Video: Big Boo Butch on ‘misgendering’

Big Boo Butch makes the same points I once made about misgendering. Butches get called ‘sir’ all the time and they don’t sue anyone or have a fit. And by the way, getting someone’s sex wrong should be called ‘missexing.’ She really tells it like it is, and she had me roaring with laughter because she’s so blunt and direct.


6 thoughts on “Video: Big Boo Butch on ‘misgendering’

  1. Hey, I’m loving the discussions here! I’ve got a thought I’d like to offer up onto the communal feminist plate. Most of what I have ever heard gender referring to has been the stereotypes/roles of white middle class people in this country. What feminine/masculine might mean in black culture, or what feminine/masculine means in native american culture, is not what is usually being talked about. Also what feminine/masculine means to the working poor..? In other words, the gender role being held up as supremely innate, is actually not just a sexist phenomenon, but racist and classist.
    What do you think?


    • Yes, what “femininity” means depends very much on who is defining it and for whom they are defining it. The femininity that MtT claim to have is often the type they have learned from porn.


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