How low can you go?

A trans activist named Cursed E who identifies as a transwoman has reached a new low by harassing a young lesbian with a brain tumor.

You have probably all heard of Magdalen Berns’ unfortunate illness.

What an unbelievable comment.

It’s unbelievably poor taste to Tweet this kind of disrespectful comment to a young woman who could possibly die of her illness.

This is the same guy I got in a little argument with one time because he thought I was being “disrespectful” to say that a woman in a relationship with a transwoman is not a lesbian, because lesbians are only attracted to females. However, he didn’t think the following blog comment was too disrespectful to allow in the comments of a blog post he wrote about me.

This screenshot is taken from his Jan 30 2017 blog post called “A radfem wrote a blog post about me.” I will not be linking to it.

Not only does he allow people to make ugly rape jokes about women on his blog, but he thinks it’s okay to harass a young woman who is ill.

When transwomen behave exactly like MRAs, they cannot be surprised when women don’t think of them as women and when we don’t want to share our private spaces with them.


24 thoughts on “How low can you go?

  1. Reblogged this on ANTHRO FEMINISM and commented:
    More rape threats from transwomen to feminists. Just can’t shake that pesky misogynistic socialization now, can we? FYI, I have NEVER seen or heard a woman from either side of the aisle make such sexually violent threats against other women.

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    • Same story again and again. Not once has a woman who disagrees with me sent me death, rape or violent threats. Or sent me pictures of her genitalia in the hope that it would trigger me. Or threatened to doxx me so that harassment would carry on in real life. There’s simply nowhere for the male socialisation of MTTs to hide: it always gets exposed as we pesky women dare to speak up.

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  2. All the men claiming to be Lesbians and women hate us. They wouldn’t appropriate our identity otherwise. They want us dead. Rape and death threats are common from them. They are the most dangerous of men, but too many women protect them or they would not be able to do what they do.

    I still can’t get over the double hate crime/murder in Oakland where the white man Dana Rivers killed an interracial Lesbian couple and their African son and the “LGBT” media censored the story. If any other kind of white man had done that, there would be candlelight marches and protests each night in Oakland.

    But they can never ever have what they demand, which is willing access to Lesbians.

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    • Luckily I think she’s really thick-skinned and doesn’t get upset about stupid people. When I see her speak in YouTube videos, and when I read her commentary online, she always seems very grounded, articulate and rational.

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  3. What a dick (literally). I’ve loved Mag’s diatribes (I mean this as a compliment) and am really sad to hear she has these health troubles. Sending love.

    Isn’t that what men always do? Ascribe any resistance to the dominant paradigm (the male one) as being either hysterical, a result of a brain injury or some sort of mental illness. Female IS a mental illness in these times (while presenting as female is an awesome act of bravery / sarcasm)

    I’m not so sure this is a new low, it’s just a more honest one (because they’ve got SO arrogant they think they don’t need to pretend anymore)

    Or so they think.

    Dream on Bros. Your day will come. (Not cum) (ick)

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    • So your response after seeing how badly trans activists treat women is to come along and say #notalltrans? There are tons of guys like these out there making horrible comments, and doing horrible things to women in real life, up to and including rape and murder. Check out Terf is a Slur for example or Gender Trender. I have no doubt there are some normal, sane, and reasonable trans people in the world, but we aren’t going to support letting all trans people in women’s private spaces when some of them behave this horribly. Your lack of concern for women is showing.

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      • What really annoys me is that leftism is about material reality, even if all you care about is economic class. Leftists presumably understand that you cannot identify into or out of an economic class, and they mostly understand that you cannot identify into or out of a racially oppressed class, but when it comes to women, there is no challenging at all, except to the idea that women are a materially oppressed class. This represents a giant flaw in the theory and is why feminism was invented, to complete the analysis.

        Women are no more interested in being told they’re not really materially oppressed than are people of color and working class people, but we get it all the time, from people who should be our allies. This is the stranglehold misogyny has on the left, and is pretty much, I think, behind why some feminists eschew men as allies entirely. I don’t consider anyone a true leftist if they do not recognize this, and that there is no room in leftism for identity politics of any sort.

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      • My response began by noting that what this person said was terrible. I just went on to note that judging an entire community by the actions of a single person is a mistake.

        Say that I go to Radfemcebtral, and go to Dirt’s blog. There I not some of her most recent posts, which include claims that the act of being a mother automatically makes a woman not a lesbian, outright hatred towards bisexual women, and mocking image clips from the blogs of vulnerable teenagers talking about their desire to transition. Should I conclude that the inclusion of Dirt’s blog on the Radfemcebtral blogroll means that all radical feminists exclude lesbians who are mothers from the community of lesbians, are actively biphobic, and like mocking teenagers?


        • Well no, I wouldn’t generalize that all radfems are exactly like Dirt, and just as a side note I find it puzzling that a radfem website promotes her work since she’s very clear that she hates radfems. But here’s the thing Randy. I have not said that all trans people are exactly like this guy. Why are you proceeding as if I have said that? You are arguing against a straw man.

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        • You were quite clear at the beginning of your post in noting that you were talking about the specific actions of one individual.

          “A trans activist named Cursed E who identifies as a transwoman has reached a new low by harassing a young lesbian with a brain tumor.”

          You spent the remainder of your post talking about this individual’s pattern of mistreating others.

          You then concluded by drawing the conclusion that this person’s actions can somehow be taken to represent the entire trans community.

          “When transwomen behave exactly like MRAs, they cannot be surprised when women don’t think of them as women and when we don’t want to share our private spaces with them.”

          “Transwomen” is plural, and I am guessing from the context of the paragraph that you were not using “them” in the sense of a gender-neutral singular pronoun.

          What is the relevance of this one person’s misbehaviour to the wider trans community? Frankly, it would be much easier to make the argument that you, also an active member of the radfem blogosphere, actively condone the misbehaviour of Dirt: You do continue to allow your blog to be listed on the same blogroll. Have you written a post critical of her yet?

          It is easy to point out instances of one person’s misbehaviour. That it is also easy to generalize from this one person to a wider community that cannot be held responsible does not mean this should also be done.


        • Oh for fuck sake. It is true that when transwomen behave like MRAs, they make it obvious that they are not women. There are a number of transwomen doing this. This doesn’t mean I think that ALL TRANSWOMEN IN THE ENTIRE WORLD are exactly the same. All you are doing here is trolling. You’re doing the same #notallmen move that antifeminist men regularly make when women try to organize or protect ourselves. Women have noticed that lots of men are violent toward us, so we want sex-segregated spaces for women only, in order to be safe from men. This has never meant that ALL MEN IN THE WORLD are violent, only that there are enough violent ones that we have to be concerned, and that we have a reason to want safe spaces free from men. You’re making the classic antifeminist argument But Not All Men Are Like That, which is a way of deflecting attention away from the abuse that men inflict on women and instead making women look like the bad guys for pointing out the pattern, because we shouldn’t be generalizing. You are not going to succeed in derailing this conversation, because I have seen this crap before, and I’m not buying it.

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        • Whatever Dirt blogs, she’s still a woman and a lesbian. The same cannot be said for Cursed E, a salient example of how false the claim is that No Transwoman Is Ever Anything But Sweetness And Light, a claim which also is not generally made about lesbians. Your comparison fails, we are discussing whitewashing and other forms of dishonesty here, not Dirt’s opinions.

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      • I try to keep things very simple since friends confuse themselves by saying it’s complicated. (And they have not read or talked to the numbers of men posing as women as I have for the last 45 years.)

        I do not believe there are reasonable or caring trans people in the world (can’t criticize their sanity since they are succeeding in invading Lesbian space as no other men have done, and in terms of “normal,” not taking no for an answer is very normal male). If there were, they would just stop the charade and stop appropriating our identity, names, taking over our last groups and invading our last spaces. They would announce that none of it is real, but they won’t. (Not one has a clue about what being a woman even means.)

        And as for the women who hate themselves and us enough to claim to be men, they need to stop too, since they are continuing male/rape culture. It’s interesting how they despise us but expect access to Lesbians whenever they want.


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