Transwoman makes some TERFy points about Danielle Muscato

Ha! A transwoman with a YouTube channel (and who has a really porny idea of what a woman is, BTW), has made a video calling out Danielle Muscato’s bullshit. Interestingly enough, he makes the same points I made about Danielle Muscato! Theryn Meyer—TERF? LOL

Transwomen know what a woman is—an adult human female—and they try their damndest to look like one. Meyer knows that Muscato is not a transwoman, he’s just a dude who’s trolling the trans community. Meyer says that when someone has a female gender identity, he takes steps to look like a woman. If you don’t take any steps to look like a woman, that indicates you don’t have a female gender identity. A man who looks like a man and actually has gender dysphoria won’t want to keep looking like a man! Trans people know this.

Danielle Muscato is just a walking, talking peak trans. He is proof that people will take anyone’s professed identity seriously no matter how far removed from reality it is. Even Meyer doesn’t want to call him by female pronouns. He even says almost the exact same thing I said to Daniel recently regarding people refusing to name what they see with their own eyes:

“It scares me that people are willing to betray with their words the obvious reality that they see in front of their eyes for the sake of political correctness.”

But wait! If we don’t have to call Muscato a woman, then why do we have to call other non-passing transwomen women? Like I asked before:

If you don’t think that Muscato is a woman,
(a) Why not? If he identifies as one can’t he be one?
(b) What’s the difference between a “TERF” not recognizing a trans person’s identity and you not recognizing Muscato’s identity?

This transwoman Meyer isn’t recognizing Muscato’s gender identity which means he is TWANZPHOBIC. Just as transphobic as the TERFs, obviously!

All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the show, because trans ideology eats itself.


31 thoughts on “Transwoman makes some TERFy points about Danielle Muscato

      • I don’t think so, his original announcement post had it all set up, he’s trans but tragically cannot afford to do anything about it for a couple of years. Or however long he likes as it happens.

        Completely set up to exploit his male privilege at the same time as claiming to be the most oppressed of all. Had everyone kissing his arse, and hardly a murmur since despite it being very noticeable. I’ve only ever seen that situation in those circles being referred to obliquely. It’s a powerful position to hold, and I’m sure he is milking it for all it is worth.

        In any case, this is the end game. The ideology has been working to make woman and female a void anyone can claim, so any male that wishes too can do so. Turns out they are a bit uncomfortable with that and so is everyone else. Muscato isn’t the only one doing this, but he sticks out like a sore thumb.

        More peak trans for everyone, and they should learn they reap what they sow. It’s going to be full of weeds too.

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        • “hardly a murmur since despite it being very noticeable”

          Problem is, if you buy into transgender ideology, there’s nothing to murmur about. You can’t say anything because gatekeeping. And because some women have penises and some women have beards. And because it isn’t about stereotypes. Who are we to judge his internal special feelings?

          Whether he’s a troll or whether he isn’t, he’s revealing how very stupid and irrelevant it is to make policies and laws based on people’s internal special feelings.

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    • That would have to be one very long-running act of trolling and fakery! Sometimes a person who puts on a false identity feels compelled to keep it up for the rest of one’s life, since so many people around him or her have already been duped, and that person becomes so completely caught up in perpetuating this lie and even starts to believe in it oneself. I’m specifically thinking about Anna Anderson/Franziska Schanzkowska’s claim to have been Grand Duchess Anastasiya, but she wasn’t the only fraud to have gotten deep into a long-running ruse like that.

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    • (tumblr user queernuck, by the way, is Danielle Muscato 2.0, a bearded gender conforming male who claims to be a transwoman and a lesbian and always talks like a 2nd year sophomore at reed college who has just discovered post-structuralism and thinks he understands it better than anyone else in his philosophy 100 class)


    • I remember when he first ‘came out’ in the atheist community there was a fair bit of snark that he was flagging in the ratings (eg others had higher ratings etc) and this was a simple push to reinvent and get a higher profile. I’m not sure of the truth of this, but it’s equally plausible. Danielle certainly has a much, much higher profile and following than Daniel did.


  1. “If we don’t have to call Muscato a woman, then why do we have to call other non-passing transwomen women?”

    The main argument I can see is a reasonable accommodations one. If you accept that dysphoria is a mental illness, you can make the argument that certain things that alleviate dysphoria are reasonable accommodations for a dysphoric person. This argument is fairly easy to justify for things like pronouns and preferred names, which don’t in any way put an undue burden on everyone else to use, more difficult to justify for letting a non-passing trans person use locker rooms of the opposite sex, and impossible to justify for things like the cotton ceiling.

    Of course the rise in non-dysphoric people claiming to be trans based on sex stereotypes kind of puts a dent in the whole idea of reasonable accommodations. I’d personally have no problem with taking away the trans label for non-dysphoric people and just calling them gender nonconforming but these days, I guess that makes me a TERF as well >_>


      • Me too! I’m somewhat hopeful that people like Danielle (or Riley whatsisface’s video on how your sexual orientation is transphobic) are starting to get public pushback from within the trans community, but although the reaction to these people in private communities has been mostly to overwhelmingly negative, most people just don’t wanna put themselves out there. Probably no surprise considering the kind of harassment campaigns anyone remotely “terfy” is subject to lmao

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        • It will be good when a large number of dysphoric people start pushing back against the more harmful forms of SJW transactivism. I think this will happen, because they are certainly not helping dysphoric people.

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      • My position remains that trans is the fetishists. People who are suffering with psychological problems deserve real medical/psychology care. And I don’t believe this transition garbage is that. It also seems clear to me that people with the problems that they feel are, or get called gender dysphoria are being completely neglected by psychology and psychiatry. And this is disgraceful.


      • I’ve seen a few trans-identified folks expressing surprise and disgust at how someone could claim to be trans and yet not do anything to medically and surgically transition. I used to really like transman YouTuber Yorick, until his channel turned into yet another anti-feminist, anti-SJW platform. He rightly called out transtrenders like Milo Stewart, Justin Dennis (who wasn’t going by Riley yet), and Laineybot (wife of the noxious Onision) for claiming there are hundreds of genders and that you don’t need any dysphoria to be trans. They make the tiny minority of people with lifelong, overwhelming bodily dysphoria look like a bunch of fakers and special snowflakes, and thus make it harder for them to get real treatment.

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    • I understand the point about reasonable accommodations. I’m not completely opposed to using preferred pronouns, and if I knew someone in real life with serious dysphoria I would use their pronouns, just as a reasonable accommodation. But the people claiming trans identities who are just cross-dressers and trolls deserve no such accommodations. And we shouldn’t be expected to believe that people are literally the opposite sex when they’re actually just mentally ill.

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      • No one is “the opposite sex.” Whether you are male or female is determined at conception, and nothing that you or anyone else can do will change that.

        If you are mentally disturbed and the use of the “wrong” pronouns about you helps, makes you feel better, what kind of person would refuse something so harmless? If you were named Charles at birth but now want me to refer to you as “Mary,” I’m perfectly willing to do that. Since I am not qualified to evaluate whether you are “really” trans or just a cross-dresser (and figuring this out would require that I wade WAY deeper into craziness than I am at all prepared to do), I’m even willing to take your word for it. Whatever.

        No, I will not accept you in my locker room, because that sets a precedent that is just way too dangerous for us. If any male can get in there on his bare representation that he’s “trans” or whatever, obviously there is no way to keep rapists or abusers or whoever at a safe distance. Sorry. Use your own locker room. No, you can’t compete with women in athletics, you have an unfair advantage. If women want to meet and exclude you on the grounds that you are not a woman, well, the truth is the truth. And as for demanding that lesbians have sex with you, no one should ever be forced to have sex with anyone, so shut up about it.

        And you can’t force me to believe you are a woman. In consideration of your mental illness I’m willing to be tactful about it, but the facts are the facts.

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  2. Ha! It’s the ultimate karmic irony, isn’t it? I shudder at the thought of this guy being the gatekeeper of femaleness and all the while he tries to shut the door behind himself to keep out those who have taken his own dualistic thinking to its logical conclusion. Hell, why not? Identity is identity, an internal feeling or thought and therefore invisible. Who is anyone to question anyone’s fantasy?!

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  3. I watched a conversation between Theryn Meyer and Jordan Peterson, and she seemed quiet reasonable and was patient while he asked a lot of questions that would be taboo in other circles. She didn’t seem a little porny in this video, but when pressed I’m sure she’d admit that she is a biological male.


  4. I have been following Theyn Meyer for a while since seeing an issue a video discussion with Jordan B Peterson from the university of Toronto ( look up on YouTube ‘rational transperson’). The controversy there revolves around the legislative inforcement of the use of identity pronouns for non binary people. Dr. Peterson’ s stance is that the use of made up pronouns is frankly silly and the further polictical correctness legislations elevates non compliance to a punishable hate crime both in the university and in general society. He believes this polictical correctness jargon is similar to that was used in fascist and totalitarian rhetoric and foreshadows a growing trend.

    I would encourage you to become familiar with these two because it may help us understand what we are facing. But keep in mind,. . .

    First we may not agree with Meyer or Peterson on all points, but in some bizarre way, these people have become our allies. They are attacking the gender non binary PC to preserve Freedom of Speech. Their primary focus is to prevent encoding ‘what you have to say’ into law. Which is very different from making laws about what you can not say.( FIRE in a crowded theater)

    Second, they are not concerned about protecting any oppressed groups rights as much common sense around how people in public relate to each other and where the responsibility for common curtesy falls in an diverse culture.

    Third, they are calling out the gender trend science as bogus, and not helpful when dealing with people with real emotional and psychiatric illnesses. That identity politics are keeping people from healing and maturing into functional adults that can contribute to society.

    Fourth, they both lump all feminists together in one big femme pie and they can not see that there are gender critical feminists. Basically we are damned by association and past politics

    We may not agree with all their stances in this forum but they may give us clues as to where our common ground will be with the rest of our culture, and who our allies will be.

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    • I thought about some of these things after I made a my post somewhat defending Meyer. There is definitely a disturbing trend of transwomen with reasonable views about gender getting sucked into the MRA and far-right movements, which might be an intense backlash to being used as political pawns by libfems.

      Blaire White, for example, has videos saying that if your trans it’s not healthy to always view yourself as a victim of circumstance; you need to take agency and take responsibility for your feelings. This is a positive message that a lot of people can benefit from. Then she has videos saying that BLM is a terrorist group and all feminist are idiots and liars. These are dangerous ideas, and the fact that she seems reasonable on other issues might make her far-right ideas more palatable for some people.


  5. Why are you giving this mental case any ink? Danielle Muscato has no clue what he is or who he is. He is nothing but an attention-starved ugly little round man who has alienated everyone with whom he comes in contact. For chrissakes, his parents are wealthy doctors and even THEY want nothing to do with him. He is living in a homeless shelter in Missouri of all places. His entire trans thing, atheist thing, black lives matter thing — it’s all part and parcel of some kind of mental illness. Soon he will claim to be an alien from the planet Gorgon. Please — if you are not carrying a net, a straight jacket, and you’re not on your way to a nuthouse in the USA, kindly ignore this freak of nature — and let’s face it. That is what he is. Damien LeGallienne pegged him beautifully in his blog — forgot the name of it — but worth reading if you can find it. It’s kind of crude but it’s exactly what this sick lump of shit deserves, He is an insult to trans people, black people, to atheists, and to people of faith.


    • From what I have read he lives in a homeless shelter for WOMEN.

      And that’s the reason why this weird guy needs to be written about; the idiocy that transactivism has established is the reason why he is able to get into women’s spaces.
      Muscato is the predictable result of such idiotic politics.

      He is catered to by a society that has completely abandoned common sense.That’s why it is important to talk about him.
      The Emperor who had no clothes on would not have been a problem, or made an interesting tale, if his subjects had not been fearful and oppressed enough to pretend that he was wearing clothes.

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  6. Wait, so trans people have the right to decide what OTHER people decide as THEIR trans rules?? Do you realize how insane this sounds??? Sorry, if everyone is expected to accept and tolerate YOUR form of mental illness, then EVERYONE has to accept EVERYONE ELSE’S form of of mental illness.


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