More appropriation of lesbian identity

Although a lesbian is a female homosexual, it’s also a fashionable label for people who aren’t female or homosexual to steal for their own use. This is not okay. When non-lesbians call themselves lesbians, not only is it lying, but I’d say it’s homophobic too—it’s blatant disrespect and erasure of actual lesbians.

Today’s example is celebrity opposite-sex couple Nico Tortorella and Bethany Meyers. 

Both of them are bisexual, but for some reason, Meyers identifies as gay.

It’s interesting that the queer/trans movement makes it compulsory for all women to be bisexual and outlaws homosexuality, and yet at the same time it’s fashionable for bisexuals to take “lesbian” on as an identity. They’re okay with a “lesbian” identity as long as it doesn’t mean being actually lesbian. If you’re actually a lesbian, then you’re a bigoted exclusionary TERF. (Words don’t mean anything, unless women attempt to use words to set a boundary that excludes men, and then her words are committing literal violence.)

The article about them in The Advocate claims that this couple is “reinventing what it means to be family.” It also claims that Tortorella is “defying the gender binary.” You heard it right, folks—an opposite-sex couple who both look typical for their sex are reinventing the family and defying the gender binary.

Quoted from People magazine:

“Even though Meyers identifies as gay, she embraces the queer label and shared that Tortorella is the only man she can imagine having a relationship with.”

Women who are gay can’t imagine being with ANY man. I have never been able to picture myself marrying a man or living with a man and the mere idea of it makes me uncomfortable. If a woman is happily in love with a man, even if he’s the only man in the world for her, she’s not a lesbian. She’s either straight or bisexual.

I wish people would just be honest. If you’re bisexual, that’s totally fine, but please don’t call yourself “gay.” If you’re in an opposite-sex relationship, you’re not reinventing the family. Opposite-sex relationships are the default.

Everybody wants to be fuckin’ special these days.