Some crap from my spam filter

This blog attracts a lot of weirdos who google stuff like “what does a MtF vagina feel like” and they land on my post MtF transsexual explains what it’s like to have a vagina. I’ve considered taking down this post just so people googling that topic don’t land on my blog anymore, but I haven’t taken it down because I think I did a good job writing about that topic. Men who get their penises surgically inverted don’t have anything resembling a vagina, and as a human female I have a right to state that fact.

People who google this topic looking for trans-friendly information are generally shocked and appalled to learn that I understand female anatomy and can name the differences between female anatomy and surgically-altered male anatomy. They find my knowledge of biology “dehumanizing” to men and they oppose my brand of feminism on the basis that it centers human females, which they don’t think I should be allowed to do.

Here is the type of dumb comment that such people write:

“I don’t understand how you a biological female is bullying a transgender woman for not being a biological female!!!! It’s just wrong!!! It’s not her fault she was born male! You are a cold harden Female!! We are all only human!!! Grow a heart Lady! Have compassion! Is that how you would want to be treated if you were a transgender woman, I don’t think so !! You are what is fucked up in the world !!!!! You are what makes the world ugly!! You are hatred incarnate!!! One day you are going to need love and care in a horrible situation, and I hope to God you get someone better than yourself to be there for you!!!!!”

This is the sort of comment that says more about how stupid the commenter is than it says about me. Anyone who writes a comment that demonstrates they have poor reading comprehension, enjoy arguing against straw men, haven’t read my post, or don’t meet a basic intelligence requirement, is going to end up in the spam filter.

Any comment that I happen to find amusing is fair game to openly mock though!

Alright, person named T, here’s a response for ya.

Women aren’t “bullying” men when we point out they are men. The words ‘man’ and ‘male’ aren’t insults and there is nothing insulting about accurately naming someone’s sex. It’s not anyone’s fault they were born male or female, that’s just how it is. We’re all born with a sex, and the vast majority of the time we are either born typically male or typically female. I don’t believe that ‘compassion’ requires me to pretend that men are women.

What follows are nonsensical emotional arguments from you. You believe that because I understand human biology I am therefore “hatred incarnate” and “what makes the world ugly.” These assertions show that you are completely bonkers.

As a general note, there is always someone quick to call women ugly and hateful when they don’t accept bullshit from men. These are people who are upset that a woman is refusing to accept her subordinate status and treat men like gods. Well, guess what! I am very happy to report that I do not exist on this earth to validate and appease men, and I am not interested in catering to men’s feelings. If men feel upset that they were born male, that is their problem to deal with, not mine. All of my energy and compassion are directed toward women, and that’s the way it’s going to stay.

For further reading, check out What it means to be ‘woman-identified’ or ‘male-identified.’

I am a woman-identified woman, which means my mind is emancipated from patriarchy. I am a free woman! Dear readers, you can have the same happiness I have! Just stop catering to men!


5 thoughts on “Some crap from my spam filter

  1. Crying about the internet community calling you on your shit. Then you make up an excuse to justify your cruelty and prejudice words. Your blog post, how does it make the world a better place to live? It doesn’t. Your blog spreads hate, don’t try and plea to people that it was okay for you to do what you did.


    • Aw, fer fuck’s sake, seriously? You saw that I had tons of garbage in my spam filter so you decided to send more of the same crap?
      Alright Bella…I challenge you to explain how the emotional hyperbole in the comment above “calls me out” on anything. Then I challenge you to find any example of my blog spreading hate or of me being “cruel.” (I just explained in this very post that calling a man a man is not cruelty, so don’t open with that please!)

      BTW…you also left this comment:
      “Wow, why do you care if someone wants to modify their body one way or another. Seeing how men and women should be equal it shouldn’t matter what this person does. There are plenty of women who want to be men and remove their breast ect. Honestly why should anyone care any more than a piercing, tattoo or any other body modification. Not your body, not your problem.”

      And this makes it clear to me that you have absolutely no idea what I’ve been writing about this whole time, and that you have no idea what the feminist argument against gender is. I have it written in my “about” section that commenters should have a reasonable understanding of feminism and transgender politics before commenting. This is to weed out people like you who come along and say something totally ignorant that wastes my time. I have been explaining clearly the objection I have to transgender politics in nearly every post I’ve written in the last two years. If you haven’t read an author’s work and don’t know what she’s talking about, then don’t comment!

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    • Bella, there’s cruel and then there is reality. These are not interchangeable terms. You ask PS how her post makes the world a better place to live in. Ok, but how does your comment make the world a better place to live in.

      You haven’t addressed any of the substantive points in her post. You quite clearly don’t like anything she says (which is ok) but you make out the entire internet community is behind you. Which is transparently (pun intended) bullshit. If it was real, this website wouldn’t exist.

      I also got no sense of tears from Purple Sage. WTF are you thinking when you tell a women she is crying about anything? And then chastising her for doing something she isn’t doing in the first place.

      We have a technical term for that kind of thing where I live. It’s called mansplaining. Hope this helps 🙂

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