‘Lesbian’ is still the most searched for term on Pornhub

Pornhub has released their 2016 Year in Review. I’m not going to link to it because I don’t want to send them pageviews but you can find it just by searching “Pornhub 2016 Year in Review” if you want to see the horror show for yourself.

They report the following statistics:

  • 91,980,225,000 videos viewed
  • 23 billion visits for the year
  • 64 million visits per day

Keep in mind this is JUST ONE PORN SITE.

  • For the second year in a row, ‘lesbian’ was the most popular search term
  • Among women who searched for porn, the most popular search terms were “lesbians scissoring”, “lesbian seduces straight girl”, “lesbian strap on” and “lesbian squirt”.
  • Women aged 18 to 24 are 31% more likely to search for lesbian porn. The popularity of lesbian searches drop considerably as women get older.


“LESBIAN STEP-MOM AND DAUGHTER”!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Here are the most searched terms for everyone, worldwide:


Although men are interested in ‘lesbian’ porn, it isn’t their number one interest. Apparently, men are most interested in moms and sisters.


Demographic data starts at age 18. There is no data for what under-18s are searching for, probably because it’s considered in poor taste to mention that under-18s are watching porn, but they are. Whatever is popular among adults is probably what teens are watching too, because that’s what’s out there.

I’m trying to think of what this all means for lesbians. With ‘lesbian’ porn at the top of the search terms, surely this means demand is high for more videos of what is most likely straight women performing acts that male directors have deemed to be ‘lesbian’ sex. I don’t even do ‘scissoring,’ as it doesn’t do anything for me other than make me feel silly, and I can’t even imaging what ‘hardcore scissoring’ might be. I’m definitely not interested in stepmom-and-daughter incest or ‘lesbian’ babysitters. What the fuck??? I wonder who is making these searches. Since Pornhub is getting their data from user account profiles, there could be men with profiles saying they are women. It really can’t be good for us when young people are watching silly, fake, and gross sex acts between straight women and learning that that is what ‘lesbian’ sex is.

And why on Earth are ‘step-moms’ so popular?

Please just catapult me to the moon and get me away from the absolute mess human beings have become.


18 thoughts on “‘Lesbian’ is still the most searched for term on Pornhub

  1. Good lord! Freud would have a field day with the men’s statistics. Turns out all men really do want to have sex with their mothers…and apparently their sisters too! I haven’t the faintest idea what “hardcore scissoring” might be except maybe scissoring that causes injury???

    I find it (slightly) interesting that “lesbian” is searched so much by women. Perhaps women have been so objectified in our culture that they’re the only ones viewed as sex objects by men or women. I could imagine this being the case. Since men are allowed to be human, it’s harder to imagine them as objects for our pleasure. We’re so influenced by the porn-saturated media that it’s hard to separate out what we truly find to be physically attractive and what’s been reinforced by our culture.

    Well, I will be joining you on the moon and perhaps we can establish a radical feminist colony there.

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  2. It could be that a lot of account users on Pornhub are actually male but clicking ‘female’ on their user account. It might actually be MtTs who like hardcore scissoring and incest. We really have no way of knowing. From my experience knowing lesbians, we don’t seek out porn at all, and tend to only want written stories when looking for erotica, and when we do see ‘lesbian’ porn we find it offensive.

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  3. First, I think you have to define ‘woman,’ since we are, apparently, an all-inclusive group of anyone ‘not male,’ and that opens up the field to, well, everyone else.

    So while I wonder if many of these clicks by ‘women,’ are, more specifically, young lesbians who are seeking ‘education’ because they are questioning their sexuality, never realizing that what they see is not ‘real,’ I also think that the women’s numbers are actually inflated by ‘non-males’ with a media-driven, skewed view of what ‘woman’ actually means in real life, given that these women are straight and their bodies exemplify what the ‘male gaze’ desires, by conquest or portrayal.

    As for step-mom and daughter, and MILFs, that’s a male thing, frankly, sons have forever had an infatuation with taking what is considered ‘belonging’ to their fathers, from their kingdoms and companies to their livestock and wives.

    Men are truly sick bastards.

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  4. Yeah, probably some “women” porn users are men, and the dropoff in older age group numbers suggests at least some young bi and lesbian women seeking information. I have always thought anti-porn should be part of gay rights agenda because of the way lesbianism is distorted and exploited in porn, but my impression is that gay men like their porn too much to recognize it as anti-gay.

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    • Gay men love porn. They defend it even though it’s exploitative and racist and causes harm to the actors and causes viewers to have negative body image. Literally even when men know porn is harmful they still defend it. Their right to an erection are more important to them than anything else in the world, because they’re men.

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      • I can only speak for myself, but when I used to watch porn (something I never did before my pornsick ex talked me into it), I sometimes would watch the so-called lesbian porn because so much of hetero porn is all about the man’s pleasure, with the woman’s pleasure being ignored or skimped. Now I realize all porn is made for male pleasure, even if there are only women in the video. It’s much healthier to read a well-written erotic story or use your own imagination than watch someone else’s idea of good sex, particularly when porn is all about exploitation and misogyny.

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  5. Right behind you … and this is part of the reason why young women think transitioning is better than being a lesbian.

    this has been playing on my mind of late … that so many of us are burning out standing against the shitstorm that it’d be nice if there was somewhere we could go to rest, heal, and revitalise our spirits and bodies. Remember in the 70’s-90’s when women banded together and bought land and created communities?

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  6. I also wonder how they know the sex of the people doing the searching. I just went to PornHub just to see if it asks you your sex and it didn’t. Do they have subscribers and find out through a subscriber form? I didn’t see one. Or are they sucking up demographic data somehow? Creepy

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  7. I think the search breakdown by sex is probably mostly accurate. There are probably a lot of young women who are lesbian or bi curious but have no where to go to meet others like them. It also wouldn’t surprise me at all if straight women were looking at so-called “lesbian” porn just to check it out or because they are closet cases.

    A lot more women would act on being lesbians if they could figure out how to get around to it. Not everyone makes it out of the closet. I consider myself lucky.

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  8. My pornsick ex’s favorite porn search term didn’t make the list. He’s super into ballbusting and watching other men’s testicles getting kicked or tortured. It was so exhausting having to put up with his unhealthy fetish, which often included being forced to talk about it on the phone for hours, until 3 AM, or find the videos for him. I’m really, really glad I’m done with that relationship!


  9. I have a question – how in the world do they know who is searching for what? Do you have to sign up for the site and report your sex or do they use cookies and follow people around the Internet? The thought of that makes me hate porn even more than I do now.

    By the by, I’m getting the distinct impression that they release these statistics for the sole reason of spreading propaganda about women’s sexuality. I mean, there is no reason in the world to shout it to the rooftops that women search for “big black dicks” unless they think it says something about women in general. Correct? In a white and male supremacist society, this has implications.

    On the other hand, men’s preferences will go unnoticed and unchallenged, as if they are a reflection on the natural order. Men’s sexual preferences won’t be used to make grand statements about men themselves, and at most will be snickered at and shrugged off as normal. Women, on the other hand, will be perceived as asking for rape when they report women search for “extreme gangbang.” There will be no thoughtful discussion of women’s internalized misogyny or self-objectification in a world that treats her as less than human. It’ll just be used as proof that women enjoy their oppression so men should do more of it. I guess?

    This is assuming it’s women who are even searching for those things, which I’m dubious since men can identify as anything, even a pane of glass, and be taken seriously.

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  10. Interesting observations! The step-mom and sister thing always makes me shudder a bit. Overall, I’m not anti-porn, but I feel like the popular imaginary regarding lesbians is largely shaped by porn, which is ridiculous. Intimacy between two women is so sexualized that you start to internalize it at a young age! I wish there were more sites of intervention for young people to critically discuss female sexuality.


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