Woman beaten by two men after one used the women’s washroom

From ABC 7 News:

“Exclusive: Woman describes terrifying attack by two men outside Harlem bar

In an Eyewitness News exclusive, a woman is describing a terrifying incident in which she was attacked by two men outside a Harlem bar. The 52-year-old woman was beaten with a bat and slashed after what started as a minor disagreement escalated.

“This man’s trying to kill me,” said the woman named Carolyn. She may have been right. On a sidewalk in Harlem, a man was attacking her with a baseball bat.

“He hit me over several times with that bat and all I could think about was my head getting busted so I kept holding this arm up to protect my head,” she said.

That may have saved her life. The huge defensive bruises can still be seen on her arms. And there is a scar on her face, the result of a second man slashing her on the sidewalk.

“A guy came on the side and I just felt somebody take something and go straight down my face. Sharp,” she said.

Carolyn says it started inside Lorraine’s Bar on Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard in Harlem. A man was using the ladies restroom when she went in to use it.

“He said I’ll use any (expletive) restroom I wanna use. I said whatever man.” she said.

The man warned her not to come outside, but she thought it was over. It wasn’t.

“All I could think of was my daughter, that’s all. I’m like, I can’t let them take me out,” said Carolyn.

Police have clear video of the beating and Carolyn says they know the identities of the men involved.

Another one of those incidents that trans activists claim “never happens.”


11 thoughts on “Woman beaten by two men after one used the women’s washroom

  1. Ok, so dudes are allowed to use our restrooms. And we are not allowed to say anything about it.

    So would a trannie have been safe in that ladies room? Since they have made it so dudes can whip their dock out anywhere they please?

    The world is just so safe for women, now, since males can piss anywhere. Thanks, trannies.


  2. So, basically the dude was using the wrong restroom…intentionally? Now, I admit I have used the men’s room on occasion when it’s impossible to hold it any longer and the line is too dammed long for the women’s room…but I’ve always made sure it’s been safe and I’ve taken a buddy along for support should things turn ugly. This whole restroom debacle is just out of control. It’s a g-d toilet for hell’s sake! You pee. I pee. We all PEE. At home we share our toilets between men and women, don’t we? What’s the big deal of having unisex restrooms. My place of employment has them. Two restrooms that are free to be used by any identity. We do also have a separate men’s latrine, which is so gross I would NEVER go in there, I’d hit the bushes first! Men can’t seem to aim very well, they piss all over everything…I don’t know if it’s intentional or they are legitimately penis defective. It seems to me that you hold it and aim, and pee goes INTO the toilet bowl. So why is it on the floor? On the wall? On the seat? UCK – put the damned seat UP! LOL…ok, rant over…all in all my point is that it seemed fine that he used the women’s room to piss, so WHY did he have to beat the poor woman who informed him that it WAS the women’s room? What point was he hoping to hammer home? It seems that there is MORE to this story than we are seeing here…some other exchange must have taken place for him to become angry enough to put a hurtin on that poor woman. Being super Butch I am often mistaken for a dude, and when I go into the “women’s” restroom I am often admonished, scolded, screamed at and otherwise ejected from said restroom. So, when I HAVE to use a public restroom I ALWAYS take a more femme friend along with me, it seems that women will talk to a woman who LOOKS more femme than my ole Butch ass! She’ll kindly say, she’s a woman, and let it go at that. Usually shuts them right up. I am a wise ass, when they start on me with the “this is the ladie’s room…you must be lost..” I give them the “..are you the gender police?” line and that shuts them right up too. LOL…maybe that’s too mean, but hey it works and makes them think the next time. Have a good 4th PurpleSageFemme! Love reading your work! Thanks for sharing this story! Peace! ~MB


    • “It seems that there is MORE to this story than we are seeing here…some other exchange must have taken place for him to become angry enough to put a hurtin on that poor woman.”

      Well, perhaps he just happened to be angry and she was an easy victim. That’s violent dudes for you.

      Though I have observed people going from seemingly normal to completely batshit insane and violent upon having their precious gender identity questioned.
      Her saying that it was the women’s room would totally have made someone like that angry enough to murder.

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  3. There’s definitely more to the story. There is no information here about why the man was in the women’s washroom and there is no indication he identified as transgender. There is no information about why he became violent in the first place. I only posted it because trans activists like to claim with absolute certainty that violent men never go into women’s washrooms and make women uncomfortable, and yes it does happen!

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    • Well, when I envision how this works, at the base of it, it means that males can go into any space and we aren’t permitted to question them.

      And males are randomly violent all of the time for what appears to be no reason at all.

      There probably is more to the story. But what’s there is enough. I believe her.

      Also, suggesting that there is more to this story is related to implying that she is lying or making it up. Is it so hard to believe that a male will just explode at us with little or no reason at all?

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      • I don’t think she’s lying. It says in the article that the police have a video of the attack so there’s no question of her making it up. What we don’t know is precisely what set him off.


  4. Reblogged this on anywomans humanity and commented:
    Two armed men beat and assault a woman in the latest bout of male sexual toilet domination over women’s human rights. Some men think that having a sexy-pass to the ladies room means that can beat and murder women.


  5. My heart goes out to the woman, this sounds like a terrifying attack.

    One thing I don’t understand though, this article doesn’t seem to have anything to do with trans women, but I keep seeing commenters and even the original poster bringing them up in a negative light…why?
    The attack didn’t even happen in the bathroom, that was just where the first interaction took place, and these psychos don’t seem to be the type to have been dissuaded if there was some kind of bathroom bill in place or not, they were clearly going to pee where they wanted.

    Why all the hate for trans people?


    • Hello TransGirl, I’d like to ask you to please read everything in a post and the comments before asking questions that have already been answered. As I already stated above, I only posted this article because trans activists like to claim with absolute certainty that violent men never go into women’s washrooms and make women uncomfortable, and yes it does happen! The expressions of anger you’re seeing here are not coming from an irrational hate for trans people, they are coming from the anger women feel when a group of people seeks their own rights by taking rights away from women. We oppose allowing anyone who declares himself to be a “woman” based on no criteria whatsoever to enter women’s washrooms, because violent men will use this to their advantage.


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