Petition in support of Meghan Murphy

Hello friends,

I’m just dropping in to say there’s a petition going around to support Meghan Murphy who was banned from Twitter. You can sign it here.

In a relatively short time, several gender critical feminist blogs were removed from WordPress and Meghan Murphy was banned from Twitter. We need to do what we can to support our sisters. Please sign and share!



6 thoughts on “Petition in support of Meghan Murphy

  1. Reblogged this on silverapplequeen and commented:
    Normally I would put it on Aunt Polly’s Rants but this will get more traffic here. Feminist blogs & gender-critical blogs are being removed not only from WordPress but from other writing platforms & now from Twitter & Facebook. This is a violation of our free speech & is CENSORSHIP. Shutting down debate does not stop the argument. WOMEN ARE NOT GOING TO STFU. Whether you believe that “transwomen are women” or not, non-platforming women because of they are saying is WRONG.


  2. This morning I’m unable to open Feminist Current website! These bros mean business. I’m in support of WoLF who is making legal claim for the Gender Identity Watch web contents.

    I was banned on Twitter in May 2018 for “violent threats” which was way more in response self-defense to vulgar trans threat to another radfem.

    We need a Congressional inquiry. Twitter is a recognized public news feed and as such should function as public utility.

    Pigs. Resist!

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