Saturday comedy!

The Baroness Von Sketch show is back for another season! This is a comedy show with an all-female primary cast and mostly female writers that focuses on women’s lives. I’ve posted clips of their show before and I’ll keep posting them, because sometimes we can have some fun on this blog.

Here is a skit called “Not All Men” where they imagine a post-apocalyptic all-female world where the men have all been killed off and they worship a Goddess called Vulvus Superiosa. A perfect name for a Goddess!

I think we are supposed to learn that heterosexual women are going to ruin the feminist uprising? (LOL —but seriously though, we aren’t really trying to kill all men.)

Can everybody just take a moment to appreciate how much fun it was to build that dildo machine? I need to get a job on set design on this show.

So here’s a skit where a “lesbian” couple tries to spice things up with some role play, but it just isn’t working. I’m trying to decide whether I appreciate the show trying to represent lesbians or whether I’m annoyed that they portray as as sexless. I guess both.

Please know that in real life a lesbian couple doing a role play would finish with sex! We actually do want each other and if we are still in love our sex lives aren’t dead!

This is my favorite skit so far this season. This is what happens when you never look up from your screens all day!


15 thoughts on “Saturday comedy!

  1. At about the five second mark, even before the actors went there, I was shouting at my screen, ‘LESBIAN BED-DEATH IS NOT A THING’ … but they didn’t listen. And then, I gotta be honest, I skinned the rest, hoping they’d do something different, end up somewhere different, but they didn’t.

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