Video: Magdalen Berns on ‘misgendering is violence’

This is another fantastic video by Magdalen Berns. She discusses how gender identity legislation is attempting to force everyone to adopt the language that transgenderists use. She names the important issue that although so-called progressives are fighting to make it illegal to “misgender” a trans person on the basis that it constitutes “violence,” there is still no one (except for radical feminists) pushing to make it illegal to call women by hate speech such as bitch, cunt, whore, etc. Hate speech against women is ignored, and even encouraged, by transgender activists, while we are expected to address them in any way they want to be addressed, even if we disagree. Way to go, Magdalen!


5 thoughts on “Video: Magdalen Berns on ‘misgendering is violence’

  1. I LOVE this YouTuber! I actually shared her video about conversion therapy on my Facebook which I was super nervous about… a few of my friends possibly hate me now lol.

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    • Bravo. As Meghan Murphy said “We need to be braver.”

      My ex called me a “TERF” on social media with the intent to ruin my life. So I got braver because there was no reason not to. And it hasn’t been so bad, for me. Turns out regular people don’t have their panties in as much of a wad about pretending every word of trans ideology is gospel as the transgender activists would suggest.

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  2. This really is an excellent video; most of her videos are. Yes, the really important difference about what transgender activists are demanding is that you change your speech and in doing so seem like you agree with their version of reality. They force you to deny reality. Telling people what they have to say is different from asking people to NOT say certain things. I suppose one could get into a semantics argument in that they’re asking you to NOT say reality, but I really can’t believe that more people don’t see what complete and sheer madness this is. This is male domination on a scale that’s beyond belief.

    Also her point about SEX being the one thing that isn’t protected under these new potential legal definitions is crucial. It’s all so obvious what this is about and it makes me want to throw up.

    Transgender rights and women’s rights are at complete odds because they’re asking us to literally live in opposite land.

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