UNBC women’s centre posts ‘No Terfs’ sign on door

Hello friends,

This ridiculous sign actually made me come out of my blogging hibernation to make a post. At the University of Northern British Columbia, students have put a “No Terfs” sign on the front door of their Women’s Centre, ironically right above a sign saying “All Welcome.”

This is 2018, and women who understand human reproductive anatomy and whose activism focuses on rights for female humans are no longer welcome in places that purport to enhance rights for female humans. Such women are such loathsome garbage that they aren’t even considered part of the ‘everyone’ who is supposed to be included in all-inclusive spaces. Organizers aren’t able to grasp the basic illogic, stupidity, and misogyny of this position.

36 thoughts on “UNBC women’s centre posts ‘No Terfs’ sign on door

  1. That’s right. If it happens to have occurred to you that the entire history of enactments of protections and competitive options for women and girls was for the benefit of biological female humans, as a response to the oppression of biological female humans, and you’d prefer that language that refers to biological female humans stay that way because all this oppression is still very much culturally embedded, and these legal changes are relatively recent – well sucks to be you, because we’re handing all that over to men and boys now. Also DIAF!

    They might as well say “no witches” except these guys like to try to appropriate that too, along with everything else of women.

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  2. Favorite comment on this story so far:

    “You know, I really don’t care what the apparatchiks post on their doors. They’ll fall into line lickety-split when the fashion tide turns, as it will next year. TERFs will be cool as heck. TERFs, get your bangs on!”

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  3. I’m surprised it’s still called a Women’s Center. I would think they would have changed it to a
    “gender-neutral” name long ago. Like here in the states … there’s very few Women’s Studies Colleges anymore … they’re all Gender Studies now. & of course it’s all trans ideology that they teach … no more women-centered academics.

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  4. That is so sickening , Brainwashed, and lack of loyalty to women’s suffrage, male centered to show us how they worship their ugly lifestyle of misogyny, how repugnant it is to see this blatant hatred to women , to critical thinking feminists , lesbians, to be publicly slurred to be unwilling to discuss or listen to what males have done to women, to see just how blinded to their own on going erasure to their biological sex,and the sex based rights and protections hard fought for rights they eventually they will realize when they need them they will be gone complete what a weak, disgusting little business, I hope someone over their has some guts and protest in from of them daily loudly and if one is taken away by the authorities then another steps up.
    Women need to stop being afraid and stand up speak out and show some affirmative action,get use to being uncomfortable , women won their rights because they did drastic stuff like firebombed houses. the suffragettes had guts … Women died for the cause.

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  5. Thank you for posting this! I know we all like getting to hear form you. I hope your hiatus has been going well!

    I don’t know how many people here have read it, but I recently got Lundy Bancroft’s excellent book “Why Does He Do That? Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men” which is about abusive men and how they work, and I have to say it totally applies to trans-identified men and their reality-denying rhetoric.

    I like how you point out how the people in charge here don’t seem to be willing to see the rather obvious misogyny involved in supporting gender identity politics. Seeing your post made me think how it’s the same as the dynamic Lundy talks about in his book between abusive men and their male and female allies. The men deny the reality of their abuse, and for a variety of reasons their allies aren’t willing to confront the contradiction, so they choose to side with the men. It’s all very frustrating.

    Thanks again for the post and the analysis!

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    • They’ll get you with anti-discrimination clauses now that we have men who are legally female. That’s driving a lot of this. Or funding stuff, where you can’t get government funding unless you obey all the rules of trans that have been instated. Churches may be the best way to go. A church can be a kind of holding company and have all sorts of other organizations under its auspices.

      Or conservative backlash may throw the whole ideology in the trash.

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  6. There is no longer any freedom of belief and freedom of conscience. We are not allowed to believe what we want. If we do, we are discriminated against, pure and simple. “Do not come here if you believe this”, “you’re fired if you think that”. Doctors and pharmacists can refuse service based on their religious beliefs, even if it means putting a woman in danger, but you can be fired or refused service for believing that producing sperm makes you a man…

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  7. It looks like WordPress has suspended GenderTrender unless it’s some kind of error message. Does anybody know what exactly is going on. “gendertrender.wordpress.com is no longer available. This blog has been archived or suspended in accordance with our Terms of Service.”


      • Yes, I think I read about this GT history. But I sense more than a chill, because Transgender Tropes, another WordPress site bears the same suspension message. This may have happened earlier, but I must assume that it’s for the same reason, and may have very well been taken down today. May this be brief and for something less than a threat.

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