idea that a feminine man is not a real man is sexism and homophobia.

“If you’ve read this column regularly you’ll know that being trans is fraught with difficulties – no more or less than any other woman, but different perhaps. It breaks my heart that much of the trolling I get on Twitter is from women and women who claim to be feminists. I will need the support of other women to get me through. Don’t we all?”

Nope, transwomen don’t have the same difficulties as women. As humans who were born and raised male, and who cannot become pregnant, give birth, menstruate, or breastfeed, transwomen have very different life experiences from women.

You’ll never get support from me while you’re writing anti-feminist crap and calling women by a misogynist slur. You’d get my support as a gay man, if that’s what you were calling yourself, because as a homosexual myself, I support the right of all homosexuals to live as they are without having to pretend to be something else. Women don’t exist to support you, and feminists don’t exist to support you. We support the female sex class–those who are oppressed by patriarchy because of their female biology.

55 thoughts on “Male Glamour columnist mansplains feminism to the TERFs

  1. Superbly written and utterly ridiculous that it needs to be said in the first place. You can smell the toxity in the original article; apart from 3rd wave feminists who stand around appaulding like sea lions.

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  2. The only time this clown mentions male violence is when he says that he reallllllllly wouldn’t feeeeeeeel safe using the men’s bathroom. Huh, did he feel safe using men’s facilities when he was a gay man?

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  3. And Now apparently Bono of the Rock Band U2 is also a woman without the claim of being trans gender. He still considers himself a heterosexual man but, Glamour magazine gave him Woman of the Year award in 2016. In 2014 it was a trans MtF actor Laverne Cox won Glamour mag’s award Woman of the Year. Glamour mags woman of the year in 2015 was trans MtF reality tv show character once olympian athelet Caitlyn Jenner and this year it’s Bono. I wonder what happened to all those women born women in the world who are doing great works in science and human rights and so on went. I guess their now confined to the dust bin of history and so it goes for women.

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    • You are so right. This whole situation reeks of patriarchy continuing to assert itself in sneaky, deceptive, and shameful ways. If they want to have “person of the year,” fine. But “woman of the year” should mean WOMAN.

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    • The purpose the magazine is to sell the cosmetics, perfume, and clothes of their advertisers. That’s their bread and butter. They are catering to trans at Glamour because it’s a market for all that artifice. Maybe real women aren’t buying as much of that stuff anymore and are spending their money on things they really want. That would be a good thing.

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      • I remember Dan Savage snarking on his podcast a bunch of years past about how as a gay man he didn’t have to worry about his boyfriend leaving him for a woman or deciding to be a woman, unlike those flakey lesbians. Haha, asshole, the “progressive” homophobia you’ve been help pushing is now coming after teh gays now. All the schadenfreude

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        • It becomes their issue when it’s their men-only spaces becoming threatened by legislation that increasingly enforces self-declared transgenderism, especially when it becomes entirely divorced from any medical evaluation. But it’s more of an annoyance than a threat, and I pity the woman who thinks she can medically gin herself up into being sexually attractive to a gay man.

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        • More like annoying gnats I suspect. The menz have no fear. That is the big difference that we are not carrying across at all. Women have fear of men. We can be raped and made forcibly pregnant. Man + woman in confined space = not good outcome for woman. Clearly too difficult to grasp.

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      • Does he want surgery? I’d assume he just wants to be a special snowflake without sacrificing his sex life. He is old enough to know that dating straight men is not really an option, as they’ll either notice immediately, or notice too late and then get aggressive.

        He doesn’t look like he’s even trying … though of course, most actual women don’t wear dresses and skirts in everyday life, so the trans stand out if they do … but if a man wears jeans and shirt, no one knows we are supposed to use female pronouns for him.

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        • I’ve heard MTTs whine about how we’re oppressing them by not constantly wearing “a woman’s uniform” (makeup, high heels, dresses, long hair). If real women don’t look like porn stars and Barbie dolls, how will anyone know they’re “real” women? They also claim going without makeup is a “cis privilege” they don’t have, and that if women stop wearing makeup, they’ll never pass.

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        • Our hearts, I gather, are supposed to break at the prospect of the terrible outcomes of our not routinely providing feminine camouflage for these guys.

          So cold.

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        • My heart has quite enough work to do after being stitched back together last week, and at the best of times only has emotional space for Mr D and a very few others. These lowest-of-the-low can go dive in a slurry pit for all I care. They ain’t worth a bucket of cold cat piss.

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        • D–
          I just realized you had surgery! Warmest wishes for a speedy recovery. Cyber hugs if you want them. ❤
          PS I realized this when I realized it was likely you posting on another site I frequent (altho never made an acct to post there…)

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        • I’ll check it out! Honestly, I haven’t had much time for reading blogs the last few months, so hadn’t kept up. I think you post on gender critical reddit, though, don’t you? I read that one a lot, although I don’t have an account. I’ll check in with your private blog this week to see how you’re doing. Warm wishes for a speedy recovery!


        • I hope your recuperation is proceeding apace! I wanted to let you know that my dad had a valve replacement when he was about 60-61. He is still alive and kicking at 80! In fact, he’s in very good health for a man his age. Up until recently, he could still hike. He lives on his own, walks everyday and even does push-ups! – and his mental faculties haven’t diminished a bit. I hope that’s reassuring – I know the recovery period is challenging. Sending you good healing thoughts! L

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        • Staying awake and being able to walk at all are my hurdles atm! I’m not doing the walking I should be, because of the fatigue. It’s like flu minus the fever.


        • I stopped wearing eye shadow and eye liner about a month ago. Big step for me but now I can’t imagine going back to it. I had no idea that going without makeup was a “privilege.” Silly me all this time thinking it was as oppressive as fuck.

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        • I’ve been in another “can’t be stuffed” phase with makeup for a few months, and had the first ever reaction to that the other day, being told I don’t look my age and asked what I use. It was gratifying to be able to say “Nothing.”

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  4. I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that a magazine that makes it’s living off of marketing femininity to women has an article like this. Kind like how I’m not surprised about the Guardian article about how rape porn and BDSM is feminist.

    I wonder how much he’ll convince people because he’s clearly a man. Deciding to pretend to be a woman instead of accepting yourself as a gay man is homophobia and misogyny.

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  5. Thanks for wading through all the twanzplaining crap to give us a summary, Purplesage, you deserve some kind Bravery Award. After so many years (and the increase of twanzinsanity), I just cannot do it any more!

    That the gay males are divided on this, and cannot see the het-dude takeover of the gay movement, is totally astounding. It is completely obvious. A few have woken up that the TGs are predominately het-dudes. The remainder seem to be embracing their internalised homophobia. Basically it has been the gay-dudes that have let this trojan horse in – because they just assumed the ‘transgenders’ (het-dudes) were the same as the transsexuals that have always been in their number. Big mistake! Soon the gay movement will be almost all het-dudes, and the actual gay dudes will all be in womanface.

    Great post, thanks!

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  6. That column was just infuriating, and neither of the two pictures I’ve seen of this bloke make him look even remotely like a woman! His recent Tweets re: the article include:

    “To suggest that I am somehow trying to hurt, rape or incite violence against women is libellous and I screen-grabbed you all. Thx.”


    “So my @GlamourMagUK article is upsetting people who hate trans people. Hard to be upset about that…”

    Just another entitled dude in a dress, who thinks he knows how to woman harder than real women-born-women. The response of the libfem editor is also ridiculous, showing she values an MTT more than actual women. She’s also been falling all over herself to cover her magazine’s ass by claiming they didn’t really name Bono as Woman of the Year.

    From the picture in the Glamour article, where he’s holding a puppy, he looks a lot like some post-op MTT I unsubscribed from on YouTube after hitting peak trans. That guy also looks absolutely nothing like a woman, and, even more infuriating, he’s attending a formerly all-women’s college that now lets men attend if they claim to be trans.

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  7. I commented on the Glamour site. Real name. I’m getting so pissed off with this I don’t mind if I speak out in public.

    As for gay men and the trans, I’ve seen it lot of gender critical thinking on Datalounge. Very funny some of it is too.

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  8. Glamour wants only glamorous, beautiful, made-up women in its magazine, but it features and champions an extremely unattractive and undesirable man. Go figure.


    • Do you mean Jenner? Jenner is uncanny valley – looks at the same time too much and too little like an actual woman on that cover.

      The dude in this article just looks like an ordinary dude.Sure, his personality is not so attractive, but that’s not something Glamour cares about in women, either; I am pretty sure.


  9. This asshole makes me so angry. A gay man dressing up and being given a column in a woman’s magazine. Then again, women’s magazines hate women, so it’s not particularly surprising.

    What a horrible, regressive nightmare of a backlash against gay men and women and females. And to think there are women reading that who really don’t know better. The misogyny is breathtaking.

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  10. I’m gonna tell you that Glamour used to know what a Woman of the Year was. In 2001, James Smith accepted the Woman of the Year award on behalf of his deceased wife, Moira Smith. Moira, a police officer stationed in lower Manhattan, kept the evacuation of the towers going in the tunnels under WTC 1 and 2. After she came up into the light while assisting a victim with a nearly severed arm, she went back underground to her death.

    When Glamour awarded Woman of the Year to Jenner last year, James honored Moira’s memory by giving his wife’s award back. Good for him.

    You can read the full story here.

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