“Clothing is my favorite thing about being trans”

Apparently, feminists are “bigots” for suggesting that transwomen are just cross-dressers who like dresses and makeup and that they’re motivated by autogynephilia. The reason we say this stuff is because, not only is that what the research says, but transwomen openly admit it themselves.

Meet Rachel Williams, a male who doesn’t mind his male body but does like makeup and feminine outfits. In a video entitled Do I Love Or Hate Being Trans? He explains his motivation for transition:

“The clothing is one of the greatest things I love about being trans. My primary motivation for transitioning was so that I could express myself in a feminine way without getting pushback from society. So I transitioned to be perceived to be a woman in order to gain the freedom to wear makeup and feminine clothing without getting insulted or harassed. So for me clothing is one of the reasons I love being trans because I get to go shopping in the women’s section and not have people give me the stink eye or feel like I’m suffering from homophobia for being a man whose interested in makeup and clothing. So for me the freedom to wear feminine clothing and to wear makeup without having people second-guess my motivations or feel like I’m just a cross-dresser or a deviant has been the best thing about being trans.”

Of course, there’s more to it than that. In a blog post he wrote in February, he admits the following:

“Am I autogynephilic or not according to the theory? Well, I do fit into the mold to some extent. I was not overly effeminate as a young child – I enjoyed rough and tumble play, active sports, and playing with boys (I’m going to bracket a long and complex issue about what defines being effeminate and just use the standard definition), and I was attracted to girls. I did have a history of cross-dressing fetishism, with a particular predilection for nylon. In a nutshell, I would wear women’s clothing and become aroused.”

“In highschool and college, I discovered porn with trans women. If I was having sexual fantasies at all back then, it was probably about trans women, not myself as a woman with a vagina living in a female gender role. According to Lawrence’s formulation of the theory, autogynephilia is defined as becoming what we love – loving something so much that we want to ourselves become the object of our desire. Normally the supposition is that what trans women loved was cis women. But I was attracted to trans women (as well as cis women). So I want to coin a new term: autotransgynephilia – the love of oneself as a trans woman. Non-op autotransgynephilia is a love affair with the idea of being a non-op trans woman, that is, a trans woman who is on hormones and has a feminine appearance but decides to not have bottom surgery.

“I eventually came to realize that the reason I was so fascinated by trans woman porn was that I was projecting myself into the bodies of the trans women as I watched and identifying with them. I realized over time that I wanted the body of a non-op trans woman. I liked that aesthetic. I wanted that for myself. I am becoming what I love.”

(I’m not linking, but you can Google the quotes and find it if you want to read more.) So he actually isn’t interested in being a woman—he’s interested in being a cross-dressing male, and he’s in love with the vision of himself as a cross-dressing male. How charming!

In the above-referenced video, he explains that he doesn’t actually have dysphoria.

“I don’t have dysphoria about my body. My penis doesn’t bother me. I’m planning on keeping it forever. I don’t want vaginoplasty so I’m considered a non-op transwoman. I’m fairly blessed that I can get up in the morning and see my body and not feel disgusted by it. That’s a huge privilege because a lot of transwomen feel disgust about their body parts and I’m fairly comfortable with my body. I don’t feel like I have to hide who I am or feel like I can’t utilize my body during sex or feel like I have to be ashamed of certain parts of my body. I’m fairly lucky in that sense that I don’t feel strong body dysphoria.”

So he doesn’t mind being male, he just likes makeup and outfits. So he probably doesn’t expect other people to see him as female, does he? Nope—he actually DOES expect other people to see him as female. From the video:

“Once people discover your trans status they see you differently. They don’t see you as a real female. They kinda see you as something else or maybe even still as like a male or a boy or whatever. So the whole dating men thing, or even dating women people can still be transphobic. There are certain lesbians out there who are transphobic and won’t see you as a real woman.”

So, just to recap:

  • No sex dysphoria
  • Comfortable in a male body
  • Aroused by women’s clothing
  • Decided to become a transwoman after watching porn
  • Calls himself a “transwoman” instead of a “crossdresser” because he gets social acceptance this way
  • Has a female partner, uses his penis during sex
  • Thinks lesbians and straight men are bigots for not wanting to sleep with him
  • Because of gender identity legislation, has full rights to use sex-segregated facilities for women.

I’m filing this under PEAK TRANS.

Bruce Jenner announces on camera that he tried on his 10-year-old daughter’s clothes

Thanks to Gallus Mag for posting this. I had to watch this several times, because I was so struck with disbelief. Here is Bruce Jenner giving a speech at what is described as an “LGBTQ organization” and he talks about stealing his daughter’s clothes when they were around 10 years old. He refers to them as his “little daughters” and says he thought he was “clever” and “cute” for trying on their clothes when they were out. His daughters set up a security camera in their room and caught their dad in action.

At this point I just want to vomit profusely, because here is this man who is so powerful and privileged that he can stand up in front of a crowd of people and television cameras and admit to having an incestuous interest in the clothing of his prepubescent daughters and present the story like it’s some funny anecdote. It’s not funny. It’s sexual abuse of children and it’s reprehensible and abhorrent.

Bruce Jenner chose the name Caitlyn for himself when he “came out” as a pervy autogynephile transwoman. The name Cailtyn belongs to the generation of his grandchildren. This is not a girl’s name that was in use in his generation. He is calling himself by a young woman’s name and admitting interest in the clothing of prepubescent girls. How is anyone calling this man “brave”? How is anyone calling him by female pronouns? This man is not a woman, he doesn’t identify as a woman, he is a creepy perverted cross-dresser and deadbeat dad who is abusive toward his children, including sexually abusive, and who may have actually masturbated into a child’s underwear.

He should be booed off the stage, he should not be given a platform to speak, and he should be investigated for child sexual abuse.

And to add insult to injury, he gave this speech at an LGBTQ organization. I am one of the ‘L’s in LGBTQ and I am outraged that this abuser is using our acronym to support his fetish. As far as I know, LGBTQ stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, and Queer, not Gross Dad Who Masturbates Into Children’s Underwear. Get these perps the fuck out of our movement!

I do not consider that LGBTQ organizations give any shits about lesbians or gays. And if this is any indication, they actively hate women and girls. Can you imagine how it feels to be one of his daughters? Not only did their dad violate them as children but now the whole world is listening to how he violated them and people are calling him “brave”? What the fuck?? His daughters are being gas-lighted and revictimized. Any survivor of childhood sexual abuse will probably be triggered by this.

Liberals and queer/trans activists will put trigger warnings on articles that call prostitution violence, but will they put trigger warnings on the promotion of child sexual abuse? Seriously, I’m waiting for them to start putting trigger warnings on Caitlyn Jenner.

Liberals and queer/trans activists will no-platform feminists who speak against violence against women, but will they no-platform a man who proudly proclaims his violation of his daughters? I’m waiting for this to happen, too.

Bruce Jenner should be afraid to show his face in public. Television networks and organizations who promote him should be boycotted.