Feeling creeped out by the forced-birth crowd

Earlier this year I deliberately sought out some anti-gay articles to find out what homophobes are saying these days, and I discovered they are obsessed with breeding. I was surprised to find out that anybody still thinks humans should grow our population when we are facing a climate crisis, dwindling resources and overpopulation.

Recently a friend shared an article from the conservative blog The Federalist that said our population problem is actually too few kids rather than too many. I ended up clicking on a tag “fertility rates” to see what else there was and I found there were lots of articles under this topic. The Federalist regularly publishes articles saying we should be having more kids. (And by “we” they mean white Christians in rich countries.)

One of these writers claims that “Humanity is threatened by too few people in the near future.” Evidently conservatives think that 7.5 billion people on the planet is a threateningly low number. Reading through a few articles on their site, it’s clear to me that they don’t believe in global warming, don’t believe there is a serious environmental toll on the planet from overuse of resources, don’t believe that any more than 10% of people live in poverty, are against abortion, and think that science is a left-wing conspiracy.

Ironically, they make fun of scientists because they perceive them to be biased, while they ignore factual information and believe in nonsense. God, I hate the right wing.

In reality, humans are living on a finite planet and have an economic system that is based on endless “growth” through massive consumption of resources and production of waste. We are causing large numbers of species to go extinct and entire ecosystems to be destroyed. If we continue on our present course we will destroy ourselves too, because we are living animals and a part of the environment we are destroying.

The Federalist has two very similar articles that hate on Bill Nye the Science Guy because he talks about the problem of overpopulation and suggests that we limit the number of children we have. This is really good advice because having fewer children means that there might actually be a living planet left for those humans who are still around.

The right-wing writers on the Federalist think that even suggesting that too many humans on the planet can cause problems is rooted in an evil hatred toward humans and is comparable to eugenics. They bring up abortion frequently in these articles, and they seem to be imagining that the left wing is anti-human and wants us all dead. Actually the left-wing wants to protect the environment so that we can protect life.

It’s incredibly creepy when men who don’t believe in women’s rights insist that we should be having more kids. They will be using women’s bodies to create those kids. There are still many women and girls around the world who do not have the option to say no to sex and who are impregnated against their will, which is exactly what caused overpopulation in the first place. American right-wing men want this here too. They want to reverse the gains that the women’s liberation movement have made and they want women to have no say in reproductive decisions and men to have free reign to use women’s bodies for their sexual pleasure and to make babies for them as they see fit.

As a radical feminist, I think that women should be entirely in control over our reproductive decisions and we should not be forced to create an army of soldiers for men to use in their battles with other men over resources. We should choose to have the number of kids we can reasonably take care of with the resources we have. When women are given the option to decline having kids, and when we have birth control to use, we make responsible decisions. Women who are given options have fewer children than women who are subject to male control.

Right wing men believe that they have the right to overuse the planet’s resources to the point of depletion and they believe that human females are some of the natural resources for them to use. They do not believe in our humanity and they don’t believe that non-human animals matter either. It is the right wing who is anti-life.

11 thoughts on “Feeling creeped out by the forced-birth crowd

  1. I ran into some nutcase on FB last night, carrying on about how black people have too many children so white people should have more. This was too big a subject to address with analysis under the circumstances so I just trolled the hell out of the person from my meme stash. I was in a terrible mood so this was actually a good thing.

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    • There was a whole article on the Federalist comparing the birth rates of different religions, and predicting that Muslim births would outpace Christian births. These men are literally using women’s bodies to create soldiers for their frickin religious armies. They’re so disrespectful to life on earth!

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      • I find it especially ironic (though it is of course to be expected) that apparently none of those forced birthers ever attempts to see things from women’s point of view.

        If they did, they’d realize that they could easily “undermine” those dreaded Muslims by giving Muslim women access to contraception.

        But somehow, that never occurs to them.

        They (white Christians) will never be able to “outbreed” people in third world countries. Women in those countries cannot escape. Women in the US can escape, although it is hard to get out of such a religious parallel society. Women in Western Europe (where this bonkers ideology is something of a niche thing) who aren’t forced to give birth, won’t make more than a token effort – even the AfD politician who proposed forcing all (native German) women to have babies for Germany stopped after child number 4.

        The only thing they’ll succeed in (and which makes me worry) is outnumbering more sensible people who want to save the world.
        And with their children growing up in those closed societies, education doesn’t necessarily reach there.
        I think that’s their real plan – outnumber sensible people and then, by “democratic” voting, force all women to give birth to dozens of babies.


  2. Ugh, it’s like all those 70’s debates I grew up reading in the 80’s all over again.

    There is exactly ONE way to stabilize population and move a nation toward economic growth, and that’s improve literacy among girls, provide women with at least some legal rights to avoid or end marriage, and allow women access to capital.

    Every nation where this has happened has turned from a high-birthrate hellhole for women into a population stable participant in the global economy.

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      • I think they want to be cave men. Being the biggest, meanest cave man who gets to oppress the other cave men and the cave women is preferable, to them, to living in a modern world with antibiotics and indoor plumbing, where they are only another person and don’t get to oppress anyone.

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        • Early male Homo sapiens weren’t necessarily cave men in that sense. La Chapelle-aux-Saints 1 and Shanidar 1 survived disabling disease and injuries, because the people around them helped them.


  3. I am sick to death of males inserting themselves into things that have nothing to do with them and then taking control by any means necessary.

    We need to find a way of just taking them out of the loop completely. I recently read about Jane, the group of women in the late 60s/early 70s that had an underground abortion service. They were just a group of women that helped women in need to get abortions.

    At the time, all doctors were male. But the women eventually learned how to do abortions themselves. One of the major points of the book was that abortion is a pretty simple procedure, but males falsely claimed how deadly and complicated it was.

    Males aren’t going to stop. Ignoring them and going on about our business with each other as support is really the only way.

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  4. I have found the religious right to be deeply disturbing on the issue of abortion and women’s rights. I have tried (emphasis on tried) to engage in conversation with both conservative Christians and Muslims on the subject and been accused of supporting murder, and even of being a Nazi (whenever I mention that I support same-sex marriage, I get asked if I support bestiality).

    The religious right will drag us all backward.

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  5. Wanted to make a quick note on the sentence about the Federalist’s white Christians in rich countries procreating.

    Russia is a country with some fairly abysmal birth rates, which is made all the worse given their relatively recent mass losses insofar as history goes (Siege of Leningrad, Bolshevik murders of the intelligentsia, etc.). Altogether they outweigh the death toll of the Holocaust. Russians are undoubtedly white, yet probably the only country in the world that it is still considered socially acceptable to stigmatize from the individual to the political policy-making level. They were also Christians prior to Bolshevism, but Orthodox (separation of church and state) rather than Catholic, and the Orthodox as a general rule have never been associated with such incredible wealth disparities or capitalism.

    Just wanted to point out that even within this generalization that is correct in most cases, you’ll find some very significant exceptions – and unfortunately the most neglected.


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