Happy Pride!

The homophobic “queer” community doesn’t think that lesbians belong at a Dyke March.


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9 thoughts on “Happy Pride!

  1. I thought Gallus made an excellent point in the comments about lesbians creating your own filmed livestream media at such events, so people can judge for themselves. And so many people would watch that who will not read feminist blogs as much, if at all.

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  2. What is this even??? What stupid excuse to have a NO HOMO sign at Pride???
    Agree with the people above about filming; even if you don’t have backup walk around taking pictures (just looking like you’re taking selfies or whatever lol, people don’t notice what you’re doing with your phone anyway) and make a compilation on youtube or something; together with some of these pictures


    • A transsexual man told me awhile back that how this originally started was during the AIDS epidemic, when there was no treatment, and surgeons would refuse to perform surgery on gay men who wanted it, for fear of contagion, so the idea of “woman with a penis” arose. This is interesting in that it helps illustrate how these things creep along in acceptance.

      At this point, the assumption that replacement of the penis with a vagioplasty is a desired outcome, has been to a great extent discarded. Sometimes the argument is made that it’s a matter of affordability, while others just don’t want their genitals mutilated, which is of course completely understandable.

      So we start out with feminine gay men (and lesbians, of course) wanting medical transition in order to lessen the burden of living in a brutally gendered culture that seems to provide no place for them, and wind up discarding the medical transition, which was originally the entire point, and replacing it by internalizing the culture’s homophobia and misogyny as “gender identity.”

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