Liberal fascists shout down director of Boys Don’t Cry for alleged transphobia

An article from Reason dot com, which appears to be a right-leaning site, reports:

Leftist Students Shouted ‘F*ck You B*itch’ at the Gay Director of a Pro-Trans Movie, Boys Don’t Cry

Reed college is an American liberal arts college. They had a film screening of Boys Don’t Cry, which the director of the film, lesbian Kimberly Peirce, attended.

According to Reason dot com:

“The students hurled a litany of insults at Peirce, putting up posters that read “fuck your transphobia” and “you don’t fucking get it” among other things. Worse, when Peirce ascended to her podium, students had placed a sign there. It read “fuck this cis white bitch.” That Peirce is actually gender-fluid is quite beside the point.

The students’ unbelievable rudeness crossed the line into a kind of censorship when Peirce tried to speak: the students simply shouted over her. Eventually they let her talk, but some students continued to yell things like “fuck your respectability politics” and “fuck you scared bitch.”

This sort of behaviour from trans activists has been noted before. Particularly, at the Women Speak Out conference in June of this year, trans activists shouted down a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, a black woman and a lesbian as they tried to talk about how to balance women’s rights with trans’ rights in the bathroom debate. They simply would not let them speak at all, the room was a cacophony of sound. It’s clear that when SJW types talk about “intersectionality,” what they actually mean is “my way or the highway.”

“Reed College, by the way charges, $50,000 a year for tuition. The opportunity to scream insults at a queer film director whose perspective is mildly different from today’s leftist students is certainly an expensive privilege.”

Indeed. I hate to call these people leftists, because they are actually over-privileged, overly dramatic stupid wankers who couldn’t possibly organize anything constructive to help marginalized people. This is NOT my idea of what the left is.

A blog post on Bully Bloggers also documented the protest. A commenter on that post who claims to be a student at Reed wrote that Peirce “engaged in a hostile interaction with students” and that she “refused to acknowledge certain protesters when they spoke or raised their hands, until a protester became frustrated and shouted at her.” This commenter doesn’t acknowledge that the students brought the hostility with them in the first place with their posters that said things like “Fuck this cis white bitch.”

A commenter who claims to be a teacher at Reed says: “I am intimidated by these students. I am scared to teach courses on race, gender, or sexuality, or even texts that bring these issues up in any way–and I am a gay mixed-race woman.” 

This sort of behaviour by university students is shocking. I would hate to be in university right now, where liberals have somehow turned into fascists, and no one is allowed to step outside the party line. Even people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, and from racial minority groups can get harassed and verbally abused by people who are purported to be fighting against discrimination.

If you attend an event where you don’t agree with the speaker, a civilized person will sit and listen and then voice their disagreement using evidence to back up their claims. This tactic of showing up and shouting at people is immature, embarrassing, and unproductive.

People have all different opinions and beliefs, and we should value learning different perspectives and learning ways to argue and win based on facts and evidence. We should be willing to listen to people we disagree with, even if it’s only for the purpose of explaining why we disagree. I hate to see the state of discourse at the university level devolving into a Tumblr-style shouting match.


16 thoughts on “Liberal fascists shout down director of Boys Don’t Cry for alleged transphobia

  1. This a;; seems to part of a drip drip of trans bollocks. This, that LGBTQ+ police support officers who showed junior recruits a porn they were in. The London Transport Enquiry into how to replace “Ladies and Gentlemen” in LT announcements.

    All these suck out any credibility out of feminism, LGB rights or any sort of left organisation.

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  2. I think you hit on something when you said . “I hate to see the state of discourse at the university level devolving into a Tumblr-style shouting match.”
    I believe Internet culture has bred and/or exacerbated a type of discourse that basically entails hurling insults at others in order to silence them. This style of communication (if you can even call it that) is born on message boards, in strings of comments and replies left by faceless people to be absorbed by faceless others.
    What we see is people treating others as their own personal sounding boards without regard for the effect their words have. There’s no restraint and no listening, only immediate reactions.
    I’d like to see a long-term study of these changes and what seem to be their causes so we can at least name what’s happening.

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  3. It’s this behavior that drove me offline for a few years, and I see it has only gotten worse. Making any kind of observation, comparison, polemic, no matter how mild or how many disclaimers you add…you will be piled on if someone somewhere just doesn’t like what you said, or doesn’t like you. Once I made some, um, critical observations regarding mothering culture in the feminist movement, and I stated the fact that private property owners have certain rights as to what happens on that property. It’s a long, convoluted story but it ended with my being immediately compared to Jim Crow supporters and anti-gay activists (Irony! It burns!) By dozens of people. Hundreds of hostile comments. And as usual, lots of people liked my comment but not ONE person had the courage to defend me publicly.

    And that was just online. I couldn’t imagine being subject to this treatment in person, especially in a place that is supposed to be, I supposed, “civilized.” This isn’t a protest. It’s a tantrum.

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  4. It’s not just the young people throwing around inflammatory rhetoric and engaging in temper tantrums these days. I had a customer come in a make a special request for service. I explained that I would need to check with my boss to see if regulations permitted her request. She immediately threatened multiple times to get my coworker fired if we didn’t comply. I’m beginning to think a large number of people in this country need their mouths washed out with soap and a long stint in a time out chair to reflect on their behavior. Although in my childhood, it was a smack on the butt. I’ve been re reading my book on the narcissism epidemic and I find it makes a lot of sense. We’ve stroked people’s self esteem to the point they can barely function in the real world.

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    • I’m curious about what’s going to happen when these people are all in the workplace. How are businesses even going to run anymore when everyone spends all their time taking selfies and having tantrums? Boy, am I an old curmudgeon, and I’m only in my 30s.

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      • From what I’ve witnessed, people hate conflict so they acquiesce to these displays. Instead of my boss addressing the issue and the threats, he just told us to comply to her demands. My coworker and I weren’t too happy with being thrown under the bus yet again. The other issue we’re worried about this tactic being rewarded is that it sends the message to the rest of the town that this is the way to get what you want. I think this capitulation in the face of unreasonable demands has become endemic in our culture and our institutions. People witness the rabid feeding frenzy that occurs when someone says “No” and figures screw it, I don’t need this hassle. Society is sailing merrily on the path of least resistance.

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  5. If I had a teenager right now, I would not support them in going to college in any way. A huge expense, maybe a huge debt, and for what? They get no exposure to critical thinking, only induction into an identity warrior cult. I think a person would have to be very mature and have experience with the realities of earning a living to handle this environment.

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  6. This reminds me of the old lawyer’s advice:

    If the law is on your side, argue the law.

    If the evidence is on your side, argue the evidence

    And if the law is against you and the evidence is against you, pound on the table.

    The transberks and their enablers have no facts and make no argument. They just pound on the table.

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  7. “I hate to call these people leftists”

    I’m getting to where I hate to call myself a leftist. It’s gotten so bad that I’m at the point of distillation; what does the word mean and what parts apply.

    These are the overly washed liberal masses leading the charge against sanity, not some downtrodden groundswell that’s rebelling. These are people with too much time, too much money and too much learning who’ve decided to align themselves with those they think are oppressed all the while taking the driver’s seat and making it all about themselves. (Pardon my run-on.)

    If you can’t win an argument, shout the loudest and then you and yours can pretend you had a debate.

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  8. Whilst the actions of the students only reflect on them, why was there no chair at this meeting to bring them to order?
    I find it absurd (and I’m using that word too often lately thanks to trans activism) that a place would invite a guest and then not ensure they had, at least, a polite method of raising issues. As for the placard – words fail me.

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  9. I think the problem is that TB was presented in the movie as a dysphoric lesbian who because of her upbringing could not believe she could love women as she wanted to without thinking she should really be a man.

    The movie presents internalized homophobia as a deadly and abusive way of life.

    In the new world where straight men with money control the so-called LGBT movement dysphoric girls and women are an embarrassment. Yep, it’s true, a third of the the “lesbians” on the GLAAD board are straight men. They want all the more butch leaning girls to transition to chase after straight girls so the more feminine presenting lesbians of their porn fueled fantasies can be shamed into having sex with them.

    “Boys Don’t Cry” presented a story about a self hating lesbian who thought becoming someone else could save her.

    This is unacceptable to the genderists.

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  10. The person who said “fuck this cis white bitch”. Was he a white male by any chance? If there is any group of people who hates white women more than anyone else it’s white men. And this trans fad gives these MRAs-in-disguise the ultimate excuse to pull the race card while complaining about “female privilege” under the rubric of gendered rhetoric.

    Hiding behind their “woman-face” vindicates these cowards of any past aggressions their forefathers may have enacted on other peoples hundreds of years ago, so they can lay it thick on the very group of women who were also their property up until the late 19th century. Those very same women who took part in the abolition of slavery in America, if they want to get technical.

    Anytime these men (I won’t call them what they are not) want to accuse you or your feminist compatriots of racism, or bring your racial or ethnic background into the discussion as a means of shaming you, throw it right back in their faces and tell them that the white male is the ultimate slave master. And remind them with enough vigor that they are white males. Then see how quiet they get.

    And just a manly suggestion before I end this mansplain: Women have to get brutal with their words and their actions, because it’s not fair what is being done to females, and the whole world has turned against you, from top to the bottom.


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