Juno Dawson again…

Juno Dawson is a gay man who identifies as a trans woman. I mocked him in November for writing an article where he mansplained to feminists how to do feminism.

Now he is saying that “A lot of gay men are gay men as a consolation prize because they couldn’t be women.” Article here.

When Dawson was younger, he came to the reasonable conclusion that since he is male and attracted to males, that makes him a male homosexual. Later on, upon learning transgender ideology, he threw logic out the window and decided that, despite his male body, he is a “woman.” To date, I have never seen a logical definition from a transgenderist about what a “woman” is, but Dawson is quoted as saying the following:

“I just wanted to get f****d like a woman. That’s what it’s about. It’s not about what hole it’s going in”

That quote comes from this article by Douglas Robertson. I wasn’t able to find the original source for the quote in context, so if somebody finds it please let me know. It seems to me that no matter the context, this quote is very telling of what Dawson thinks about women.

In the article from Attitude magazine with the above-mentioned homophobic quote, the author summarizes a longer interview thusly:

“She opens up about the various elements of her life that led her to realise she was a trans woman, in order to encourage other people to explore their identity and start a healthy discussion about gender.

“With the increased awareness of transgenderism,” Juno says, “when we sit down and think: ‘Oh God, why am I struggling with alcohol, why am I struggling with drugs, why am I doing chemsex, why am I up all night on Grindr?’ Now one of the questions we’re asking ourselves is: ‘What’s my relationship with gender?’

“The whole point of The Gender Games is that I would love all the people who read it to question their relationship with gender.”

Another trans activist teaching young people that their emotional problems are caused by a mismatch between their body and their “gender.” Now, I’m all for people getting to know themselves and expressing themselves how they want, but transgender ideology is not about accepting yourself, it’s about rejecting your body as being ‘wrong’ and changing it, sometimes in ways that have high potential to cause harm. Rejecting yourself and trying to become someone else is not a path toward improved mental health. Transgender ideology assumes that there is such a thing as a body not matching a personality. I disagree strongly with that position—anyone, male, female or intersex, can have any personality, and because anyone can have any personality, there is no such thing as a personality not matching the body.

Dawson would love all people to question their relationship to gender. While I agree that all of us have a unique personality and therefore a unique experience of, and relationship to, the social constructs of masculinity and femininity, I don’t think anyone benefits from obsessing over this or making it into a life-altering issue. I have a unique relationship to masculinity and femininity too—for example, I wear my hair short and never wear makeup or high heels, but I also enjoy the colour pink and I like cooking and sewing. I could sit around making a list of all the things that are feminine or masculine about me and assign a gender label to that. But I don’t, because that’s a pointless activity. I am female, and that doesn’t change regardless of what kind of relationship to femininity I decide I have. I have a personality which is apparent to anyone who interacts with me and there is no need to label it with a “gender.”

I wouldn’t care at all if some people like applying useless labels to themselves, but if they are misogynist or homophobic about it then I have reason to care. There is a long history of gay men being regarded as not “real” men or having a “female brain” because they love other men, and this is sexist and homophobic. Dawson is a homophobic and misogynist man who rejects himself as a gay man and identifies as a “woman,” which to him is not an adult human female but a collection of attributes that anyone can identify into.

After Dawson’s article received a social media backlash for his obvious homophobia, transwoman Shon Faye wrote a response defending him.

In isolation, perhaps the quotation seems alarming to some gay guys, who recall being bullied for ‘acting like women’ or not being ‘real men’. I appreciate that the last thing you may want to hear after a lifetime of fighting for your sexuality to be respected is that that work and fighting could be erased and that someone is saying you’re actually a woman – just like the school homophobes always said. But I don’t think this is what Dawson meant. At all. Instead, I think she was referring to a very specific experience – the experience of some transgender women, who grew up as boys in the past twenty years when gay rights and visibility advanced thanks to the tireless work of gay campaigners but trans rights lagged behind.

Faye names here exactly what’s happening—feminine gay men are agreeing with the bullies who’ve always said they’re not “real” men. He doesn’t have a rebuttal to this other than “that’s not what he meant.” This is a really weak rebuttal, it doesn’t disprove the point. That’s because there is no difference between a male homosexual who identifies as gay and a male homosexual who identifies as a transwoman other than that the transwoman believes he’s really a woman. (This belief, of course, being nonsensical because a woman is an adult human female and males are not female.) Aside from this nonsensical belief, the material reality of both kinds of men is the same.

Faye says the following about his own journey from gay man to transwoman:

“As I hit puberty, I watched gay porn and knew I fancied boys – but that wasn’t the issue. I felt wrong. Not my sexuality – me. I never once wished to be a straight man. I wished I was not having the expectations of masculinity placed on me at all.”

The expectation that all men must be masculine is a sexist expectation that harms men, and it’s also harmful to women because part of masculinity is dominating women. Not wanting to be masculine doesn’t make a man a woman. Faye is demonstrating here that he agrees with the bullies too—he doesn’t want to be masculine, therefore he’s not a man. Here’s a photo of Shon Faye from the Attitude article:

Sure, his “gender” is feminine, but he’s still recognizable as male. When men grow their hair long and put on clothing that is culturally associated with females, they’re still male. Also note that the clothing he’s wearing here is something that plenty of actual women wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing. This sort of style is not something intrinsic to being female.

I’m so tempted to read Juno Dawson’s book to find out what attributes he thinks makes him a woman. So far all I’ve seen trans people rely on is sexist stereotypes, and no one has told me anything that leads me to believe it’s anything else. But judging by the crap he writes, I don’t want to pay money for his book.



7 thoughts on “Juno Dawson again…

  1. I’ve seen that people are very openly angry about him saying this in Tumblr-like circles. While it’s nice to actually see someone in transland actually getting push back for being homophobic and sexist for once I have a sad feeling that if this dude had said the same thing about lesbians this controversy wouldn’t exist.

    I honestly believe that anyone of us who spoke up against him saying that we lesbians are just wannabe men who are settling would probably be taken to task for insulting such a beautiful and perfect snowflake fairy princess. Erasing lesbians is the transwoman’s favorite hobby.

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  2. “Transgender ideology assumes that there is such a thing as a body not matching a personality. I disagree strongly with that position—anyone, male, female or intersex, can have any personality, and because anyone can have any personality, there is no such thing as a personality not matching the body.”

    Trans theory doesn’t really require that. I think hormonal compatibility and/or body maps are enough to explain an innate transness. For example, some of us get depressed and dissociative with too much testosterone, and too little progesterone and/or estogen, and other people with other combinations. I think personality differences are possible too, but aren’t required to explain an innate transness. These would help explain some aspects of trans socialisation, anti-trans bullying, and figuring things out.

    But our society seems to insist on something like that. It’s common in gatekeeping. I get that gendercrits don’t believe *any* trans women are actually women, but I seem to encounter more dismissiveness, if not hostility, to butch and gender-nonconforming trans women than to gender-conforming trans women.

    You’ve discussed how gynephilic, butch, and/or gender-nonconforming non-trans women are more likely to face pressure to transition.

    Now assuming innate transness, then gynephilic, butch, and/or gender nonconforming trans women and trans amab enbies face more barriers to transition, and are more likely to settle for a “consolation prize.”


    • You’re so busy tossing this word salad that you can’t see how narcissistic you are. Hormonal imbalances aren’t hormonal “incompatibility”. Every body secretes T and E but males and females secrete different levels, and a small percentage of people’s levels are out of whack in the the same way that insulin levels can be off. PCOS, for example, is a purely female (i.e. sex-specific) condition that has absolutely nothing to do with gender “identity”. If you have a condition that hormone therapy has helped to alleviate, that doesn’t mean you’re really a woman. Radical feminists aren’t allowed to say that sex is determined by chromosomes but trans activists can say that people are trans because their bodies secrete the wrong hormones. LOL Funny how we’re apparently reducing women to body parts but it’s ok for everyone else to conceptualize women as walking blobs of estrogen. Trans activists who anticipate that eventually people will realize they’re expected to believe that biological sex isn’t real will otherwise fall back on some “innate transness” as you’ve referenced, which has only ever been defined as an internal unnameable ‘feeling’. So which is it? And if there *are* physical markers, how come the trans community is always whining about gatekeeping instead of making sure “true trans” are vetted so weirdos don’t piggy back onto your movement? The answer, of course, is that you’ve made all of this up and you’re chasing your own tails. You don’t care that predators and otherwise violent men are given access to female safe spaces, trampling on female athletes, or claiming positions and awards intended for women. Most of you walk around with your penises intact (wow, that’s some dysphoria!), getting off on talking down to women, telling women they should sleep with you, and fetishizing femininity and womanhood – and still you demand we not see you as autogynephiles. If that’s not a display of male privilege, I mean, what is?!

      I’ve not seen a single trans male present as butch. Not a single one. Because it defies logic. Butch women — females — present in what is considered to be a masculine way so you’d just appear as a typical man. Interestingly, many transwomen have told me they *have to* embrace femininity because they want their appearance to reflect their internal sense of gender. How wearing a dress is an expression of ANY thought, feeling, or personality trait, of course, they never seem to be able to explain… Anyway, contrary to your delusions, you’re not a butch, dyke, lesbian, woman, or female. You’re just a confused man who has come here to defend a fellow homophobe.

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      • I have often pointed out that no transwoman ever presents as butch. Actually, they often present as porn stars, strippers or Hollywood starlets. Or as June Cleaver. That tells you something.

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      • “Hormonal imbalances aren’t hormonal “incompatibility”.”

        Some people get dysphoric due to hormonal cycles. For example, in premenstrual dysphoric disorder/pmdd. Some people get dysphoric after taking medicines that affect hormone levels. For example, in certain cancer treatments using androgen-blockers or estrogen-blockers. Some of us who were dysphoric feel better after starting hormones, while others feel worse– and hopefully those who feel worse cut back or stop. Since the same hormones seem to have different emotional effects in different people, I think different people are wired for different hormone levels.

        “Butch women — females — present in what is considered to be a masculine way so you’d just appear as a typical man.”

        I’m not quite butch. But I got a lot of bullying– misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic, and sometimes violent– before I transitioned, so I don’t think I passed as a typical male at the time. I had to present more conventionally femininely during gatekeeping, but not so much since. I think that dealing with more compulsory masculinity, and less compulsory femininity, may also affect things.


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