Autostraddle: sex toys for trans women

Oh, Autostraddle! A website which claims to be “the world’s most popular lesbian website” and “a progressively feminist online community for multiple generations of kickass lesbian, bisexual & otherwise inclined ladies,” likes to promote the opinions of men who erroneously call themselves “lesbians” and who give advice to women who are presumably lesbian and bisexual on how to have sex with men. It should really go without saying that giving advice to lesbians on how to have sex with men is neither progressive, nor feminist, nor lesbian.

An article called Holigay Gift Guide: Sex Toys for Trans Women, written by a “lesbian” trans woman, gives advice for what kind of sex toys to buy your Laydee for Christmas, and most of them are things to shove up his butt. It should really go without saying that lesbians don’t want to shove anything up men’s butts, even when those men are wearing dresses and makeup.

The article opens like this:

“Dating a trans woman is cool! Sleeping with a trans woman is cool! Fucking a trans women is cool!”

This coming from the “world’s most popular lesbian website”? I gotta tell you, this sounds a lot more like the world’s most popular autogynephile website. Ain’t no lesbian who wants to fuck a trans woman.

“Trans women have prostates! Or at least most of us do. And when it comes to sex, that’s a great thing! If she’s into that! Here are some toys to help you reach the g-spot in your favorite t-girl.”

You know why trans women have prostates? Because they’re male!

“Maybe you’ve already got the butt stuff covered. If that’s the case and you want to try some different things, I’ve got some ideas. When you’re a trans woman and you start hormones, one of the results is that your nipples become ridiculously sensitive. In order to take advantage of that, you can get the Rings of Fire Nipple Press Set or Feather Nipple Clamps.”

Okay, if my nipples were extra sensitive due to hormones, the LAST thing I’d want is a nipple clamp on them. Especially one called “Rings of fire.” Yikes! Could this maybe be a masochistic fetish?

“Condoms aren’t just for men, you know; they can come in real handy for sex with a trans woman.”

You know why condoms come in handy for sex with trans women? Because they have working penises that produce sperm! Because they’re male!

And then he suggests some lacy underwear that are open in the back for easy butt access. You don’t even want to see the picture of that.

Lesbians are not interested in sex with trans women. We are not interested in penises even if their owners call them ‘strapless’ or laydee sticks, and we are not interested in men’s butts. Lesbians are interested in female humans only. Male autogynephiles’ sexual desires do not belong on a lesbian website. Although bisexual women are attracted to men, they don’t read a lesbian magazine to learn about sex with men. If bisexual women are reading a lesbian magazine it’s for the woman-loving content.

Men are not women and they’re not lesbians.


35 thoughts on “Autostraddle: sex toys for trans women

  1. I liked the part best about why a t-girl needs a condom. That was definitely a “duh” moment. Besides, guys who are that focused on anal stimulation tend to fall on the gay part of the spectrum. So it really should be a guide to male gay sex. Right?

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  2. Imagine if they did an article like this about black women, how fucking black women is cool! And with all sorts of creepy underwear stuff. Because this is supposed to be about ending discrimination against the poor male lesbians, right? So wouldn’t it be the same thing if they did it to end racism?

    No, if they did the same thing with black women they’d call it what it was, porn. But this is speshul because these male lesbians are Really Women and being a woman is just the worst thing in the world, so poor them!

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  3. Why do these guys always want to advertise their apparently nonexistent sex lives? Desperation is not an attractive feature. And every time they talk about how surely you want to buy them frilly knickers and suchlike, it just sounds pathetic – like a kid showing up to the swimming pool where everybody is playing wearing a baseball jersey, pants, and so forth, carrying a ball and mitt and asking who wants to toss a few. Kid, I’m so sorry, but they’re already having fun doing something else. If you would just head down the road to the kids in the open lot, you’d do so much better.

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  4. Creepy. If these men were happy with their sex lives, would they be eager to rush onto the internet and post this garbage about gold butt-plugs and stuff like that? Complete with advertising!

    “Dating a trans woman is cool! Sleeping with a trans woman is cool! Fucking a trans women is cool!”

    If it was that cool would you need an advertising slogan? Does Playboy contain ads like “Fucking women is cool”? No. Because their audience is already on board with that idea, they don’t need to be talked into it.

    I’m thinking maybe posting stuff like this is the only action these guys ever get.

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    • Most likely. They aren’t getting any action from real lesbians because any woman who willingly sleeps with one of these men is by definition not a lesbian. In the event that he tricked her, that is called rape and he should go to jail with the other creepy men.

      Real lesbians do not need condoms when we are intimate with each other because we are real females and do not produce sperm.

      This is very much an autogynephile supporting magazine. They need to change their name to “creepy fucked up men with a lesbian fetish”. I used to be pretty indifferent to porn, but it’s clear the left wing is using it to groom women to be sex objects.

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  5. I am making a collection of “Mad things the Transgender Cult says” and this is now top of my list. “Express your lesbian sexuality by shoving stuff up men’s bums”. The phrase – You couldn’t make it up – doesn’t even start to express my feelings on this one : -)

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  6. What is with this creepy trend of men calling themselves lesbians?! I also recently saw a comment from an MTT who said he was really angry, hurt, and offended that none of the women on a lesbian dating site wanted to date a man, so he deleted his profile. Ya think?! I’m trying and failing to think of anything more obviously male than a penis. As Jerry Springer said on one of his classic episodes, to an MTT who’d cut off his penis with a razor and flushed it down the toilet because “I’m a lady!” and “It was in the way,” “Call me crazy, but you’re not a lady if you’ve got one of those.”

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    • It’s the same old violation imperative masquerading under a new name. What’s most infuriating is that any woman supports these guys, and also how it implies that actual lesbians go around expressing their right to date other women this way, that this is somehow a lesbian thing, to guilt trip women who don’t want to date them. That’s a lesbian-hating stereotype that’s buried in this garbage heap as well.


      • Time was, not being interested in any given male got you called frigid or a lesbian, and (in my very limited experience) they’d piss off after the attempted insult. Now that seems to be justification – especially when the woman involved is lesbian – for the Pigs in Wigs brigade in particular to target women. Not that corrective rape and general harassment of lesbians is anything new, but it’s such an obsession with AGPs.

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        • Yes. But the social and even legal validation of these men as actually being women is a whole new kind of cray. Men saying they are lesbians trapped in a man’s body is an old come-on line, I remember hearing that one in the late 1970’s, but people didn’t use to take them seriously.

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