Video: Chris Hedges interviews Maya Dillard Smith and Mary Lou Singleton

This is an excellent video on the transgender issue. Chris Hedges is a real leftist (read: not a neoliberal) who understands radical feminism. He interviewed two women active in the feminist fight against trans politics: lawyer Maya Dillard Smith, who wants to balance everyone’s rights and is concerned about the lack of due process in legal changes being made in recent years, and Mary Lou Singleton, a radical feminist midwife active in the women’s liberation movement. I particularly enjoyed when Smith explained the difference between separate bathrooms for blacks and whites versus separate bathrooms for women and men. They have discussed the issue from an anti-capitalist perspective, which I really appreciate.


3 thoughts on “Video: Chris Hedges interviews Maya Dillard Smith and Mary Lou Singleton

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    This is a great interview. I so appreciate Mary Lou Singleton addressing violence against women by transwomen in shelters and jails, and how treating this as women on women violence (despite the fact that these assaults involve penises) is skewing stats on violence, and who is committing violence.

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    Capitalism thrives on the hyper individualism and the extinguishing of class consciousness. Well worth your time to watch Mary Lou Singleton and Maya Dillard discuss gender, identity politics, and feminism.


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