Socialized Trans-the video


I recorded a video of myself reading one of my older essays about pressure to transition. You can read the essay Socialized “Trans” here. I mistakenly said in the video that I wrote it three years ago. Actually it was four years ago. Can’t believe I’ve had this blog for so long!

I decided to make this video because there needs to be more discussion about social dynamics that encourage transition and I thought I could reach more people this way. It also helps to have a face to go along with the experiences being talked about. I want people to know that pressure to transition is a real problem that happens to real people. It’s easier to dismiss it as a myth when it’s an abstract possibility instead of a story someone’s telling about their life.

I hope more trans people can learn to listen to stories like…

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One thought on “Socialized Trans-the video

  1. I think the mistake we make is to look at the Trans issue in isolation and assume it to be inate, like being gay/ Nothing happens in a vacuum and as you eloquently describe the pressure is huge. It is acknowledged to be a factor in all other mental health issues young people suffer from. How to self harm, be anorexic, bulimic, promiscuous are fed online, to girls, as often as how to apply lip stick. You are doing a great job bringing attention to that. It is a factor not yet highlighted in mainstream media or among professionals. Until it is acknowledged as more of a harm than a life choice it is unlikely to be.

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