How DARE the dykes think a dyke march is for them!

The Dyke Marches were started by lesbians for lesbians. The purpose of a Dyke March is to give lesbians visibility. According to Wikipedia, the organizers of the first Dyke March in Vancouver were the participants in a lesbian conference, the organizers of the first march in Toronto were a group called Lesbians Against the Right, and the first march in Washington was organized by the Lesbian Avengers. Note the use of the word “lesbian” in these groups rather than the vague term “queer women.”

The Lesbian Avengers formed as a group to give lesbian women a voice, since the concerns of women are drowned out within the broader LGBT movement. The Dyke Marches were one of their important projects.

A lesbian is a female homosexual. In order to be a female homosexual, you have to be both female and homosexual. If you are not female, or not homosexual, then you are not a female homosexual. (Have I explained this clearly enough so even the dummies can get it??)

The concerns of women are still being drowned out within LGBT, only now it’s even worse. Lesbians are no longer allowed to even state what a woman is or what a lesbian is without being called a bigot, and when we can’t even name ourselves as people we certainly can’t organize amongst ourselves or have a voice.

The silencing, slandering and exclusion of lesbians from spaces that are supposed to be for us is misogyny and homophobia. Or as some people say, lesbophobia.

When I published a guest post regarding the bullying of a lesbian woman who attended a Dyke March I got one troll who said the following:

“You folks are saying that as people with uteruses, you were harassed in your own space, but it was factually NOT your space. The March was a space EXPLICITLY for self identified women, including transwomen. Openly and clearly so. So you went into someone else’s space. Whether or not you were harassed and whether or not you thing transgender women are men or women is a different issues. The issue here is that you’re claiming a trans-inclusive space as your own. It isn’t. You can’t take it. You can’t lay claim to it. You can’t insist trans people work hard for their own spaces like uterus-owning women do…cuz this WAS a trans space.”

Angie the troll thinks that a march created by lesbians for lesbians does not belong to lesbians and that we have no right to lay claim to it. She thinks that lesbians are not allowed to insist that trans people create their own space. Lesbian spaces automatically belong to anyone who wants to identify themselves as belonging there, even if they’re lesbophobic men. This is spectacularly lesbophobic. Lesbians are allowed our own march, particularly the one that we created for ourselves, and we do not owe anyone else anything.

Let me state something very clearly about men who identify as lesbians. A lesbian is a female homosexual, and no one born male can be a lesbian, since he is not female. When males use this name that belongs to women and does not belong to them they are appropriating our identity and erasing what a lesbian actually is. When men imply that lesbians should consider them as sexual partners that is sexual harassment, and it’s male violence against women. Men who identify as lesbians are lesbophobic.

The reason for Angie’s assertion that the Dyke March does not belong to dykes is that the organizers said it was a trans inclusive space in which transwomen are welcome. Angie does not recognize that a Dyke March should not be including lesbophobic men in the first place, and that this is a lesbophobic move on the part of the organizers. This should have never happened in the first place, because neither men nor lesbophobia belong at a march that is for dykes. Angie does not understand the amount of bullying that goes into making sure organizers of events put transwomen at the center of everything, nor does she recognize the narcissism and entitlement on the part of transwoman for needing to be centered in everything.

Angie has zero compassion for the lesbians who are forced to either boycott a march that was supposed to be for us but no longer is, or attend anyway and do our best to give ourselves visibility despite the lesbophobia present around us. She has zero understanding of how brave lesbians have to be to stand and assert ourselves in a lesbophobic environment. Angie has zero knowledge of the number of dissenting comments written by lesbians on various Dyke March Facebook pages over several years that have been deleted because lesbians are no longer allowed to voice our opinions on a march that lesbians created for lesbians. She has zero empathy for her sisters who are being hurt by this. Instead, she empathizes with the lesbophobic men who are forcing themselves into a space that lesbians created.

Angie continued:

“You can wish it were a space that is only for uterus-owning people…but you can’t say it was. You can’t say it’s yours because you wish it was. Just like if you organize an event specifically for folks with uteruses, people without then [sic] can’t just randomly lay claim to that event just because they wish it was for them.”

Oh, the irony! The irony burns like undiluted bleach on my eyeballs! Angie, for gawd sake, lesbians did organize a march for people with uteruses (who are attracted to people with uteruses*), and people did decide to “just randomly lay claim to that event just because they wish it was for them.” That is exactly what’s happening right before your eyes! Men who wish they were lesbians are claiming our event because they wish it was for them! How are you not seeing this?

(*Since I know some dummy will inevitably bring this up—Yes, women who have had their uteruses removed are still women. If you are a woman who’s had a hysterectomy, that doesn’t exclude you from womanhood. The fact that you had a uterus to remove makes you a woman.)

Angie’s solution to this conflict is not to tell the trans people to go march in the trans march that was created for them in order to include them in Pride—a solution which would be fair to everyone. No, her solution is to take the word “Dyke” out of the Dyke March in order to make it official that dykes are not welcome at Pride at all and that the trans deserve two marches while we deserve none.

“If the Dyke March changed the name of its event next year, would that help with this issue? If it was called the Queer Diversity March or something? Is it the fact that it has Dyke in the name that pisses you his off and makes you feel like it’s yours?”

Angie, you have some fucking nerve coming onto a lesbian feminist blog and suggesting that we should change the name of the Dyke March that was created by lesbians for lesbians to make it official that dykes don’t belong there. That is some incredible audacity and rudeness.

Then Angie makes a comparison to a white person attending a Black Lives Matter event that implies that women are on top of men in the sex hierarchy.

“I don’t attend Black Lives Matters events if I want to talk about my whiteness.…If I need a place where my white voice is welcome, I find one. I don’t go to an event that’s intended for people of colour, demand my right to take up space there, then become outraged when I’m not welcome.”

In the hierarchy of oppression based on race, white people are in the privileged position and black people are in the oppressed position. In the hierarchy of oppression based on sex, males are in the privileged position and females are in the oppressed position. Males attending an event that is meant for females and redefining it to suit their purpose is comparable to a white person attending a BLM event and taking over. In this situation, Angie, it’s the lesbophobic men who are acting like the white person in your analogy, and it’s the lesbians who are comparable to the black people. You should be out lecturing men not to take over women’s spaces, not lecturing women to accept men taking over.

Because Angie is totally confused about how systems of oppression work, she continues to compare females who exist under patriarchy to the oppressors in several systems of oppression:

“In 50 years, this’ll just be another civil rights movement, or LGBT rights movement…you guys will just be the extra paragraph…where the white people tried to keep black people down, and the right wing Christians tried to keep the gays down, and the men tried to keep the women down…”

In this quote, Angie implies that women who are having our spaces taken over by men are comparable to the men who are trying to keep women down. This level of stupid really hurts my brain. I have already discussed the racial oppression issue, and the other issue brought up is LGBT rights. Angie believes that “TERFs” are a group of people against the rights of a group called “LGBT”. She ignores the fact that a large number of the women who are slandered as TERFs actually are lesbians and we are slandered with this slur because we are pointing out lesbophobia and people don’t like that. Theoretically, the L in LGBT is supposed to stand for Lesbian, and so lesbians are certainly standing up for the L when we stand up for ourselves. To tell lesbians that we are against a group of people that includes us is ridiculous and nonsensical. To imply that lesbians who stand up for ourselves are just like the right wing Christians who are against us is mind-bogglingly stupid.

Angie, you are like a right-wing Christian, in the sense that you do not support lesbian rights and agree with the people who bully us. At this point, I think I prefer right-wing Christians over the Liberal homophobic types, because at least right wing Christians are honest about their homophobia, while Liberals pretend to appear to be gay-friendly while they’re stabbing us in the back.

Angie wrote one more comment that I’m going to address in another post, regarding “how do you guys intend on addressing the upcoming generation of transgender folks, who’ve transitioned much earlier than the current generation?” This will be an entire post of its own.

Angie I will allow you to respond to this post and the next one that address your comments, but after that you’ll be banned.

16 thoughts on “How DARE the dykes think a dyke march is for them!

  1. Well, that was refreshing!

    The idea that “lesbian” is an identity supports homophobia, as identities are more mutable than material reality. If the idea that non-lesbians can identify as lesbians, gets enough traction, this can be used by the religious right as an argument for gay reparative “therapy.” I would think the left would care about that, but the left has such a strong history of misogyny that I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by this current manifestation of anti-woman callousness.

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  2. I’d be tempted to say to an appropriating MTT, ‘you might not have a vagina, but you have an arsehole and you talk out of it when you claim to be lesbians’.

    Women that defend this stuff are beyond depressing. I’m sorry that so many of the ones who do share my sexual orientation. I’m getting so sick of ‘queer’.

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  3. Yes! The irony! The GALL of women to proclaim their own space! If you strip away all the gender identity BS, that’s essentially what it says– “women can THINK it’s their space, but women don’t count as people. Men are the default humans and everything belongs to us!”
    Misogynist horse shit is what it is.

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  4. Great post! You give voice to my thoughts and feelings on this exactly! But, Angie is female? For some reason I read her as MTT. Anyway, two things re true about dyke marches: by definition they should not include males and, if they do, they have no business calling themselves dyke marches.

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  5. Regret to say a family member is part of the “queer woman” bs, formerly identified as a lesbian but dated transwomen almost exclusively. Before i thought about it much I accepted that, now very creeped out by one of the exes in retrospect. I cut her out of my life for being unbearably self centered. She’s a part of the polyamorous scene too. Her main dude is cis, she says hes “like a dyke”, oh how cringey. Narcissists flock together, part of the delusion of superiority is thinking you should only associate with others who are just as “special” as you are. I hope its okay to vent a little in this thread about how these folks are totally unbearable to just about everyone. If it’s any consolation this level of self involvement means destroying every good relationship over and over rather than grow and mature. I can smell the narcissism on comments like this one , the poster has zero interest in exchange of ideas (AKA communication).

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  6. This post is spot-on, and how straight feminists are completely unaware that they are choosing men over women when they show such hostility towards lesbian spaces is beyond me.

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  7. “In this quote, Angie implies that women who are having our spaces taken over by men are comparable to the men who are trying to keep women down. This level of stupid really hurts my brain.”

    LOL and so true.The sheer stupidity is jaw dropping, but then again you had Obama’s attorney general, Loretta Lynch, a BLACK woman, saying the same stupid shit.

    We are upside down in a snow globe of queer confetti feces.

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  8. A resounding Yes ! Yes , and my bloody word ! I concur on all that you clearly and concisely wrote, also the brainwashing is of their ( transgenderism) ideologies is insipid to say the least and i often use the term transborgs , and their allies/handmidens is an apt description they are often hateful threatening and menacing women online , and to hear that one nasty insecure male to trans , very possible a danger did it so blatently in public,is abhorrent , and for the Vancouver Dyke march to literally condone this behaviour on their FB page, whilst deleting all the other dykes who were asking and questioning trans being their to be bullied and harrassed by them and their handmaidens; all dykes who opposed that their presence was there , and that they were not dykes nor women,comments deleted , except those of males who harrassed Kate and group she was with..
    Thanks for your well thought out reply to these insidious types , of which the end of them seems to be tediously a long and arduous, time to see them implode on their own prevaricator straits ..

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  9. I’ll be honest. I didn’t read EVERY word. I could tell Angie was an idiot from the get go. I am not a lesbian. I have known a few. I don’t get into their ‘why’. You are who you are. Women. I don’t judge. I don’t like parents who judge young women. Wishing you a wonderful day! Watch out for the morons.


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