New books!

My order of books came in, and I’m so excited! I’m having a book orgasm! I’m having multiple book orgasms! 😀

I’ve got two intro books on Marx, a used copy of the Communist Manifesto that a friend sent me (Thanks hun!), a short history of neoliberalism, Hannah Hart’s memoir, and two classics by Leslie Feinberg that I can’t believe I haven’t read yet! Next weekend is a four day weekend, so guess what I’ll be doing? READING!

I can’t wait. I want to read all of them first! 😀


14 thoughts on “New books!

  1. It would be interesting to read more Feinberg and see how her thinking on gender evolved. I didn’t actually realize she’d written other work, but I was impressed by Stone Butch Blues. Powerful writing.

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  2. If you enjoy Marx for Beginners, i recommend you try the rest of the series. Einstein for Beginners. Darwin for Beginners. Ecology for Beginners. The Anti Nuclear Handbook. Freud for Beginners.


  3. There’s a free online course for nerds who want to read Das Kapital. Can you tell me more about the short history of neoliberalism? All I could see online was the title neoliberalism.

    And the official word for you is AUTODIDACT. I’m one, too! It’s what I write down on forms which ask for my educational history.

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