No space for women

A friend of mine went to an event recently and found the washrooms like this:


The women’s washroom has been turned into a gender neutral washroom, and a sign on the door indicates women, men and in-between. The men’s washroom remains unchanged. Note: these are not single stall washrooms, they are group washrooms.

It’s starting to become a noticeable pattern that when one washroom is made into a gender neutral one, it’s the women’s that gets converted. This means that men can go anywhere but women cannot have any space just for ourselves. If you enter an establishment and find the women’s washroom taken away, please complain to the manager and stop using the business until they provide a washroom for women. Any male allies out there? You can do the same thing. Complain to management that there should be a women’s washroom and do not give them your business until they give it back.

Women, please document this whenever it happens. Take a photo and put it on social media. We need to keep records of our spaces being taken away.

Transgender activism works to remove women’s right to safety and privacy and does not allow us to set boundaries. We need to oppose it with full force.


34 thoughts on “No space for women

    • Trans are expected to use the disabled washroom. What is showing in the picture is what were the mens and (unisex) disabled washrooms. They are now the men’s and gender-neutral plus unisex disabled washrooms. The mens and women’s washrooms haven’t changed. If the womens washroom is a long way away it has nothing to do with the introduction of the ‘gender neutral’ washroom.

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        • They added a sign to allow able bodied people to use it. The story here is disabled bathrooms being changed to include able bodied people. Disabled people need to have adequate toilets as they often cant ‘hold it’.
          This story looks like a beat up.


        • What you are saying is not true. My friend was at this location and took this photo. She noted where all the bathrooms were, who they were for, and their size. If you continue to say things that are not true, you will be banned.

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        • Why did it already have the blue disabled sign on it? And not a covered up women sign like the mens sign.
          Also was there another disabled toilet near the womens toilet? (Probably also changed to ‘gender neutral’).


        • Since I’m not the owner of the building, I don’t know why they added a wheelchair accessible washroom to the women’s washroom but not the men’s. However that is not the issue here.


        • Well it kind of is. Prior to the trans issue, men (not just men pretending to be women) were already allowed in the womens bathroom. That is an issue for both women and disabled people.
          I would like to know exactly where this was, this really doeant make sense, and neither does the picture. The pre-existing signs are a blue disabled toilet, and a black and white mens sign. Paper has been added to the disabled sign to make it for all able bodied people as well as disabled. Youve also said there was another womens toilet further away – another womens toilet on its own, or with a disabled toilet, and a mens toilet? It just doesnt add up. I would require more evidence before i taje this seriously. It makes us look a little hysterical

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        • You are unbelievable. Men were not allowed in the women’s washroom until the trans cult started removing women’s right to our own spaces. What planet are you living on? If you do not believe women when they report what they see with their own eyes and you think we are “hysterical” for complaining about things that are wrong, you are no feminist and do not belong on a feminist blog. Bye!

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  1. This is so fucking disgusting. On top of everything else who is it who thinks they have the authority to make these decisions? Like this location is clearly some kind of institutional place. It’s not a bar, it’s not a home. Could be a school. Why do people think they can make up new laws?!

    I am very angry about this.

    I tweeted a link to this and the picture shows, partially, in the tweet. So that’s nice.

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    • Yes, it is disgusting. It’s clearly a war on women; they do not have the balls (pun intended) to infringe on men’s spaces. Boycott the hell out of these assholes and show them that we are not going back to the Victorian era where women are confined at home because of identity politics.

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    • Totally, it’s dictatorial.

      Notice that none of the people affected are ever asked what they think of this. The Justice Department thing on middle and high school locker rooms, the same. No hearings, no discussions, no nothing, it all comes Down From On High because it’s For Our Own Good to accept these men into our private spaces. If we don’t like it or feel threatened we should “get over it.”

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  2. The stupidity, it burns us. There is often a line at the ladies for several reasons:

    1. Women don’t usually use urinals, so even a quick pee is not that quick. Combined with:

    2. Women tend to wear more restrictive clothing, exacerbating the need for extra stall time.

    3. Periods. Tampons don’t magically refresh themselves. There is an art to getting pads to sit correctly and neither flip upside down (for cloth ones) nor attach themselves to pubic hair (for disposables). And guys don’t have that issue.

    4. Women often go in groups to avoid risk of sexual assault, meaning additional crowding issues.

    5. And finally, the whole issue of women being expected to do the vast majority of caring labor means we have kids of both sexes and sometimes people with disabilities being cared for by women.

    All of which adds up to a paper I read once somewhere long before men geared up the campaign to muscle into women’s spaces which said that in order to have equitable waits, architects should design with double capacity for women’s rooms, as well as creating family restrooms to allow for childcare responsibilities.

    Given all of this, plus women’s reproductive vulnerability, I think it’s the men’s room that should be open to all who want to identify their way somewhere and the women’s room should be left alone.

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  3. It appears that the already existing unisex disabled bathroom has been relabelled as gender neutral. It would make sense then that the already existing male and female bathrooms have not been changed. There has been no change in what sex/gender can use thw bathrooms. The change is that able bodied people can now use the disabled bathroom.


        • I have NEVER seen a women’s restroom that was open to men (before this current craziness I mean), wheelchairs or no wheelchairs. Wheelchair accessible facilities have always been marked as gender neutral, in my experience.

          There is occasionally a sign that a disabled person might be accompanied by a caregiver of the other gender, but that is not what we are talking about.

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  4. Such an irony that it is trans women and cheerleading women driving the campaign. If effeminate gay men admitted they fear men’s rooms we would get loser to the truth of this. Although despite the feminised appearance not sure how many will cope with the queues. Saturday shopping excursions prove women have to queue to use toilets whereas men due to nature of design, do not.

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    • VERY interesting reflection! How many of these guys in dresses are going to be willing to wait in the long, slow queues which are normal for us? It’s on every shopping trip, at every sports event and every airport. Do they realize what they are signing up for?? Perhaps they have out-smarted themselves! (Will they become impatient and bolt for the men’s room after all, as we sometimes do ourselves?)

      On the other hand, since this society only listens to males complaining, always ignoring women, maybe these guys can at last bring about the long-awaited Restroom Reform, and get us adequate facilities! If a MAN complains the society tends to listen!

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  5. ugh, I used to do tenant organizing and one of our directors was trans, ex lesbian FTM, nice person but she insisted that all bathrooms have “All Genders” on doors when we had our members meetings. So I’d get these angry moms coming up to me and complaining that their little girl just walked into men’s room and saw some dudes penis. I’d say, “go talk to that guy, he’s the one who insists that we do this” We alienated the crowd we were suppose to be helping, the working class, just so a few college kids could feel cool, it was so obnoxious. Also obnoxious is I had people come up to me to complain about it and as they read the director as a gay man ( a lot of FTMs get read as gay men, at least in my experience) and they complained about how gay men are perverts and this tricking little girls into going into men’s room just proved it. It was fucked up. I eventually just started taking down signs and when asked what happened to them said, “God knows”. My standard answer when I do something and am not going to tell ya I did.

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    • It’s always amazing to me how even people born female have no regard whatsoever to the effects their activism has on women. That’s not exclusive to FtMs though, lots of regular women hate women. It’s infuriating and incomprehensible every time.

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  6. It’s one thing to use a single-stall men’s room if the women’s room is occupied and you have to go too badly to wait, but entirely another to outright remove the women’s room and force women to go in a unisex bathroom if they don’t feel comfortable with it! I do think people who feel comfortable with unisex bathrooms should have them, but they shouldn’t come at the expense of a separate women’s room.

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