Personal Update

So my blog vacation lasted three weeks! This is not the first time I’ve gone on “blog vacation” only to come back in less than a month, which is actually a normal amount of time to spend between blog posts anyway! I guess I just declare “blog vacation” as a way to tell myself to spend three weeks not writing long essays, because this is what one has to do when one has a blog addiction.

I did do some spring cleaning around here, and it’s not done yet, but I’ve spent the last two weekends going through old stuff and throwing out things I no longer need, and now I need a vacation from that job. It’s actually pretty horrifying. I have made some trips down memory lane and remembered some just awful stuff while going through my old things. Luckily, it’s all thrown out now! And I finally let go of my cassette tapes from the 1990s. Damn! I loved those.

I made some notes for my novel. My next step is to do some actual research, and that will take some time. I figure it will be several months before I have an outline written and can start fleshing out each chapter.

I have been reading a novel written by a radical feminist reader who sent me some free copies. When it’s done I will review it, and then I am going to start reading another novel sent to me by a reader! My readers are awesome!

I have to come back to blogging this weekend, because all sorts of things are pissing me off and I need to write about them! Time to spend endless hours staring at my computer screen again. Dear computer screen, how I love thee!


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