Trans* Exterminationist Radicalicalized Females

Sometimes trolls can be entertaining. There is someone who writes for Portland Independent Media Center who has a habit of writing really hilarious hyperbole about what he thinks radical feminists are like. He sounds no different from any other MRA when he tells outright lies about feminists, misrepresents our position, and pretends as though we are advocating for exterminating people. I’m not going to link, just in case the pingback brings a whole bunch of trolls over here, but if you Google this quote you’ll find the page.

Make America TERF Again
TERF’s are already gloating and rejoicing over Donald Trump’s cabinet picks.
https: // r/GenderCritical/ comments /5edznh/silverlining_in_the_2016_presidential_election/
The term “TERF” (Trans* Exterminationist Radicalicalized Females) was invented only because real radical feminists had enough when a small group of self-radicalized vagina-worshipers began calling themselves feminists and promoting terrorism and genocide against Trans* women.
TERF’s may try to fool people into thinking they are feminists, but they are agents of the alt-right. That’s why TERF’s must be named and called out every day. No, we won’t quit.

Oh, man. Trans Exterminationist Radicalized Females. Well, radicalized females is right! When females witness the removal of our rights by MRAs in dresses, you bet we become radicalized. But Exterminationist? No feminists are calling for extermination of trans people. No feminist has ever killed a trans person. We’re not about killing people, we’re about protecting women’s rights. The people who actually kill trans people are MEN. Trans activists do not want to acknowledge the epidemic of male violence, even though it’s harming their community. They are completely against looking at the reality of male socialization and toxic masculinity that causes men to want to kill transwomen. They cannot put together the fact that radical feminists are against the very same toxic masculinity that is hurting them. They will not acknowledge the fact that a lot of the trans women who are killed are in the sex trade and that it’s johns killing them. They won’t acknowledge that johns are violent and that they are violent toward anyone in the sex trade, whether male or female. No male violence may be acknowledged in any way by trans activists. Instead, they yell at women, who aren’t killing them, for being “exterminationist.” Why? Because we understand human reproductive anatomy, and our understanding of the reality of human beings is allegedly “killing” them. Note that tons of men also understand human reproductive anatomy, but male authors of biology textbooks that call the penis a male organ aren’t getting slandered as TERFs, no-platformed, and sent death threats. That behaviour is only directed at women. That’s how we know that trans activism is a male supremacist and misogynist political group.

Terrorism and genocide? Name one example of any woman committing genocide, for fuck sake. However, if you want to see an act of terrorism, take a look at transwoman Dana Rivers, who has long hated the fact that lesbians want spaces for women only, and who actually murdered two lesbians and their son. That is an actual act of terrorism—a violent male making it clear that he hates lesbians and then actually killing lesbians. But trans activists will not call this an act of terrorism, and instead they go around the internet yelling at women who report that Dana Rivers was male. They are more concerned about the “gender identity” of male terrorists than about the violence they inflict on actual women.

It’s kind of amusing that this troll says TERFs are gloating over Trump’s cabinet picks, when the very first sentence in the link he provides says “I am a Democrat and I abhor just about everything that’s happening right now with Donald Trump and his cabinet appointments.” Yeah, that sure sounds like we’re “gloating,” right?

This stuff about radical feminists being right-wing is insane. Radical feminists are pro-feminist, pro-lesbian, pro-abortion, and are generally socialist and anti-capitalist. We are generally atheists. Sometimes radfems have a woman-centered spirituality but this certainly doesn’t look like the authoritarian, male-centered religions of the right. Calling us right-wing demonstrates that the speaker doesn’t know anything about us at all and has no interest in the truth.

I really, really love the above quote from a silly troll, because of the words “self-radicalized vagina-worshippers.” HELL YEAH. What could be better than worshipping vaginas? (Well, maybe worshipping the clitoris would be better, but, you know, the intent is the same.) Hell yeah I worship vaginas, both literally and figuratively.

And on behalf of self-radicalized vagina worshippers everywhere, I promise to keep on calling out male violence every day. No, we won’t quit.



25 thoughts on “Trans* Exterminationist Radicalicalized Females

  1. Reblogged this on A butterfly's diary and commented:
    Tsk, everyone knows TERF stands for Truly Exceptional Radical Feminist. This post shows very clearly that trans politics is misogynistic and rooted in male supremacy, failing as it does to name the problem: male violence.

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  2. Here I thought I was just some straight dude, when in reality I was a self-radicalized vagina worshiper. SERVWO can be the new title, which can also be read ServeWomen. See, trolls do serve a useful function in the internet ecosystem.

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  3. Why yes, I DO worship vagina 🙂 Like is there something wrong with that? *kegels intensify* GASP. i guess worshiping genitalia is only okay when it’s a penis 9_9 not typical male thinking at all…

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  4. In a way though, gender critical folks are trans exterminationist. Not in the sense that they’re really gonna kill anyone, it’s just that gender criticism from any quarter makes it less likely that trans will be a thing.

    Think about it: Suppose gender critical feminism becomes once again as influential as it was in the 70’s and 80’s. Less dysphoria and treatments other than transition just line we had 30-40 years ago. Remember, transition is an OLD and CONSERVATIVE idea dating back back to the forties through sixties. Back in the seventies and eighties we knew better. If you wanna fight trans remind people that trans is older than gender non-conformity acceptance.

    Yeah, gender criticism is trans exterminationist. And this is as it should be. If radical feminism, which is really just feminism, gained headway as it once did, there will be no trans kids and the autogynephile leaders of the trans movement will be exposed as the fetishists they are.

    And if we make headway against porn and prostitution, and push them back so far to the margins that women might have authentic sexual lives rather than sexualized lives, there will be few autogynephiles.

    Any gender critical theory, whether from feminists or elsewhere, will eliminate trans people. Isn’t that a good thing?


    • I think it’s a very poor choice of words to say “eliminate trans people.” That sounds like you want to kill them. If the goals of gender critical feminism were reached, there probably wouldn’t be a social identity of transgender, but those people would still exist. I think it’s important to explain that clearly because the trans brigade likes to claim we are trying to exterminate them. We really should make it clear we are not.

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      • Would very many dysphoric people really exist in a world that did not have very strong means of gender role enforcement? And add to that acceptance that most folks have have real largely biologically based sexual orientations.

        No strong gender role enforcement, acceptance of homosexuality, push back what porn thinks is sexy, and there will be almost no trans people.


        • Yes, but extermination has a very specific meaning and isn’t used of ideas, but of living creatures. Changing society so that nobody in the future is trans, for whatever reason, isn’t what extermination implies at all, unless one’s going pomo with the language.

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    • Yes, I had already thought about it and DO understand that to eliminate gender roles necessarily negates the need for “transing” at all. I think most gender critical folk already know this – as do trans.

      I think transactivists INTENTIONALLY use inflammatory rhetoric to push their agenda and motivate their non-thinking allies – hence the word “exterminate” which Depaysement & Purple Sage have already pointed out connotes killing. As does “eliminate.”

      They know they’re not at risk of being killed by us. That’s one reason lesbians and other women are targets of their wrath – and not males who do the actual killing. You haven’t heard of any hateful acronym to describe those men, have you?

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