Where will you draw the line?

Trans activists tend to say that trans people are essentially or intrinsically trans, and that they have to transition, it’s the only way. They also tend to say that if a male-born trans person has a sexual fetish or a criminal conviction, that shouldn’t stop him from transitioning. His fetish or criminal history shouldn’t stop him from being placed in a female prison, or from entering a female washroom or locker room.

This means the trans community even supports a guy like Stefonknee, the 53-year-old man who likes to imagine himself as being a six-year-old girl while getting fucked in the ass by his “Daddy.” You’d think that they could see that this guy is a disgusting pedophile, but no, he has the full support of his local trans community, including politicians.

Now there’s a new disgusting pedophile in town, Jorven Seren of England, a 55-year-old man who thinks he is a 5-year-old girl. He was arrested recently for kissing an actual little girl, which he did in full view of her mother, and there were 460 images of child abuse on his phone. The Judge was forced to refer to this man as a woman while in court. When he took away Seren’s doll, Seren began to suck his thumb.

(By the way, this man only got 15 months in jail, after sexually assaulting a child and having 460 images of child abuse on his phone. This sentence may have been so low because declaring yourself trans is a get-out-of-jail-free card, or it may be because the justice system has a remarkably high tolerance for child sexual abuse, and doesn’t take any serious steps to combat it. Or maybe both.)

Trans activists—where will you draw the line? Will you continue to support the “gender identity” of men in their fifties, even when they have pedophilic fantasies of being girl children? Even when they like to get fucked in the ass by their BDSM “Daddy” while dressed as a little girl? Even when they sexually assault actual girl children? Even when they suck their thumb while in court? Even when they have 460 images of child sexual abuse on their phones? When will the support end? At some point, don’t you want to enact some sort of criteria to distinguish people who transition due to dysphoria and people who are deranged pedophiles? Don’t you want to make sure you aren’t creating laws that allow deranged pedophiles into women’s prisons, washrooms, and locker rooms? Do you care about little girls who might have to change out of their swimsuit in front of men in their fifties who believe they are little girls and who actually sexually assault little girls in broad daylight in front of their mothers?

It’s long overdue for trans activists to take a good look at what kind of men are joining their movement, and to make an effort to ensure their political organizing isn’t enabling abusers.

13 thoughts on “Where will you draw the line?

  1. The whole essence of Transgender is that it enables people to avoid facing up to objective reality – that’s why it is so popular. If other people suffer, they don’t seem to care. (Not all of them, of course, but the problem ones.)

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  2. Just the thing! This is the thing that needed to be said. And you said it with beautiful clarity. Yeah when will the transactivists wake up and draw some kind of friggin line?

    I remember somebody on another transcritical blog saying that back in the 70s or 80s paedophile groups like NAMBLA tried to sneak in under the gay-rights banner. And it was the lesbians who had to insist they be booted out. So this business of perverts trying to pretend they’re part of the gay and lesbian movement has been around for a long time. And why wouldn’t they try that shit? THEY know they are perverts, and not acceptable. They have no reason not to lie. It’s the job of the gay-rights leadership to see through them.
    👓<- political perspicacity glasses 😊

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  3. In the UK the Paedophile Exchange Network aligned itself with hard left Labour, in the 70s/80s. This alliance turned out to be career suicide for politicians who had sat on platforms with them. However, not at the time but in light of the Saville enquiry. The Transgender activists would be wise to consider their future careers before cheerleading the deviant.

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  4. As a trans person I wanted to give my views on this. If a person has come out as trans years before there conviction, if they’ve started to transition then an mtf woman should be placed in a female prison. However, if someone comes out as trans whilst “in the docks” or in a more expanded way post or just before committing said crime (particularly sex crimes against the opposite sex to that they were assigned at birth) then it is slightly suspicious. Perhaps some investigation should be done to protect women from these people, people who are bringing a bad name to the trans community.


        • How about saving money and, you know, even those trivial female lives, by sticking your goddamn violent males in men’s prisons where they belong, and not pandering to their delusions or giving them a supply of their preferred victims.

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        • What I am suggesting is that we fully check the person is transgender and is a woman before putting them in a female prison and obviously not doing this if it causes danger to other women in the prison. But when you think about it violent males who are violent towards other males are put in male prison there’s no real way to keep anyone safe from violent people


        • No male who is “transgender” is a woman, that’s the point. They’re all men, there is no such thing as changing sex. Being “really teansgender” in men is usually a fetish, autogynephilia comorbid with narcissism and cluster B personality disorders. By its nature that is a threat to women, on top of the male socialisation that makes men a threat to us anyway. Fuck off with trying to pretend males ever belong in female spaces. Dana Rivers would count as one of your “real” trans women, and he is a triple murderer.

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    • Perhaps women should not be put at risk by having men of any sort in prison with them. Plenty of violent criminals have “transitioned” before their crimes. Look at Dana Rivers, triple murderer and before that, sexual predator. No more women should be put at risk by having to share space with him. Sure, keep MTTs separate from other male prisoners, but keep them away from women.

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  5. Careful, PSF… I’m pretty sure that asking the transberks to “draw a line” is “transphobic” or TERFy or possibly both. And thank you for a very fine post.

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  6. We are so militant to protect certain alternate ways of life that people are blind! It is the same in the anime world…child porn is militantly protected as art because we must protect freedom of speech and virtual children aren’t real victims. Bullshit. It normalizes such acts and makes them less taboo.


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