Best Dyke March T-shirt

Lesbians: are you tired of going to “dyke marches” only to see men, straight libfems, and signs that say “no TERFs”? Fight back with clever T-shirts! An internet acquaintance gave me permission to share this photo. Way to go, Amazons! You are my sheros!


3 thoughts on “Best Dyke March T-shirt

  1. While I appreciate the sentiment, I prefer a positive statement like DYKE MARCH FOR DYKES!!! Or ” Lesbians forever, men never” ( my saying, said it for decades), Or Alixx Dobkin’s quote: “No penis between us Friends” and add 100% Lesbian/Dyke and FEMALE PROUD.

    Maybe even “Yoni to Yoni”.

    ANYTHING is an improvement over the current state of affairs. Nedra (Dyke singer and Michfestie) has a shirt that sez “TERF is a misogynisyic slur” or something to that effect

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