Friday lesbian comedy

Here’s another comedy video that probably only Canadians can access! (I don’t actually know what country settings videos are set on, I only find out when you tell me in the comments that you can’t see it!

This is comedian DeAnne Smith at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival joking about how straight men are so shitty in relationships that it’s really, really easy for a lesbian to impress a woman who’s been dating men. And how straight men are so shitty that straight women are likely to become gay. She says:

“It’s a dire situation out there. Straight women are considering going gay. That’s happening. That’s happening! Straight women are literally just one unsolicited dick pic away from just changing their settings to women.”

Now, I have to admit I’m an overly serious person with no sense of humor, but gosh, this bothers me. I know, she’s just joking around, it’s comedy, the point here isn’t to make a serious political statement, it’s just to make drunk people laugh. But no, straight women don’t turn gay when men are rude to them, you cannot change your sexual orientation, and hearing this stuff is just annoying. And why is a lesbian spending her whole comedy routine talking about heterosexuality? Yuck!

I went through a period of about a year believing in political lesbianism, and I’m starting to realize why that was easy to believe in for a while. These ideas are pervasive, from feminist theory to comedy. But I think we have to stop making these jokes.

In reality, straight women are one unsolicited dick pic away from kicking rude men in the balls and refusing to put up with any more bullshit. But they’re not becoming lesbians—they can’t.


8 thoughts on “Friday lesbian comedy

  1. I can see this video! 🙂 She’s definitely playing to a straight audience and using oversimplifications. I agree with you that we need to stop perpetuating the myth that people can change their orientation. I think a lot of people believe that bisexuality is an even split between attraction to males and females. But a woman can date exclusively men and still be attracted to both (this sort of sounds like what she’s describing). If a woman “decides” to give up men to date women, it’s because she’s either bisexual or lesbian.


  2. the thing I MOST loved about her piece here was that she said (in reference to herself, and other women) the word “LESBIAN”. Several times. She never once said “Queer”. I thought her comedy was pretty radical for a mainstream audience. Many times she addressed sexual harassment (including in the quote you referenced here) in a way that the women in the audience (judging by the laughter) related to. Also, I really appreciated that she said, “I’m talking to you men who are a bit defensive” — Clearly, judging by the comments under the original video, she hit a few nerves. So, you know, good stuff. I do think that women, to some extent, choose to become lesbians, and sometimes it’s because it is so difficult to relate to men. It’s not why I decided to be a dyke, but it’s not unheard of. Anyway. I loved this piece, and found it really refreshing to see a young lesbian being a lesbian — a woman who loves women.


    • A woman might choose to be with another woman because she is sick of men (or whatever other reasons she may have), but that wouldn’t make her a lesbian. Being a lesbian isn’t a choice anyone can make. It may sound like I am quibbling over language, but it is an important distinction, because even saying the words “choose to become lesbians” implies that it is a choice, when it is not.

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