Primary school goes gender neutral for TV experiment

Now here’s a story!

From the Daily Mail:

“In a unique TV experiment, a class of seven-year-olds was taught to forget all the differences between the sexes. The BBC’s idea was to create a gender-neutral classroom of seven-year-olds for a TV documentary. What would happen, wondered producers, if all differences between boys and girls were removed over a six-week period? Could it change the way the children thought and close the gaps in their achievement levels?”

This experiment got some things right, but it also got some things wrong. The positive aspect is that stereotypes about men and women were challenged, and the children were taught that they can do much more than they realized.

“In a series of psychometric tests, Dr Abdelmoneim and his team discover that the girls have much lower self-esteem than the boys and are inclined to underestimate their abilities.”

“To challenge the pupils’ preconceptions about the jobs on offer to them, the TV crew brings in a male ballet dancer, a female mechanic, a male make-up artist and a female magician.

“The children seem shocked by the role-reversal, but soon the girls are poring over a car engine and the boys are practising pirouettes.”

It’s a good thing to teach kids that men don’t have to be strong and unfeeling all the time, and that women are more than just wives and mothers. The kids in this class learned that they can do anything they want regardless of their sex, which is a good thing.

However, due to an increasing confusion over the difference between gender and sex, and the unfortunate denial that biological sex even exists, which is caused by the trans cult, the school felt that making all the students use the same washroom was a part of creating a gender neutral environment.

Gender refers to the social expectations and stereotypes we place on men and women, but sex refers to the real biological differences that allow us to reproduce. It’s a good thing to abolish gender, since people need to be free from negative stereotypes and limiting expectations. However, it is both impossible and unnecessary to abolish sex differences. Even if we teach girls and boys that they can grow up to have any personality and occupation they want, the fact that boys have penises and girls have vaginas remains true, and we should not be trying to convince anyone otherwise.

The students did not enjoy using the same washroom, particularly the girls.

‘You’ve got to start going to the same toilet,’ he announces to the class. The response is unanimous and resounding. ‘No!’ cry the children but – undeterred – the programme-makers push on with the experiment.

Dr Abdelmoneim admitted last week: ‘The children didn’t like the toilet.’ He said the girls were particularly uncomfortable with the arrangement. ‘The girls were like, “Oh they [the boys] come out with their bits dangling out and they don’t wash their hands.” ’

Mr Andre admitted parents were equally unhappy, adding: ‘The head put the toilets back to normal when the film cameras left.’

This is really unfortunate. Making boys and girls use the same washroom does not challenge stereotypes about who girls and boys can be, it just makes them uncomfortable. We separate the sexes in washrooms for the safety and privacy of both sexes. Although boys this young won’t usually commit any serious sexual offences, they seem to have been showing off their parts to annoy the girls. This behavior is not something girls should be subjected to.

I read the comments under this article and it was full of right-wing commenters complaining that “the Left” and “Marxism” are causing the collapse of society and that without femininity and masculinity people will not know how to breed. They were also being racist against Muslims for some reason.

I am so embarrassed that this idiocy is associated with the left. I am a far-left Marxist and I do not agree with the denial of biological sex differences and the desegregation of private spaces. Denying reality is not progressive, it’s just plain stupid. Nobody is harmed by the accurate understanding of biology and the granting of safety and privacy to people using washrooms and locker rooms.

Plenty of women on the left know what is going wrong here. We know where the analysis and the policies of the trans/queer cult have gone wrong. We’ve written excellent essays on it and we’ve spoken at many events about it. However, we are not being listened to. We are slandered as “TERFs” whose views are outdated and bigoted and our voices are shut down.

The Left is shooting itself in the foot by not listening to the smart women among its ranks who can see the problems its creating. The right-wing backlash is coming, and it’s too bad nobody wants to prevent it by listening to reason and creating reasonable policies in the first place.

9 thoughts on “Primary school goes gender neutral for TV experiment

  1. It’s extremely telling that the boys were essentially flashing the girls.

    That’s an incredibly hostile act, especially when grown males do it. So now, we know that males pick this aggressive behavior up very early.

    Good to know, I guess. And yet another reason that I support abortion of male fetuses.

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  2. That’s an interesting experiment… I wonder what would happen if they did it in a developing country, where everyone just pees outside, so there wasn’t an expectation re separate bathrooms?


    • When people pee outside in developing countries, men often rape women who seek a bit of privacy behind some bushes outside, especially at night. I wonder how the gender neutral school would handle that … forbid the girls from going behind the bushes in groups for safety, probably. (Don’t know whether they do that, but I suppose at least during daytime, they would) Because men are allowed to be violent against women, but women are not allowed to react to the male violence. We are to pretend it doesn’t exist.

      I suppose less would happen with seven year olds, because the boys would already be doing all the sexual harrassment they have been socialized to do and want to do prior to the experiment. (Perhaps not as much as in developed countries, because no TV and the boys would have to discover the joy of sexual harrassment on their own?)

      But with older children, you would soon see how stupid and pointless it is to do that in a developing country, as you would have girls staying home from school because they cannot afford pads and tampons.

      Would they force girls to attend school while bleeding all over the chairs? Possibly. But they sure as hell won’t force boys to ignore it, sit on the bloody chairs and pretend the menstrual blood isn’t there, like they tell girls to ignore the presence of penises in the girls’ toilets. Because deep in their hearts, genderists don’t believe their own bullshit, they’re just misogynists.

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      • I recently read an article about a girl in India going outside of her home to use the bathroom.

        She was gang raped.

        There’s a push in India to provide sex segregated bathrooms because, like you are saying, women and girls are so often raped while trying to go to the bathroom in public.

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        • Meanwhile, dumbass liberals in the Western world are all like, “sex segregated bathrooms are like racism and are not needed, and anyone who voices safety concerns is a bigot.” Goes to show a disconnect from reality.

          Don’t get me wrong, I really hate conservatives and as a real scientist, Trump de-funding us pisses me off. But, sometimes I feel like at least the conservatives are upfront about their general stupidity, misogyny, and homophobia while liberals pretend to be allies to women and lesbians and gays, but then attack us in sneaky ways. Oh, and then call us bigots and accuse us of “hate speech” for not going along with the hive mind.

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  3. It’s possible that some of them just weren’t used to the new rules, and weren’t knowingly harassing anyone. Because of the urinals, boys’ bathroom etiquette involves a lot of not looking, rather than not showing. Men’s is somewhat stricter. If you aren’t strobe-sensitive and don’t get migraines, there’s a video explaining some of the rules…

    It’s also possible that some of them felt they had to prove their boyhood.

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  4. What I find really shocking is that the boys were so happy to molest the girls.

    I would have imagined (and I do not exactly have a rose-tinted view of what males are like) would be that the sexes would segregate of their own volition, or, if there was only one toilet for both, that the boys would be more careful about putting their dangly bits back into the trousers before leaving the cabin.

    Thinking back to primary school, there were some boys who were sexually harrassing girls at that age, but I would never have imagined it would be basically all the boys, or enough boys to give that impression – notably the girls didn’t say “Oh, this boy X always has his bits dangling out”, but said all the boys did this.

    That experiment should be taken as proof of just how hateful and misogynist it is to subject adult women to male violence in their formerly female spaces. When 7 year old boys are already committing that much male violence against 7 year old girls, only a true misogynist can think it a good idea to implement such conditions, permanently, for everyone.

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  5. Just beyond. that a school would suddenly force this on 7 year olds. and i imagine this would have killed the experiment on gendered behavior because the kids will associate it with bathroom madness.


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