‘Terf stomper’ buttons


Somebody on Etsy is selling these buttons.

Trans activism is supposedly about gaining rights and recognition for trans people. The fight for trans rights is supposed to be similar to the fight for gay rights. But gays and lesbians never had a slogan about sending straight people to die in a fire. We didn’t go around calling straight people scum. We didn’t make pins saying “straight people stomper.” We just wanted our civil rights–the right to an education and employment without discrimination, the right to live free from bullying and harassment, the right to marry. We did not seek to take rights away from other people. The only slur against straight people that gay people ever came up with was “breeder,” and there is no history of straight people being afraid to speak or gather in groups for fear of being called a “breeder.” This was never hate speech, it was only ever mildly rude.

But women are silenced by the word Terf. Fear of being labelled by this word keeps women from speaking their minds. We are afraid of real violence, because trans activists threaten us when we speak and when we gather. Some of us are afraid of losing our jobs if we speak out publicly against gender identity laws that effectively allow anyone at all into women’s washrooms and locker rooms.

A movement that creates buttons that call feminists scum and tell us to die is not a liberation movement, it is anti-feminism. Liberation movements don’t need to take rights away from anybody else, they just fight for rights for oppressed groups.

The word transgender is a large umbrella term covering quite a few very different types of people. People who genuinely suffer from dysphoria are not being helped by “Die Cis Scum” buttons. The only people who are benefiting from this anti-feminist backlash are misogynists–the types who want to silence feminists and give men the right to do whatever they want, wherever they want, including in spaces that are supposed to be reserved for women.


29 thoughts on “‘Terf stomper’ buttons

  1. Thank you for calling this to the world’s attention. I have dysphoria AND I agree. This is embarrassing. It comes out of a terrible fear campaign that, yes, silences feminist voices. And, it also silences feminist voices that might actually help people like me in a REAL liberating way rather than extorting me for money. I have a friend who is a great example of that. It also adds yet more fear to the experience of having dysphoria. Personally, nothing has helped me more as someone with dysphoria than learning about Radical Feminism.

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  2. I want to say this: hate speech begets hate acts. Already there have been 4 murders committed by 2 trans mtfs against women, lesbians and their son in the SF East Bay. One was a triple murder by well known trans activist Dana Rivers who protested against Michfest at Camp Trans, against a Lesbian.couple and 5heir teenage son in Oakland in November 2016, the other happened last week with an MTF in.Berkeley against a woman. BOTH crimes smack of male entitlement and rage against females. And I can tell you by mid 2013 when I left it was gettting more and more uncomfortable for us Lesbians as our communities were being overrun in.Oakland/Berkeley. Right before the TERF word exploded in the scene….

    So much for the poor mtf discriminated against by horrible women/lesbians who wouldnt hurt a fly meme.

    Male rage kills, NO.MATTER HOW IT IS PACKAGED.
    ….. -FeistyAmazon

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  3. well that’s just fucking awful.

    But Etsy’s not all bad. May I humbly recommend the work of Butchcraft2. (Sorry I would have shown the photo of her lovely craft if I could work it out, but it’s late at my end and I am a bit tired)

    It says ‘we are the grand daughters of all the witches you were never able to burn’.

    Also available in Spanish. I note the lovely Butchcraft2 has over 2.5k likes and recommendations as opposed to radical fuckwit above with the 117 likes. My nieces loved their badges that I bought them (12 & 15) and their Mum didn’t complain either. (although she hasn’t yet sown hers on her bag like my nieces did ๐Ÿ™‚ ) Baby steps, lovely sister mine.

    Good lordess, apart from the total fuckwittery above, the appropriation of the black power symbol without permission is 50 shades of stupid. I’d love to see one of these young boys come up against an actual black power activist. Roadkill springs to mind

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  4. Reblogged this on A butterfly's diary and commented:
    By systematically labelling us hateful bigots, trans activists feel justified in glorifying violence against us. And make a profit out of it. This is not a movement calling for liberation, it is a movement oppressing anyone who doesn’t comply.

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  5. Unsurprising that there are trans women (men) who would believe this to be just fine and dandy. Surprising that Etsy is allowing it. Should we be generous and say that Etsy is unaware or willfully ignorant? Naaaaah๐Ÿ˜ 

    A lesbian asked me a couple of years ago why transwomen say and do such awful things. My answer was, still is “Because they are MEN!”

    In my opinion, they (and the idiot lesbians who supported them) were the reason for the end of Michfest. Unforgivable. The *Indigo Girls *threw us under the bus as well.

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  6. Tranny here. I don’t defend these badges, hate doesn’t end hate.

    I just wanted to say thanks for the comment on the transgender umbrella near the end. I think its important that people recognise the umbrella is a sociopolitical movement which is entirely different to transsexuals, a severe medically supported condition. Not a lot of people are doing this on either side and its truly harmful to people like me.

    So yeah, thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Why don’t the two of you take it up with your movement? I mean I’m happy to see you here and all (not my blog, so it doesn’t really matter) but, contacting etsy and complaining would actually be s a step in the right direction. I’ve yet to see any trans person actually take on the trans ideologues/activists and say “enough is enough”. I don’t think transpeople of either sex give two fucks about what they are doing to the rights of women and the integrity of childhood.

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      • I can hate on their actions while respecting their right to do it I’m afraid. Free speech is free speech and I would never put a quash on that, no matter who is using it and how they’re using it.

        I just don’t think its respectful or how you garner respect from people. It becomes harmful to what they’re trying to achieve because it makes them look like assholes. People don’t tend to respect and support assholes.


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