Jordan Peterson still getting his analysis wrong

Jordan Peterson is the most well-known Canadian man standing up to the trans cult, but unfortunately he keeps getting his analysis wrong. That’s because he’s a conservative and doesn’t listen to feminists. Lots of feminists have done excellent work laying out all the factors that have caused trans cult dogma to flourish and have also clearly articulated what the left should be doing instead, but Peterson isn’t about to listen to us or take us seriously.

He’s been fundraising to start his own online university where students will be able to learn without being indoctrinated into post-modern ideology, and now he’s creating a website that warns potential students against taking certain classes that are known for their indoctrination.

From the Toronto Star:

“Psychology professor Jordan Peterson’s stated plan to build a website aimed at reducing enrolment in university classes he calls “indoctrination cults” has drawn the ire of his University of Toronto colleagues, who say it will make them the target of harassment.

Peterson, who rose to fame in right-wing circles after his outspoken refusal to use gender-neutral pronouns, says he wants to use artificial intelligence to scour university curriculums for what he “calls post-modern neo-Marxist course content.”

“We’re going to start with a website in the next month and a half that will be designed to help students and parents identify post-modern content in courses so that they can avoid them,” he told CTV’s Your Morning in August.

“I’m hoping that over about a five-year period a concerted effort could be made to knock the enrolment down in postmodern neo-Marxist cult classes by 75 per cent across the West. So our plan initially is to cut off the supply to the people that are running the indoctrination cults.”

Post-modern neo-Marxist cult classes? Oh dear gawd. Conservatives like to call anything they don’t like “Marxist” without having any idea whatsoever of what Marxism actually is. Trans cult ideology is neoliberal, not Marxist, and neoliberalism is the opposite of Marxism, not a new version of it. Neoliberal ideology was created by capitalists in order to fight back against Marxism and other forms of collectivism. Neoliberalism was taken up by the anti-feminist backlash and it has been used to infiltrate and destroy all leftist movements, including labor, feminism, and anti-racism.

Speaking as a person who is both pro-Marxist and anti-neoliberal, it really frustrates me to see him equate these opposite ideologies. It’s also frustrating to see someone speaking publicly about a social issue from a position of authority as a university professor without learning anything about the issue, even though the information is out there and could be easily found.

“In a speech posted to his YouTube page on July 9, Peterson elaborates on what type of courses he aims to target with the website.

“Women’s studies, and all the ethnic studies and racial studies groups, man, those things have to go and the faster they go the better,” he said. “It would have been better if they had never been part of the university to begin with as far as I can tell.”

“Sociology, that’s corrupt. Anthropology, that’s corrupt. English literature, that’s corrupt. Maybe the worse offenders are the faculties of education.”

He has observed correctly that the arts and humanities have been taken over by the trans cult. Queer theory has taken over the arts and humanities because those subjects are populated with liberal-leaning, open-minded middle-to-upper class people who exist in the land of theory rather than reality and are concerned about social justice but without being actual members of the oppressed classes they claim to care about. Although queer theory was born in the academy, lots of these courses in sociology and literature aren’t inherently flawed but have been wrongly taken over by queer theory. The solution is to accurately identify the causes of the proliferation of queer theory and to rescue the arts and humanities from it. What Peterson is doing is trying to steer people away from these subject areas without even understanding the problem or trying to solve it. I don’t find that satisfactory.

People on the right like to consider anything that’s not right-wing to be left-wing, but they’re missing the fact that neoliberal Liberals and true leftists are completely opposed to each other. Liberals who have bought into the trans cult ideology are not coming from a materialist or a class analysis, they’re coming from an individualist pro-capitalist consumer culture. True leftists laugh at the silly claims of the trans cult and lament the way it’s ruined our liberation movements. If university arts and humanities courses were actually “Marxist,” as Peterson imagines, then they’d reject trans cult ideology completely and teach the reality of sex class oppression and economic class oppression, with the aim to instill in students a materialist analysis, not an enjoyment of choosing choices.

I’m seriously glad that I’m done with university and not going back, because everything that I love, from sociology to literature, has been ruined, and I wouldn’t be able to sit in a classroom and listen to stupid bullshit and pretend it made any sense. I’m so glad that when I attended university and studied these subjects the trans cult hadn’t completely taken over yet, and we were still allowed to acknowledge the difference between male and female without being told we’re “LITERALLY KILLING” members of the ruling class who have chosen identities for themselves.

These important and necessary subject areas are suffering from being taken over by nonsensical dogma, and Peterson isn’t helping to combat this. He’s not helping because he doesn’t understand what’s happening or why, and the things he’s saying are polarizing people without adding anything useful to the conversation. I love sociology and literature, and I’d rather rescue them than discard them.

Also, check out this tweet from him about the recent flood of sexual assault allegations publicized in the media.

Talk about totally missing the point.



18 thoughts on “Jordan Peterson still getting his analysis wrong

  1. It’s so frustrating being lumped in with the conservatives. On the surface, we agree; but when you dig a little deeper, you realize we don’t. Still, I feel I can at least express myself to some conservatives without the fear of being called a bigot. Unfortunately, I think both conservatives and neo-liberals are better described as reactionaries. Both sides can be equally dismissive.

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  2. Post-modernism and Neo-Marxism are entirely different with entirely different assumptions and ways of looking at things. Actually, I believe a Neo-Marxist approach is useful, as it is still grounded in material reality, not a variation of abstract idealism suggesting that reality is whatever I think it is. But of course, conservatives have never read much beyond political propaganda so they don’t really know what they’re condemning.

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  3. Well at least now it’s clear that Jordan Peterson is batshit crazy. What the fuck does he think is going to happen? Or is he one of these Watch the World Burn people? Look at the ranty shit he’s saying? He wants to get rid of sociology, anthropology and literature? And he’s calling them “corrupt”. He’s going to make the trans critical position look fucking insane. He is a disaster. None of what he’s doing is going to have any effect except make the profs being criticized feel totally self-righteous and totally confident that they are right. SMH

    All the fields he doesn’t like may have postmodern bullshit in them but that isn’t WHAT they are. Postmodernism of the sort now wasn’t around 10 years ago. So what does he think, they were shite back then too? If somebody actually wanted to reform them and get this passing fad out of them that is absolutely feasible. But he has jumped over that straight into turning these whole disciplines into The Big Enemy. He is a weirdo. And that’s completely separate and apart from being conservative. He’s just dumb. Do you want to fix the problem? You get these disciplines to go back to what they used to be like. JFC.

    We should regard to him as someone who hates postmodernism, not as someone who’s critical of trans. He sounds like a US right winger/conspiracy theorist gassing on about “cultural Marxism”. 🙄 He’s also spectacularly undisciplined for a university professor. So that will make trans critical things look bad too. Ugh. We need to be clear that this is a guy who doesn’t care about getting things factually right. So that we’re ready to say that next time he has some big public explosion. Also he’s making an academic blacklist. 🤦🏻‍♀️ That is so totally against the rules.

    OMG, I forgot! He wants to get rid of all the anti-racist stuff like Black Studies. 😣

    PS my understanding of “Neoliberal” is that it just refers to laissez-faire, antiregulation economic policy. Like Reagan’s and Thatcher’s economic policy.


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    • “my understanding of “Neoliberal” is that it just refers to laissez-faire ..”
      That was my original understanding too, but it seems to have “evolved” to embrace *anything*, like prostitution as a form of “empowerment of women”, global warming as “science”, gender as “personal identity”, etc.
      Neoliberalism apparently means “all truth is relative” 🙂

      The fact that the neoliberal nonsense is bringing together conservatives and liberals is interesting.
      IMO it means that politics has a deleterious influence in human life that must be filtered.

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  4. In light of your previous post, it looks like he’s trying to silence, or at least delegitimize, anything which raises questions about white supremacist patriarchy. Thus the attacks on anthropology and sociology.

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  5. “That’s because he’s a conservative and doesn’t listen to feminists.” Identity politics is very strong in your argument. Try Jacques Derrida, you may find him devastatingly attractive.


  6. “We are going to soon remember why sex was traditionally enshrined in marriage.” Please, that rule applied to women, not men! The role of the mistress was created along with the wife. He seems to think sexual harassment was ‘invented’ in the 1970s, probably by postmodern Marxists.

    Also, as someone with degrees in Psychology and Women’s Studies (his worst nightmare?), this guy is full of himself, just go to his YouTube page for evidence, he was taping his lectures back in the 1990s.

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