Transwomen’s lesbophobia

There is a long history of stupid dudes (and occasionally, stupid straight women too) wondering why it is that lesbians will use dildos to have sex but still don’t want to have sex with men. It should be obvious to anyone that the reason lesbians don’t want to have sex with men is because we are exclusively interested in women and aren’t interested in men. Asking “why don’t lesbians have sex with men” is as dumb as asking “why do you get wet when you jump into the pool.”

Transwomen, like other men, get pretty enraged when lesbians don’t want to have sex with them. They, too, use the silly argument “but you use strap-ons” to try to convince lesbians that it totally makes sense to convert to heterosexuality. (Not that that would ever work!)

Someone on Tumblr named “exterminateterfs” whose own page is now deleted, wrote the following comment, which I have seen many times now from the trans community, in one form or another.

“it’s not that deep, if a lesbian will fuck dildos or strap ons (aka 99% of lesbians) but not a girl’s dick then she’s prejudiced and transmisogynistic and at this point deserves to die painfully just like all other fascists.”

It’s really popular these days for the trans community to target lesbians and tell us that our preference for other women is transphobic. (Take Riley J Dennis, for example.)

The majority of men who identify as transwomen are heterosexual men, and they can be just as misogynist and homophobic as any MRA.

In this context, “exterminate terfs” means that the Tumblr user wishes violence against any women who say no to men, with the intention of silencing any other woman who might wish to say no to men. This is the position of abusive men and anti-feminist extremists. This Tumblr user believes that “99% of lesbians” use strap-ons, a statistic that is pulled right out of thin air, and is probably based on what he has seen in “lesbian” porn, which is porn where straight women act out what men imagine to be “lesbian sex.”

Men’s rage when women don’t want to have sex with them is fueled by their narcissism and their belief that women exist for their pleasure, and not as people in our own right.

Comparing women’s homosexual orientation toward other women to “fascism” is not only a ridiculous hyperbole, it’s straight-up homophobia. It’s a type of homophobia directed at lesbians by misogynist men. Can you imagine anyone suggesting to a straight man that it’s “fascist” for him to take no sexual interest in other men?

Here’s some useful facts about lesbians and strap-ons, in no particular order:

  • A strap-on dildo is a fun accessory, and can be very enjoyable, but it isn’t necessary for sex between women. Sex is also very enjoyable without any props or equipment and with just women’s natural bodies.
  • There is no penis “missing” from sex between women and so a dildo does not attempt to replace a missing penis. There is no need to replace something that wasn’t necessary in the first place.
  • A piece of inanimate silicone bears very little resemblance to a human body part that belongs to men and produces sperm which can cause pregnancy in women.
  • Some women enjoy penetration and some don’t, regardless of our sexual orientation. It’s possible to be a homosexual who enjoys penetration or a heterosexual who doesn’t. If a woman enjoys being vaginally penetrated by her female lover, using either her fingers or a toy, that doesn’t indicate heterosexuality.
  • Lesbians who enjoy being penetrated don’t even necessarily need a dildo either—fingers work great! The only people who don’t understand that fingers can satisfy a woman are particularly stupid heterosexual men who are terrible in bed.

Every time a transwoman makes a comment about lesbians being “fascists” for not wanting dick or that his dick is a “girl dick” or any of this other nonsense, he proves that he is 100% male-brained, and is a particularly idiotic and hateful man.