Surprise! A republican man hates women

Bonnie Bacarisse, writing for The Daily Beast, researched a republican representative and demonstrated that he is in fact the founder of ‘The Red Pill’ men’s rights forum. She wrote a thorough analysis of both how she found out it was him and the nature of the MRA forum, going back several years. It’s long but worth reading—it’s a good look at the type of misogyny that festers beneath the surface of men who talk about things like “traditional marriage” and “family values.”

Robert Fisher, a representative for New Hampshire, has written some of the following comments:

“I’m going to say it—Rape isn’t an absolute bad, because the rapist I think probably likes it a lot. I think he’d say it’s quite good, really.”

“Marriage, and yes, female oppression, slut shaming, religion, these were all a means to control hypergamy. Marriages might be considered loveless, and women might have been unhappy, but for men it meant marriages that lasted, commitments that continued, and protection against the fickle whims of females.”

“To give women autonomy is to take away the very thing that made marriage a realistic institution.”

He also believes that it’s “evolutionarily advantageous and perfectly natural” for middle-aged men to ogle the breasts of 15-year-old girls and that women’s personalities are “lackluster and boring, serving little purpose in day to day life.”

This is a man who is so paranoid about false rape accusations, that he claims to have a video camera set up in his room in order to document any sexual encounters.

As Bacarisse reports, “As a candidate for state representative, Fisher proposed bringing concerns about the supposed plague of false rape accusations into the statehouse.”

Time magazine got a quote from him about the revelation that is the founder of a misogynist hate forum.

“I’m disappointed that this sort of attack has replaced real news, but it strengthens my position and resolve that fighting for equal rights is more important today than ever. Here’s my message to the public: I am not disappearing. I will continue to stand strong for men’s rights and the rights of all.”

He literally just said, “Yep, I’m an MRA.”

Take note women: republican men say “family values” because that sounds nice, but what they actually mean is reversing the feminist movement, taking away women’s autonomy, and giving men full control over women. They don’t care about “families,” they care about preserving male power.

Right wing women attempt to try to explain away their husband’s behavior, but the rotten truth is that: he hates you.


12 thoughts on “Surprise! A republican man hates women

  1. And to think, men like this make legislation for this country. Over 1.1 million people voted for Democrats over Republicans for Congress, but due to gerrymandering, interstate voting crosscheck system (if your last name is Cruz, chances are your vote was thrown out!) and other darling shenanigans by the Party for the white males, look who is gaming the system.

    Republicans know damn good and well their ideas are not popular, but they are owned by the wealthy who really don’t care about us. They claim to despise the government, yet you have to have a team of pit-bulls to get them out. They go in with a modest salary, they leave millionaires.

    The system is rigged, but what do we do about it?

    As an aside, their so-called Affordable Health Care repeal has regular citizens getting screwed if you live in a red state, the House voted to keep all the good stuff from Obama care for themselves and their families, but not for anyone else.

    These people (mostly men) are sadistic.

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  2. The New Hampshire legislature is well known to be completely out of control. It has over 400 members of the lower house in a state with less than 1.5 million residents. I live in a city with a little over two million and a county a little over four million, and somehow we make do with councils that can fit in little rooms.

    Just a couple of years ago a NH legislator traumatized a batch of fourth graders who wanted to make the Red Tailed Hawk the New Hampshire state bird by derailing the vote by comparing the talons and beak of the hawk to the instruments of the late term abortionist. The children were shocked by this. They were expecting an easy vote:

    Rooting out stuff like this in New Hampshire is easy. Digging it out here in Texas is near impossible since we are so much more polite and careful.

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    • I must respectfully disagree with your assertion that our legislature is “out of control.” New Hampshire is firmly purple, and while there are things I would change, I know how good I have it in terms of freedom and issues of justice. Our Senators and Representatives in Congress are currently all women, and until January our Governor, too, was a woman (Maggie Hassan moved from Governor to US Senator, D-NH). There are a few wingnuts, yes. And those wingnuts generally get called out and VOTED OUT pretty quickly.

      Again, as a lifelong citizen of New Hampshire, I can honestly say I feel very lucky and privileged to live in such an unusual but also very locally-controlled system of state government. EVERY TOWN in our state has its own election, and our cities are divided into numerous wards so that we all vote extremely close to where we live. We have a very high voter participation rate–which may be why 45 thinks we have fraudulent voting. I fill out paper forms that are machine counted and double-checked by hand, and every ballot has tons of choices for candidates in the major as well as some minor positions.

      You should see how many Presidential candidates are on our Primary ballots every four years. They come here (and Iowa, of course) to test the waters. We’ve already had scouts for 2020…and that’s nothing new; it happens every election. I saw the first 2016 election scouting crew in MARCH of 2013. Dude made it to our primary ballot but you’ve likely never heard of him if you aren’t from the area…

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      • I am sorry to have been so flippant about New Hampshire’s legislature. I am sure the stories that make the national news aren’t representative of how things usually work and that what seems to outsiders like an unnecessarily large legislative body has its advantages.

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        • Just to let you know, the Republicans in Maine — wholly owned subsidiaries of the Heritage Foundation and every stinky corporation you can think of — want to make OUR legislature smaller. Right now I live in a state where if I choose to, I can easily speak to my legislators on the telephone, I’ve even spoken to the secretary of state on the phone. Does this happen in Texas? Can you easily contact your legislators and others in state government?

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  3. I’m a lifelong citizen of New Hampshire and I vote in every election but due to our vast number (over 400) of state-level representatives, I had never heard of this idiot until I stumbled upon the news item in the Daily Beast via the Boston Globe the other day. Our major NH newspaper reported it a day later, but spent a lot of ink on almost sympathetic or at least apologetic reference to Fisher, and quoting his defensive responses at length while leaving out some of the more damning details of his nefarious activities.

    Thankfully, several key players in our state house and, indeed, our REPUBLICAN Governor, Chris Sununu, have all called for Fisher’s resignation. New Hampshire has the largest state-level representation in the United States, and all these local-level reps are hard to keep track of. I’m disgusted but not surprised that a nutjob like this resides within our state legislature but I am delighted to see him being publicly outed and criticized for his repugnant beliefs. His pathetic attempt to delegitimize the outstanding investigative journalism research of Bonnie Bacarisse is telling of his grotesque manipulative personality and behavior.

    Thanks, Purple Sage, for calling further attention to Ms Bacarisse’s excellent work.

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