Video: NUS Safespace & No-Platform Censorship

Magdalen Burns talks about being kicked out of the LGBT and Women’s Liberation groups on her university campus for disagreeing with the party line. Under the guise of protecting LGBT minorities, they have kicked a lesbian out of the LGBT group. “Minorities” apparently doesn’t include lesbians. It’s also ironic that a feminist vlogger and activist who works in favour of women’s rights got kicked out of a group that is purportedly for women’s liberation.

Burns is doing excellent work on behalf of women. The silly cowards who put unnecessary “trigger warnings” on every single thing could learn a lot from her.


No-Platforming of Radical Feminists talk by Julie Bindel and Miranda Yardley

This is a talk organized by RadFem Collective in the U.K. Julie Bindel talked about the no-platforming that is happening and Miranda Yardley read her article about the transformation of Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner.

Bindel gives an example of the Orwellian beliefs of the student protesters. One time she debated a pornographer on Essex University campus. The pornographer had given awards to such websites as “Exploited Africans dot com” which pornifies women from the Congo coming over on boats. Julie Bindel was shouted down by students with charges of “hate” and “violence” and there was no dissent toward the pornographer.

The following quote I transcribed:

And there you have it, that is the climate in which we’re living, so as I say, whatever your views on the sex industry, on gender, on anything, there’s only one side being screamed down, and that’s the feminist side. I don’t mean the Fun Feminists, the pole-dancing-your-way-to-liberation “feminists,” I mean the feminists like me, miserable, hard-faced, going on about men all the time being abusers and shit. And now we have an absolute, as they say, “phobia” about debate. There seems to be the view that there is a right not to be offended. The fact that we can be offended, which I am at least 100 times a day, is now being seen as violence, so we experience it as internalized violence, and we are triggered and we are traumatized. And I am my own trigger warning, which I have found. There was some article that said “Trigger Warning: Julie Bindel.”

University students in the U.K. have so demonized Julie Bindel for a small number of mildly controversial things she has said that her name has become synonymous with Evil, and her name itself warrants a trigger warning! How silly, while actual abuses of human rights go unchallenged. (It is, of course, a part of the backlash against feminism).

She also says the entire Left has been damaged by bullying and fear and it’s gotten to the point where the Right is laughing at us, because many of our ranks believe that oppression is the new liberation. I couldn’t agree more!

Listen here.