Professor Jordan Peterson earning nearly $50,000 per month through crowdfunding

This is important, friends.

From the Toronto Star:

“A controversial University of Toronto psychology professor is making nearly $50,000 per month through crowdfunding, from a base of supporters that was ignited in large part by the professor’s anti-political correctness views.

Prof. Jordan Peterson, who made headlines last fall when he publicly refused to use gender neutral pronouns, has been using the fundraising platform Patreon since last March to subsidize costs associated with filming and uploading videos of his lectures to YouTube.

He is now harnessing his online clout with eyes on a new goal — to offer an online university degree in the humanities for which students pay only for examinations.”

Check out some of these numbers published in the Toronto Star.

“For about his first seven months on Patreon, Peterson earned about $1,000 per month. That changed last October, when he saw a dramatic increase in support, which has not slowed. The professor surpassed a fundraising goal of $45,000 on June 10, and is now aiming for $100,000 per month. On Monday, Peterson was making $49,460 every month from 4,432 patrons.

He is currently the 32nd highest-earning Patreon creator, of more than 75,000 people who are using the site to fundraise.”

A quick calculation tells me that he’s in the top five percent of fundraisers using Patreon. This is big news. This is evidence that there is a giant right-wing backlash coming, and it ain’t gonna be pretty.

If you haven’t been following Jordan Peterson closely, you may wonder if my views are even any different from his. They certainly are. Although I agree with Peterson on a couple of points–like that people shouldn’t be legally forced into using nonsensical pronouns for special snowflakes, and that the humanities have been taken over by a cult, our similarities end there because he is a right wing man and thus directly opposed to both feminism and socialism, which are my most important values.

Right wing men are against transgenderism because they think men should dress “like men” and women should dress “like women.” In other words, people should stick to the traditional gender roles that developed from women’s subordinate position in patriarchy. The underlying beliefs behind the idea that we need to stick to traditional gender roles is that everyone should be heterosexual and that the man is the head of the family and the head of society.

Left wing women are opposed to transgenderism primarily because it harms women, children, and gays and lesbians. We also oppose it because it is a neoliberal ideology that harms the left wing by being anti-materialist and taking us away from class consciousness, and also just because it makes no goddamn sense. However, left wing women support gender nonconformity and gay and lesbian rights, which makes our opposition very very different from right wing opposition. While the right believes that men in dresses should wipe off the makeup and put on a suit, gender critical feminists support anyone’s right to wear whatever they want and thus don’t mind a man in a dress. We do not believe that dresses change a man’s biology into female biology, because they don’t, but we are okay with him wearing one.

The opposition building up from the right is not just opposition to pronouns, it’s a deeply-held hatred for all things left, including support for minorities. In this same article from the Star, Peterson is also quoted as saying he doesn’t support employment equity.

“Peterson maintains, for instance, that the call for equity — levelling the playing field by prioritizing historically disadvantaged communities — is “so dangerous that it borders on treasonous,” and that the idea of socially determined gender is “just flat out wrong.”

This quote, which calls levelling the playing field for disadvantaged people “dangerous” and “treasonous” is just plain sickening. This is a man who wants white men to continue to be in charge.

Speaking of white men in charge, there has been an increase in white supremacist activity and hate crimes against various minorities in Canada since the rise of Trump. The right wing backlash is growing everywhere. Just this week there was a group of young white supremacist men in the news for disrupting a Mi’kmaq ceremony in Halifax for the purpose of reminding Indigenous people that white men believe they should have the right to rule over others. There have also been parents disrupting school board meetings and tearing pages out of the Qur’an to protest against the schools allowing Muslim students to pray at school.

I believe that it’s good to make material changes for historically disadvantaged groups. Usually changes that lift minorities up will cause those with systemic advantages to lose some of their privilege. Of course, those who have always enjoyed their privileges have a hard time giving them up, and they tend to lash out. The right wing was already not tolerant of the gains the left has made, and was already working on reversing them, and now that the left has gone completely crazy and has started dictating what pronouns people can and can’t use in the academy when addressing entitled and narcissistic university students, the right is way more angry than they were before. When they fight back, they’re going to hit hard. They’re not going to just fight back against transgenderism but against protections for all sorts of minority groups.

This is really ugly, and it’s in the Left’s best interest to take its head out of its ass and take a good hard look at what it’s been doing. By caving in to the demands of an increasingly unreasonable cult, we are destroying the left and galvanizing the right. The people who lose this fight will be women, racial minorities, the working class, gender nonconforming people, and gays and lesbians.


18 thoughts on “Professor Jordan Peterson earning nearly $50,000 per month through crowdfunding

  1. Weird but true, I was in an op shop today (for those of you elsewhere, that means a charity shop attached to (mainly) a church where you buy second hand clothes donated by well meaning people. I needed a new outfit for a job interview next week.

    There was a dude in his 70s at least, ranting and railing about how white males are the new black and how everyone should just bow down and get with the times (i8e support white males). The counter staff were hugely embarrassed but he drove off pretty much everyone as he got violent as well. Because environmentalists were trying to fuck over the average white male in a conspiracy (according to him).

    The same dude took 3 phone calls where he was obviously selling laptops to computer illiterate people (he was quoting them $7,000 for a laptop that would last 30 years. Yes, 30 years). we are talking scam artist, in a charity shop, and when the staff threatened to call the cops (cos he was being physically mean), he gave us all a rant about how Trump understands him and knows what is what.

    I live in Australia. We have a lot of problems with the extreme right/white here too. but fuck me. He is totally in the demographic who would quote this professor as an authority. And would probably chuck in $50 to save the endangered white male.

    On a bright note, the cops didn’t buy it when they showed up 🙂

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  2. Great post. I worry about the backlash LGB will in all likelihood face because we are always tagged along with the T. I’m aware that there are already some grumbling going on, and the rise in hate crimes, including a 147% rise in homophobic crimes in the UK following Brexit, enabled by bigoted campaigns and candidates doesn’t bode well. Making alliances with right-wing people/groups isn’t going to stop this.

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  3. Hell yes. Great post, good catch. This is exactly the situation, and meanwhile we spend half our time fending off idiots on the Internets whimpering about feels. Haven’t these dopes noticed what’s happening? Do they really think they have the kind of political clout that they can shove any kind of craziness they want down people’s throats?

    There is a toxic new nationalism arising, and these pseudo-Klan members in faux bloodstained t-shirts with brutal slogans will, I’m sure, be hapoy to adapt to it.

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  4. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to acknowledge it when the right has something right. We don’t have to fight for the sake of fighting. What is important, though, is to keep fighting to distinguish between the violent crazies and regular old GLB people – including people who’ve had medical modifications – who are just getting on with their lives. There is a lot of confusion on the right about this. At the same time we have to work to dissolve any notion that “transgender” is some kind of material reality. Call the different phenomena under this umbrella what they are, because as long as all these behaviors are lumped together, the right has a legitimate claim in writing everybody off as a bunch of perverts. As Mary Smith used to repeat over and over; clean house.

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  5. I’d really like more context for the last quote. I feel the Star might be pushing their own agenda.

    I don’t agree with a lot of Peterson’s beliefs about politics, particularly economics, but it isn’t true that he thinks men should be forced to be masculine and women should be forced to be feminine, just that there are statistically significant average differences between males and females and that these differences are primarily biological. He does think that gender nonconforming people exist and that they experience social difficulties for being gender nonconforming.


  6. I have spent a lot of time listening to Dr Peterson s lectures and videos in response to the bill C16 discussion. I do not agree with everything he says, but he has a lot of wisdom regarding the biology of personality. He is an advocate for free speech and is very out spoken in regard to compelled speech, because he believes in being cautious about the excessive social control this represents. He talks a lot about the big 5 personality traits and how to plan for your personal healing and future effectiveness in what ever career you chose. He tends to use masculine archetypes most frequently and I would like some balance in that. When he gets snarky about feminists, he is lumping us all into the excesses of the third wave, which he believes is highly influenced by post modern and Marxist philosophy A lot of his criticism have merit and deserves to be considered.

    He is highly educated, and speaks to the experience of being human. He speaks to a lot of people who are looking for guidance not necessarily validation for right wing supremacy. I think he has touched a nerve because he speaks common sense in the face of a lot of crazy.


  7. I’ve gotten a couple of messages now from people who have watched a lot of Peterson’s lectures and who want to tell me how reasonable and centrist he is. I have seen a few comments from him that let me know he is not in favor of feminism. However, he’s not on the far right. He’s not one of the crazy Klan members harassing racial minorities in the streets. I know this. In this blog post I put two observations together–that there is overwhelming support for this professor, and that far-right extremism is increasing. I attribute the increase in the far right more to Trump than to the battle over gender neutral pronouns, but these things are all existing together in the same social soup and together I believe they are galvanizing the right. That doesn’t mean I’m trying to say that Peterson is personally inspiring KKK rallies. I hope this is clear.

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  8. I don’t know about Canada, but in the UK, there’s a section of the centre-left and centre on our side in the wider class vs identity politics debate. This is because there’s a bit of a struggle going on in the left at the moment, with the split in the Labour Party illustrative of this. I’ll put some more details of this over at my blog. But the rise of the alt-right, and them muscling in on the debate, is concerning.


  9. Oh, and having looked into Peterson, it appears your instincts are right. The man is profoundly anti-Marxist and anti-left because he sees Marxism as inherently totalitarian, and the left is generally informed by Marxism even when it’s not rigidly Marxist. Because he claims to be anti-totalitarian, bits of the centre left (the part I referred to earlier) seemed to have latched onto him in their struggle against identity politics. He’s no friend of ours, though. It’s the same with Douglas Murray on the issue of religious fundamentalism – you can’t trust these conservatives just because you agree with them on a few issues.

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    • I’ve watched many of his videos and one reason he’s anti-Marxist is because so many people were murdered in its name. Yet Peterson is a Christian, and how many people over 2000 years were murdered in Christ’s name, not to mention the children who were abused? Any ideology can be twisted by twisted people, so why demonize one and not the other?

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  10. I really think this all ties in together and it’s no accident fascists (I mean the actual political term) and nationalists are popping up all over the place:

    The author, Nancy MacLean, wrote a book covering the rise of these groups and who their benefactors are, a week later the attacks upon her character and critical writing skills were made by some of the very people she was talking about.

    It’s a genuinely enlightening interview and what she has to say is something that knocked me for six for days on end. What I feared was true, causing infighting of the masses so the billionaires could take over, was finally voiced by another woman who dared to write and publish about it.

    Now she has had a slew of public attacks because what she said is true and she said we all still have time left to fight this stuff.

    The emperor’s supporting groups, the thugs of history, have always been used against people and yet these shock troops are disposable. They always forget they’re disposable to their elites no matter what places they’ve earnt on their social ladders. They can’t see that what is happening to us women, us minorities, is going to happen to them once everything is signed and sealed.

    These shock troops and these days have become absolutely terrifying to me. Men are cowards in reality but in packs they become wild, depraved, make shit up and believe that shit.

    The technology that can track everyone, our food owned by a few multi-national corporations, fresh water areas taken over and trussed up with military defences, all sorts of things have gone down in the recent history of the last 50 years that have never happened in the history of people before so that movies like THX1138 become real dystopic life.

    Men like this professor are the tip of the iceberg and Purple Sage Fem is absolutely correct about the coming backlash. It’s a well orchestrated one. Trump and the Cato institute are the Koch’s thing, Pritzker and Soros got their fingers in the trans agenda and more, Peter Thiel is just a horrible human being overall, these guys really are pulling the strings. They are the neo-emperors of our worldwide neo-Rome.

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  11. You don’t have to agree with everything someone says about everything to agree with something that they say.

    Trying to split the world into goodies and baddies does not really move things forward.

    That trans is giving right wing people issues and arguments that allow them to discredit the left, LGB, anti-racism and feminism in general is concerning. Just saying he’s not in the goodies bubble, so we wont talk about what he says, hands the issue to the right on a silver platter.


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