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There are no long essays this weekend, and it’s not because I’m on blog vacation, it’s because I don’t have any new pieces on the go. I’ve been saving lots of interesting articles on Facebook lately but when I go back to read about them, I just think “ugh, this is not worth my time.”

For example, here is a “non-binary” woman who knew she was non-binary because she wanted to play a male character in a play. From what little I know about her watching this video, she appears to be a conventionally feminine straight woman who just has short hair. What silliness! Even feminine women can rock the short haircuts, and anyone can want to play any character in a play and it doesn’t mean a thing. Last time I was in a play I was a male character. This woman also admits that “female is a sex” so presumably she knows she is female. Why female pronouns wouldn’t be appropriate for her is a mystery to me. Of course she has a unique relationship to masculinity and femininity—all of us do. If that’s all it takes to be non-binary, then everyone is non-binary, which renders the concept pretty meaningless.

Another article I saved this week is a BDSM article from Autostraddle in which a submissive woman who doesn’t use female pronouns for herself writes about how she loves being used for sex, in a way that precisely mirrors the way that men abuse women and girls. She says:

“…sometimes, sex is not for me. Sometimes, sex is me being used — warm, open, and at the whim of someone else’s pleasure. I like being used. Within the confines of a well-negotiated BDSM scene, I like when my opinions are ignored, when it doesn’t matter what I want, when my body is present for whatever my dominant decides to use it for.”

This whole article is about her sexualizing the way that men objectify and dehumanize women and it should actually be given a trigger warning. What she describes is exactly the way porn presents women—as nothing but warm holes for men to use, with no feelings or desires of our own, who only exist as a sex toy for an abusive man. Sometimes women learn to sexualize this because it’s the type of sexuality we see from the media we consume—especially porn itself, but also other pornified media such as music videos and magazines. Women learn that what makes her worthy and desirable is when men want to abuse us, and then we learn to crave that abuse as a form of validation. What we should do is work to identify this and unlearn it, not promote it to other people as a fun thing to try in bed. Abuse should not be viewed as sexy. One of the steps we all need to take toward ending abuse is identifying when abuse is being sexualized and speak out against it. Autostraddle is purportedly a magazine for ‘queer women,’ but these days ‘queer’ has nothing to do with being lesbian or bisexual and everything to do with the abusive, commodified sexuality that sex-pozzitive types promote. There is no reason to think that the average lesbian or bisexual woman wants to bring porn-style abuse into her sex life.

In queer theory, any kind of sexuality that goes against the status quo is considered “queer,” except queer theorists ignore the existence of sex-based oppression and instead of identifying patriarchy as the status quo they regard imaginary “anti-sex prudes” as the status quo. This means their idea of “queer” sexuality is any sexuality that goes against the wishes of the “anti-sex prudes,”  which is why, when you deliberately recreate the type of sexuality you’ve been taught by the dominant culture, it is considered “subversive” by queer/sex-pozz types.

On a similar note, here’s a unicorn horn dildo.

A dildo should be shaped in a way that it fits comfortably in a vagina, but this is pointy. Presumably, since it’s being sold as a dildo, I’m guessing it’s intended to go in a vagina. So what is this for, exactly? It’s not intended for her pleasure, or it would be shaped smoothly and with a rounded end. It looks to me like it’s for people with a unicorn fetish and who like the idea of putting a sharp object inside a woman. I’d run away really fast from anyone who wanted to use this on me. Thanks to the sex-pozzitive movement, sexual activity is a weird, commodified performance designed to titillate an abuser or a third party who is watching, and it’s not safe for women.

Here’s my feminist and anti-capitalist sex advice: sex is free. It doesn’t cost any money for “services” nor for “products.” It’s not something you “spice up” by buying weird shit or doing weird shit, it’s something you do with your body and a partner who is as excited about you as you are about her/him. If sex is somehow boring for you when you are not doing weird shit, then don’t have sex.

Damn, I’m on a role with the kink-shaming today!

So the next project I’m working on is reading a novel sent to me by a reader. This one is a lesbian novel and it’s not yet published. Hopefully she will publish it this spring because so far it’s really good! In the near future I also hope to read some more books by Leslie Feinberg and some introductory books on Marxism. I’m going to look for anything approximating a “Marxism for Dummies” book because I am starting pretty much at the beginning. I understand some leftist concepts just from interacting with people online but I need a solid foundation. I’m getting so sick of people saying that transgenderism is “the far left” because I know this is not true but I cannot prove why, beyond saying that choosing an identity for yourself is not at all compatible with nor related to eliminating class-based oppression or seizing the means of production. I had a look at Marx’s book on Capital in a bookstore recently, and it was huge, written in tiny print, and way beyond my mental capacity. I’m gonna need something for beginners before I can ever tackle that, if I ever tackle that.

I’m guessing it’ll be a few weeks before you get another long essay from me, because I have lots of reading to do before I actually have another long essay to write. I’m not exactly on “blog vacation,” just need some time. Maybe I’ll post something short occasionally though.


31 thoughts on “Small Post

  1. Oh, I am sure the unicorn dildo disintegrates and disappears once it is inside a vagina. I mean, as soon as the hymen is broken, the woman is not a virgin anymore, and everyone knows unicorns only like virgins! 😛

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  2. In my experience, longer, pointier dildos are usually designed to stimulate the male prostate. I was talking about this with my boyfriend (at the time) and when we pointed out the designs we liked on a certain site, I went for shorter, rounder, and softer designs, while he went for longer, pointier, and harder ones. Later I looked up reviews and the most female-friendly designs were the ones that I thought looked interesting/comfortable xD

    Also in my experience, slightly more dildos are actually designed for pleasuring males than for pleasuring females–especially the fetish-oriented ones (e.g. dragon dicks, horse dicks, alien dicks…). I guarantee you most of the customers of geeky sex toys are male, and many of them are buying for their own use…

    I don’t think that the dildo was designed to portray violence against women. It could be used that way, I guess, but any dildo could.


  3. Great post!

    Since you mentioned reading marx for dummies , I have another recommendation –

    By far the most readable contemporary radical anticapitalist book I have read is ‘Work’ by crimethinc. It is written by an anarchist collective, but don’t let that put you off, it is is a feminist masterpiece. It joins all the dots between oppression of women, porn, prostitution, womens work, neo liberal feminism and the capitalist state with ease. It is not too heavy/ academic but neither is it patronising or simplistic, it gives thoughtful analysis of its own arguments without waffling into irrelevancy. It draws the reader into a journey examining the state structures of patriarchal capitalism from the media to the police to politicians to the pedallers of misogyny through leftist propaganda. Oh and it also has some brilliant artwork in it. Its the book i’d recommend to anyone who would not likely read a ‘radical feminist’ book but that had anti-capitalist tendencies. If you are interested in capitalism/marxism/statism AND radical feminism , this is the book. Emma Goldman’s essays on anarchism and womens liberation are a great follow up.

    Also I just finished a new book called ‘Why I am not a feminist’ by Jessa Crispin. Its a short anti capitalist take-down of neoliberal feminism but with some well argued criticism of radical feminisms failure to grasp what/who patriarchy really is.

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  4. This this was great! Unicorn horns.🙄

    Can’t write a real email because it’s after 4 AM and I need to be in bed. But what you’re wanting is a book called Marx for Beginners, it’s in a comic book format. But it explains all the concepts.

    Warning! Marxism is not “the left”. It’s was nominally the basis for Communism in the Soviet Union. Neither of which were good. Starting in the mid 19th century there was the socialist movement and it’s philosophy. That’s the left. Marxism and Communism are just an offshoot from it. That don’t make any sense. Socialism is a bushel basket of many issues. The ideas of egalitarianism, collective action, women’s equality, the dignity of working class people and the idea society exists to benefit everyone in it are all part of the left/progressive/socialist body of thought. And they criticize capitalism.

    But Marxism criticizes capitalism by inventing esoteric concepts not entirely dissimilar to postmodernism today. It also claims that everything that happens in society is determined by economic relations. Which are called “base”. And society is called “superstructure”. Anyway I’ll leave you to read up on it yourself.

    That comic book is a good starting point. And after that if you have access to a university library you can get a hold of Marxism after Marx. It’s lots of short chapters about the development of Marxist thought. And written by a professor who understands it all real well. There no doubt are more recent things too, since I was interested in this 25 years ago. And then rejected it.

    Cheers. 🙂


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      • First off I read this post in my email app and idiotically thought I was writing you a private email. ☺️🙄 Silly me. I have no reason to think everybody is interested in this much on this topic.

        Obviously Marxism is part of the left. What I meant was Marxism is not the basis of “the left”, and the left has lots more stuff in it in addition to Marxism. Including lots of stuff not compatible with Marxism. I have the feeling I’m being incredibly boring.

        PS the Marx for Beginners book is where I first learned about the technical stuff of Marxism. It’s not what led me to reject it. It’s totally pro Marxism.

        I’ll just shut up about this topic now.

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        • Seems what might be of interest and use is the moment of transition from Marxism/ Communism to Cultural Marxism. This is the beginning of today’s identity politics as we know it. Here is a video:

          It’s called the History of Political Correctness and chronicles the formation of the Frankfurt School in response to the revolution that never took place.
          It’s a decent enough video to understand the historical impulse, but a bit right wing. 😉 Good luck!

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  5. Another great post from you, Purple Sage. Thank you.

    Here’s my favorite breakdown, from Transwidow, of the ways in which transgender ideas are conservative in some regards, and liberal in others. Not in the Venn diagram, which I find confusing, but in the three clear, nice and simple statements below it.

    Of course, trans promote the liberal aspect of their beliefs to those of us who are on the left politically, while trans hotly deny the conservative aspect of their beliefs, at least publicly.

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  6. It never fails to shock me how BDSM practitioners can fancy themselves at all subversive or revolutionary. Hello? There is literally nothing more mainstream than violent sex acts!

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    • Yes! Beautifully put. As mainstream as all get out.

      Months ago I had an article in my browser, didn’t read it, lost it and can’t find it. It was to do with the idea that some people take great pride in having a “high disgust threshold”. So like Uber-virtuesignalling I guess.

      S&M, trans women (especially for males because there’s they think the penis removal aspect) possibly euthanasia are things where people can feel superior because they’re not disgusted by the disgusting thing. Seems like a useful idea.


  7. “anyone can want to play any character in a play and it doesn’t mean a thing”

    Otherwise we’ll have to retroactively trans actors in old Shakespeare plays, everyone on Monty Python and Kids in the Hall, and a fair number of men and women on Saturday Night Live.

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    • Yes. In fact just today I was walking down the street and I suddenly thought what is the Orthodox Trans position on Peter Pan? 🤔

      All the women who played him were trans men? It was secretly a giant piece of trans propaganda?

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  8. “I’m getting so sick of people saying that transgenderism is “the far left” because I know this is not true but I cannot prove why”

    I’m definitely no expert on this but I was recently reading about the relationship between the “root” definition of radical and the “extreme” definition of radical. The latter definition arose out of the former because movements that study the roots of oppression are movements that wish to *overhaul* the faulty systems that underlie oppression, rather than work within them. That’s why Malcom X, who was a separatist, was more radical than Martin Luther King, and why women’s *liberationists* are more radical than those in the women’s “equality” movement (Germaine Greer said “equality is a profoundly conservative goal for women”). That’s why socialists and Bernie supporters are more left than Hillary supporters (but I’m still pro-Hillary for the record). When you look at this it seems pretty obvious to me then that separatists and roots movements are more left than the current popular left, who is more interested in working within the status quo, which is the definition of conservatism. Similarly transgenderists want to pick a “gender” rather than overhaul gender — they’re accepting the system and making choices within it instead of rejecting the system.

    Hmm I think this comment has inspired me to make a blog post about this when I get time, which I haven’t had much of lately. Life is keeping me busy in a very good way.

    Great post as usual.

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  9. I am an opponent of your position *exactly because* I see it as very compatible with a certain kind of Marxism, namely Leninism. So here’s the intro you possibly want, by Lenin himself. (note: sexist passages like “provides men with an integral world outlook” are the fault of the translator and not of the author, the original Russian word means “people”).

    You can also tell your opponents that in the Soviet Union transgenderism was not recognized. You can get additional backup from the recent position of the Morning Star on the issue, this was the Moscow-funded paper in Soviet days.


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