WTF America

You cannot be serious.

That’s it– I’m moving to another planet. I’m totally done with this one.


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  1. I know right?! It’s like putting the dog in charge. I don’t see how it’s even going to work. Also I keep thinking of Mike Harris. He was a functional and damaging premiere for a while. But then he just wandered away. I’ve got a picture of Trump doing that stuck in my head. Perhaps I’m going to wake suddenly from that illusion.

    😳 <- this will be the operative Emoji for sometime.

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      • Definitely way worse than Harris. Trump is within spitting distance of being a friggin neo-Nazi. And used racial and ethnic hatred to get elected. Harris just used vengeance on poor people. 😬 And mostly the promise of money.

        I guess Trump makes me think of Harris I was terrified of what Harris was going to do to the programs that keep me alive. I turned out to be OK. Just scared for years. So yeah that’s probably me a weird making an association. But the fear of a nutty guy wrecking things, is the same.

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        • Actually his more like Benito Mussolini – a fascist. After four years I would not be the least surprised if if tries for President for Life, with his equally awful son as heir apparent… Or maybe that is just me, being all conspiratorial. Cozying up to Vladdy, does not bode well for puny little Norway, and all our jummy oil…
          He also seems to not understand the function of NATO. I’m quite frankly scared.

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        • You’re in Norway? I’ve been watching that show Occupied. It’s on here in Canada. So I know what you mean about the yummy oil.

          I understand being scared. But it’s good to remember that Congress is very powerful in the US system. It’s not like a parliamentary system. And it can’t be overstated how much Trump is not a professional politician, not a Republican. The Republicans in Congress, who are horrible on most issues, are going to want to contain Trump so that 10 and 20 years from now they still have a party.

          And I strongly suspect Trump is going to really not want to do 90 per sent of the president stuff. He’s going to be horrible on domestic policy. He’s a businessman he knows about some of that stuff. He’s going to screw everybody who isn’t a plutocrat. But on foreign-policy he’s going to get these briefings he’s going to know he doesn’t understand it and he’ll just do what the Republican establishment and Congress wants him to. And Congress recognizes what a complete disturbed maniac Putin is. Trump’s Putin love is definitely not shared by the Republican establishment. So there’s that. 😊

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        • Thank you, PetuniaCat! Very cute nick! 😀 It’s not easy to follow american politics, but you kinda have too, right? Norway has a tendency to go where the US goes, and that’s not always a good thing. But we have a very strong historical bond with USA. Fun fact: There’s 5 times more americans happily claiming their norwegian roots, than there are norwegians in Norway. 😀
          The people who left Norway (about 100 years ago) for a new life across The Atlantic must have bred like happy bunnies! 😀
          PS! How cool you’re watching norsk tv in Canada!

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  2. There’s a piece in the New Yorker today that says it all. www . newyorker . com/news/news-desk/an-american-tragedy-donald-trump . Me, I’m in tears of disappointment and disgrace and struggling to find a way to cope with the fact that this is really what a majority of Americans wanted.

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  3. Woke up during the night (I’m in the UK) and saw what was happening. I wept. Brexit was hard to take, this has taken most hope away. I fear Pandora’s Box has been opened and it will embolden the far right everywhere even more. We saw that in Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders’ reactions. Both France and the Netherlands have elections in 2017 and it’s difficult not to be worried.

    Sad, dark day.

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  4. I know you hate my guts and I’m not supposed to post here, but let me join you in saying: fuck no. Trump is a threat to good queers like you, bad queers like me, racial minorities, poor people, and probably everyone else (because of the environment and climate change).

    I hope we can somehow join together in solidarity against this rapey orange bastard, because he is a bigger deal than queer infighting ever was.

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  5. As much as this might surprise people, I have friends and family who are Trump supporters and I don’t hate them, and I’m not mad at them.

    No, I’m mad at the American so-called left.

    Pandering, useless, no principles or vision, stupid in a way that defies explanation and cowardly to boot.

    They should have known what was at stake. They should have known this wasn’t just any election. In a typical Republican vs. Democrat election, I am a strong proponent of not voting, doing a write-in, or voting third-party. But there is a time and place for everything and given the obvious and grave danger Trump poses, this was NOT the time to take a risky protest. But no, they refused to take one for the team and instead whined and stomped their feet, took their ball and went home.

    They insisted, dearly wanted to believe, despite every ounce of evidence to the contrary, that Hillary was just as bad as Trump, that they were equal evils. Never mind that Hillary does not brag about committing assault or destroying civilizations, or stalk and harass her opponents. Never mind she has education and experience that puts most people on this planet to shame, even if we don’t like what she did with it…while Trump had nothing. Never mind the good that Hillary did, even if she also did wrong, while Trump contributed absolutely nothing to society. No, somehow, Hillary’s knowledge and experience is comparable, in these people’s minds, to a reality TV show star with a bad case of arrested development and a personality disorder.

    Because Bernie! Because OMG Bill Clinton sex scandal! Because Hillary not likeable!

    Never mind that Trump had the support of neo-Nazis, the KKK, and white supremacists and did nothing to discourage them and, instead, pandered to and enabled them.

    Never mind that the majority of Trump’s statements are proven lies.

    Never mind that every single living ex-president, including two dedicated Republicans and their wives, voted Hillary and/or begged people not to vote for Trump.

    Never mind that leading conservative GOP supporters denounced Trump, left the party, and voted Hillary.

    And here is what chills me to the bone as a practicing Catholic: Numerous Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, and evangelical leaders thought Trump so vile that they virulently opposed him, publicly compared him to Satan and his supporters to idolaters. They hated Trump so much they voted Hillary, third party, or not at all, and urged their base to do the same. And these weren’t necessarily liberals either. They were men as conservative as Matt Walsh from The Blaze and pastpr Max Lucado. And apparently Trump has threatened them for opposing him.

    And people refuse to see the sexism of it all. Every time someone criticized Obama they beat the ‘racist’ trope like a drum. But no matter how obviously, violently sexist Trump and his supporters behaved…liberals, especially FEMALE liberals, refused to vote for Hillary, to vote for their own sex and their own interests, refused to do whatever was in their power to make sure Trump never had power over American women.

    Then again, what can you expect from a group of people who think Laverne Cox and Brucilla deserved “Woman of the Year?”

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        • Your not expecting anything of them leading to you subjectively not being disappointed doesn’t mean they are not objectively more guilty of the Trump desaster than those who “let it happen” in some indirect way.

          Frankly, I am fed up with people blaming everyone BUT those who voted for Trump.

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        • Yes, ultimately, Trump could not win without large numbers of people, including white supremacists, misogynists, and God and country bumpkins who are obsessed with abortion voting for this train wreck. I shouldn’t have said I’m not mad at any Trump supporters because clearly…I am angry with a lot of them and we all should be.

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    • I’m angry with the left for the reasons you put forward so eloquently. We needed unity yet all I saw was a barrage of attacks on Clinton, and the misogyny was clear for all to see. The left has got to learn to bridge the ideological fractures within its rank if it is to get anywhere. It currently has no vision to offer.

      I’m furious with the right, too. Neoliberalism has created most of the mess we’re now in but the right never seems to have to face the consequences. The right-wing media stokes the fire of fear and hatred through its lies and misrepresentations, which prepares the ground for a demagogue to thrive by giving the illusion of solutions. Combined with the left’s inability to understand the situation, we end up with Trump.

      I’m so angry with those who voted for Trump or a third party, or didn’t vote at all. Shameful. The next four years have the potential to be disastrous.

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    • To play the Devil’s advocate for a moment. I think a lot of people don’t think that this ugliness (KKK, Facism, etc) exists in this country. They’re like cockroaches that scuttle around in the darkness unseen in the light of day. They’ve felt emboldened and feel safe to creep out into the light. This is a good thing in some respects because if they are seen they can be confronted and the darkness battled. They can pull communities together. I’d never heard of the Westboro Baptist Church wackos until Michael Shepard was murdered and they started protesting at gay funerals. People pulled together and used nonviolence to confront them and protect mourners from their rhetoric. Reports of swastikas being painted on buildings has started…hopefully good people from both sides of the political spectrum will come together to say No to this behavior.

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    • An example of what was at stake in this election such that not voting for Hillary was NOT the left wing thing to do regardless of what the Bernie Bros etc say, a Twitter friend of mine is now in danger of losing her fucking insulin if Trump manages to throw out Obamacare.

      It’s that dilettantish-cosplay idea of “the left” where the objective is all to do with how glamorously radical oneself is, and not about actual human suffering. And the intellectual pretentiousness! Good night. Had 2 annoying but also kind of hilarious conversations on Twitter. Me and 2 Twitter friends arguing with the fake left-wing version of special snowflakes. 🙄

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  6. I have been through a hell of a lot in and for this country, and so has my family and my partner.

    But now I’m really done with this place. There are great people here, but today I just want to hand in my passport, give my SS number back, and leave. I’m just. Done. I’m not proud to be an American. I don’t even consider myself one today. This isn’t my country. These people who voted in Trump don’t even deserve us to stick around. They can watch their country burn but I’ll be damned if I’m there burning with them. I’ve already experienced people try to destroy a country. I’ll pass.

    This can’t be my world. All of my friends and family members just feel shattered and hopeless. There’s nothing left to say.

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      • Sorry if that was misleading. My father immigrated here from the Middle East in the 80s. He and my family were attacked by both the government and the hillbillies around here after 9/11 (sorry, I’m not feeling civil right now and will use the word hillbilly profusely for a minimum of 4 years).

        I was born here as a U.S. citizen.

        And unlike some people who I admire very much, I’m not in the mood to sacrifice myself and my sanity (once again) to fight for the future of this hillbilly nation, and so unless I change my mind and try to become a bigger person, I’m fucking out of here.

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    • I (stupidly) didn’t renew my passport when it expired last year. Here’s hoping the wait isn’t too long. I want to be anywhere but here. But while I’m here, I want ACTION against this deplorable “leadership”-elect. I’ve said it for years, that in some ways I (almost) felt as if I had more rights as a woman back in the 90s than I do now. And that the US still wasn’t ready for a woman President. I REALLY wanted to be wrong. So now it’s time fo double, triple, octuple down and get women and persons of color and everyone else who is marginalized by this nefarious regime MOBILIZED more than ever before. It simply must happen. But WTF does it take disaster before most people will even recognize the problem exists?? SMDH.

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  7. I encountered three Trump supporters at work this morning. Believe it or not, they never thought he would win. They voted to protest the “establishment”. They are scared of him. Buyer’s regret already. I’m beyond disgusted with the celebration of ignorance in this country.
    I make a prediction. I don’t think Trump will last the four years, in fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if he never takes office. The narcissist craves admiration and a constant stroking of his ego. His freedom to do what he wants, when he wants is over. No more jetting around to his hotels and golf courses, no more adoring crowds, no Trump TV. The weight of the world has just dropped on his shoulders and I guarantee you when he fails to round up 11 million people, build his wall and return all those nonexistent manufacturing jobs, his followers will turn on him. I see him having some “health” issue that gets him out of this trap of his own creation. Pence will end up President. He’s the greater threat.

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    • Christ take the wheel. ‘They voted to protest the “establishment”’ Really? I mean, really? I know that’s what the Lib and greenish voters were doing. But actually, no joking, voting for a sex criminal because corporations stole your lunch?

      As Laura Hudson said on twitter, (paraphrase, can’t find it) I’m never going to forget how it feels to know that when the choice was between a woman and an actual monster the country chose the monster.

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      • I live in the very Red area of northern Maine, Aroostook County. The men here have made their living in the Woods all their lives. Many of them barely got out of high school and many of them can’t read and write. In the Woods, a man had pride in his hard work and his ability to support his wife and children. These small towns that once thrived are mere ghosts of their former selves. The town where I work is all but dead. The PO I run is the only business left. The young people are gone. The schools have closed. The houses are dilapidated. Drug abuse is rampant. Only the older people and indigent are left. They can’t leave because they can’t afford to go anywhere else and this is their home. Most of these folks have lived here for generations. They have seen their way of life die in their lifetime as the mills that bought the trees for paper and lumber have closed and moved away. These people have been left behind and dismissed. They did what they thought was right. They worked hard, many served in the military and they obeyed the law. Now, they depend on the monthly food pantry to make ends meet. I’m a recent arrival, having only lived here for 3 years. I’m a liberal, college educated butch lesbian and despite my obvious differences, they treat me with respect. I understand their anger, frustration and despair. The Left and the Democrats haven’t helped these people. They concentrate on the better educated city folk in Southern Maine. What has just happened is a wake up call to the Left…what has happened here is endemic in rural America. I understand why they grasped at straws to elect Trump. He acknowledged them, their anger and their pain.

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        • Thanks for sharing this, YankeeDragon. This really illustrates what has happened to the Left-Right divide and how it’s so different from what it used to be. I think of the Right as protecting the interests of big business and the free market and also the traditional family and religious values. However lately both the Right and the Left are effectively supporting neo-liberalism, which is complete freedom for big business, but not exactly what the Right stands for. The right cares about manufacturing jobs staying “at home” while neoliberalism encourages manufacturing to go overseas where it is cheaper. It’s not the Left causing the decline of manufacturing, it’s neoliberal global free trade. The right blames unions for making manufacturing jobs go away but those jobs should continue to be unionized and should continue to be in North America.
          What the Left should be doing is opposing neoliberalism by making sure business is properly regulated and unions are strong. However the Left has become so powerless over the interests of big business that we’re reduced to really ineffectual activism that doesn’t challenge the actual people in power. Much of the so-called “Left” is just focusing on the empowerfulment of choosing choices for those people who already have choices, because they’ve been swallowed up by neoliberalism and are gotten really far away from what they should be doing.
          Neoliberalism has fucked over both the Left and the Right and while we’re all pointing fingers at each other, big business is taking over the world.
          I really don’t blame those rural people that you describe, YankeeDragon. If I were them I wouldn’t put any of my hope in people with Liberal arts degrees who ask people what their preferred pronouns are when my livelihood is being taken away. This is a big, awful mess.

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        • Yankee Dragon, I grew up in modest, middle class rural New Hampshire with parents who only graduated high school. I can attest to the truth of what you are saying. I have long been critical of the elitism of the left and it’s constant spitting on the white (and non-white of course!) working class and those who don’t come from liberal university culture. Like transactivists and EU supporters, the left got cocky and now they’re paying for it.

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        • It’s so ironic that the so-called left has become an elite, out-of-touch culture. The left is supposed to be the working class fighting for their own interests by unionizing. These university students demanding to be called weird pronouns are not recognizable as a “Left,” they are just a bunch of overpriviledged idiots. I don’t consider that there is any Left at all in North America. There’s just two branches of neo-liberalism: the traditional family values/racism branch, and the anything-goes sex-positive branch.

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        • And that’s why, sadly, I can understand the Trump voters. When people have no jobs, no income, basically no hope, they will turn to … whatever. However, when white middle-class graduate men vote Trump, that’s a very different issue. Look forward to presidential-endorsed years of misogyny.

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    • Similiar sentiment in UK, people voted Brexit not expecting to win. The establishment need to learn the danger of disenfranchising those who put them in power. Sadly, both US and UK are going to learn the hard way.

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  8. I have seen a few offers from non-US lesbians to marry any US lesbian/bi women who wish to leave. When it started a few months ago it was supposed to be a joke, now there are people legitimately considering this as an option. Also, the Canadian immigration website crashed after the news broke.

    It’s so heartbreaking that people are not (or at the very least: do not *feel*) safe in America now. My heart breaks for all American LGBT people, as well as racial and religious minorities who will have to deal with a now politically ‘vindicated’ right wing hate group, aka: republicans. And I dread to think what rights American women are going to have taken away from them in the next four years…

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  9. It’s also very hard for these folks to understand that the vast majority of these manufacturing jobs are NEVER coming back even if these companies are somehow “forced” or “encouraged” to return to the US. They have been replaced by automation. I fear the next sector of traditional male jobs to go will be shipping and transportation jobs. In the not too distant future, the technology that is giving us self driving cars will replace drivers. Imagine the savings…a truck, bus or train, unencumbered by driver fatigue, that can run 24 hrs a day.
    I’m beginning to embrace the idea of a guaranteed minimum income (GMI) provided by the government. If technology is going to replace entire sectors of business, some provisions must be made for those displaced. Not everyone can be retrained to service the new technology. Service jobs need to provide a living, not a barely subsistence wage. I’m very proud that Maine voted to increase the minimum wage to $12 by 2020 and tax the wealthy to provide for education. I really don’t think the average person in America hates the neighbors, Muslims, etc. but they are sick and tired of losing their pride and their standard of living.

    Believe me I was practically apoplectic last night watching the results, but I’m not going to panic. My customers and neighbors who voted for Trump were the same folks today. They acted the same and treated me the same. No one gloated about his victory. They were elated to not receive anymore political mail in their boxes…a feeling I shared as well. I was scared of nuclear war when Reagan was elected, but we survived 8 years of him. We are strong enough to weather Trump…

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      • I agree, the Left extolls the college educated, but the working class are the ones who build and maintain the backbone of this country. They aren’t appreciated. My mom was a stay at home mom and my dad was a lobsterman in Boothbay Harbor back in the 1950s and 60s. Both his father and grandfather drowned working their traps alone. The Left became elitist and intolerant and yes, they got a bloody nose. And you know what??? That’s ok…that’s how we learn and grow.

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  10. This is exactly what happened with Brexit. Posh Londoners voted to stay in the EU and working class villages in northern England voted to leave. And you know what? If I was English I would have supported Nigel Farage and voted to Brexit. I actually celebrated with England when they declared “independence.” I even seriously considered voting for Trump for the same reason. Liberals don’t seem to respect boundaries of any kind whether they are sexual, cultural, or geographical and I happen to believe countries are entitled to be sovereign nations and to have a say who crosses the fence. I got tired of politics that pandered to business and political interests that favor cheap, easily exploited foreign labor over Americans, and had the nerve to pretend it was a noble endeavor about diversity and fairness.

    But you know what? The more I got to know Trump, the more I learned that he is as exploitative of foreigners and of American workers as anyone else and is, therefore, lying about his immigration platform. I learned that his ideas for bringing about this ‘reform’ were so clearly racist in origin, unjust and violent, as well as dangerous, that I couldn’t in good conscience vote for this man. Then there are Trump’s many other crimes, vices, and outrageous platforms and that quickly put an end to my support of Trump.

    I am *not* a single issue voter and was principled enough to consider the greater good. Plus, Hillary is a decent, qualified candidate and I, like many other women, was desperately excited for a female president. In any case, I put aside my immigration politics to serve a greater purpose for my country and I only wish leftists who bashed Clinton had done the same.

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    • I was excited by a woman president too. And it will happen. Hillary has been around a long time and unfortunately, that longevity includes a lot of baggage. I’m setting my sights on Elizabeth Warren or someone I haven’t learned about yet.

      This country works best when we sway back and forth across a center line. Too far to the Left or the Right isn’t healthy. Everyone needs to feel they are heard and their needs addressed. The real threat is the lack of representatives and senators from both sides willing to work together and compromise.

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    • Please keep in mind the social context in which you say that “countries are entitled to be sovereign nations and to have a say who crosses the fence.” We’re talking about America, which is a continent colonized by Europeans. North America is home to many indigenous sovereign nations, and white settlers continue to occupy and destroy their land without their consent. Our ancestors did in fact “cross someone’s fence” without their permission, and our society is still extracting oil and gas from the earth to support our lifestyles and in the process, destroying other people’s backyards. If white people are to claim that everyone should stay out of other people’s countries, then the first thing they need to do is stop extracting resources from other countries and from indigenous territories in North America. All of us in rich countries are guilty of crossing boundaries and taking what is not ours; this is not the specific domain of either republicans or democrats.

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      • You won’t hear any arguments from me there. I have been very critical of American imperialism, warfare, slavery, and abuse of Indigenous people my whole life. I can’t cover all of that history in one comment. And its not just white people that share my immigration concerns either. I just wanted to point out that immigration reform of any variety should not be a cover or excuse for bigotry or exploitation, and to me, Trump was a choice in favor of those qualities, something I could never even think of excusing.

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    • Can I clarify? Yes posh Londeners voted to remain but it wasn’t so much northern villages as all devasted working-class areas throughout the country that voted leave, and that includes Wales, as a separate country. But, most, not all, university cities voted to remain. Eg, Newcastle, Leeds, Liverpool, York, Manchester etc.
      People weren’t supporting or voting for Farage. That is the big difference. Yes he was a mouthpiece for Brexit (one I didn’t listen to) but Brexit was about principles not people.
      People voted for Brexit for many different reasons. Not just or only on immigration. Most of the people I know who voted for it fell into two camps. 1) increasing lack of national sovereignty 2) lack of work and/or reduced wages due to immigrants cutting the rate.

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      • Thank you so much for this. Definitely not an expert, just going off what I remember reading in articles months ago. Also, this is not a perfect comparison, but so many Trump supporters are invoking Farage and Brexit as their inspiration, rightly or wrongly, so I brought it up. Loved your post.


        • Thank you Joanna. As a journalist I deplore much of the media coverage of both Brexit and Trumpit. Too simplistic. Both my partner and I come from areas in the UK that strongly supported Brexit. I am your average two degrees middle class professional. I totally understand the Brexit vote. But I was surprised it prevailed. I don’t think I was so surprised about Trump. Because, lets be honest, who cares about misogyny. And I am already getting tired of reading posts that say this election was not about sexism or misogyny. Of. Course. It. Was. You only have to read the ‘If only Sanders had run’ post/comments. ‘He would have beaten Trump in debates.’ Er, I thought Clinton did that?
          Yes, there is a comparison with the anti-establishment vote – in a way. As, we’re sick of this, we’ll vote the other way. But voting for a racist misogynist thrice-wed player of bankruptcy laws who wants to victimise women isn’t quite the same as not wanting Europe to pull the strings.

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  11. I’m heartbroken, shocked, angry, disgusted. Now I know how my mother felt after the 1980 election (which I was alive for, but far too young to remember). She cried when Reagan defeated President Carter. I was really angry and upset over the 2000 shenanigans, but that now pales in comparison to this. Republican views have always been anathema to me, even though I have some Republican friends.

    I’m a lifelong leftist, and though I’m a registered Democrat, my core beliefs are (mostly) strongly Socialist. To me, it just seems obvious that someone who grew up poor and working-class, with deep working-class roots on both sides of the family, would naturally support Socialist and left-wing positions. I truly don’t understand why those things are considered dirty and evil.

    Trump’s plans to build a wall not only eerily remind me of the Berlin Wall, but also of the racist, xenophobic immigration quotas the U.S. had for so many decades. Thanks to those quotas (informally called “The Emergency Immigration Quota”), a lot of good people were trapped in dangerous situations, held up in reams of red tape, and unable to come to safety before the Nazis, Soviets, and other fascists devoured them. But because they weren’t white Protestants from the familiar parts of the world, their immigration was strictly curtailed, and they were killed. So many people I know in my Jewish community see this as 1933 Germany all over again, and we’re terrified.

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  12. In 1980 Americans elected a Republican president and congress, who remained in power for about eight years, and the result was a global AIDS epidemic (millions of deaths), a war in Afghanistan (leading to the eventual rise of the Taliban), the overthrow of the democratically elected government of Iran (leading to an authoritarian regime), and the “War on Drugs” (still killing thousands per year across Mexico and Central/South America and putting thousands more in prison across the USA). And a lot more including massive income inequality and weakening the barrier separating church and state and so on, those are just the first to come to mind.

    In 2000 Americans elected a Republican president and congress, who remained in power for another six years, and the result was two wars (one leading to the rise of Daesh and continuing with no end in sight for the past 13 years, with hundreds of thousands of casualties and millions of displaced), the worst natural disaster in the history of the US (badly mishandled), significant restrictions in civil rights and freedom of speech, a global financial crisis and recession, a de-facto legalisation of torture, and massive expansion of the power of the executive branch. Again, just the first things to come to mind.

    Just some points of comparison for what things might look like today, with yet another Republican president and congress, the latter by now so entrenched that it may never lose its majority.

    The Republican Party is nothing so much as an agent of death, destruction and environmental catastrophe. It is kept in power by white supremacy and misogyny, by the fear of social change (and unfettered capitalism, but that also applies to the other party, these days). Those things don’t seem to be declining in popularity anytime soon.

    I wish I could say I hadn’t expected this.

    I don’t have any kind of plan except to stand by all those who are going to be hurt in the next four years, and try to provide whatever support I can. LGBT people, women, people of colour, refugees, etc—we’re all groups that have survived a lot through unity and holding each other up. Hopefully, we can find that unity this time around as well.

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  13. It’s bloody awful that Trump was elected, I’m not from there and would have voted for Hillary over Trump but we have our own (more suave and slightly more palatable version) where I am. It sucks horribly and my heart goes out to you all.

    I totally agree with the lovely women above who pointed out where Trump tapped into (we had our own version here and the left (of which I am one) failed them here too. I’ve been on several websites today and there is obviously a lot of anger, but the thing I have honestly found hardest to stomach is so called leftist activists screaming ‘we told them he was a bigot and a racist and a sexist – how could they vote against their own interests’ with a total lack of understanding that people have competing interests. In their eyes, the fact he was a bigot should have been enough (and in good times, it should be, but for a significant proportion of US, it’s not right now)

    Many of the areas he won in are so economically depressed, the banks don’t even bother to repossess the foreclosures anymore as the houses won’t sell and they’ve learned the hard way that an empty house is a target whereas a peppercorn rent (eg $5 a month) means there might be an asset to sell when the market picks up. That is fucked up on a scale I can’t imagine. But these people live in fear of homelessness every day and cry when the electricity bill comes in. Trump visited many of these areas and the Democrats (including Bernie) just assumed they’d get the vote and didn’t show up at all. I don’t blame them – I don’t think he’ll help them, but he showed up and listened.

    If you had the choice between sucking it up and hearing slurs about you as a woman, a POC etc with an actual job, a stable home and food on the table or crying when the bills come in and living in fear of homelessness I’d be tempted to vote for him myself. I’ve just been lucky that every time a decision like that came around, I didn’t have to. But there have been many times I’ve cried over a bill in the past. I’d agree that a lot of people who voted for Trump *are* bigots. But there are also many who were just so fucking desperate in this shitty arse patriarchal society, they felt they didn’t have a choice.

    Please also don’t think this next bit is minimising your pain, but I volunteer with refugees so have a slightly different slant. I know it hurts right now. Most of your human rights may be put back (although bear in mind the GOP hate Trump and bailed on endorsing him so they won’t make it easy and will block him for long enough for you to re-organise) but the truth is no-one here is posting in from Aleppo or Khandes or Mosul or the other 90% of the planet where life is more brutal. Please take heart. We have time to make a difference and won’t be dodging bombs and bullets while we are doing it. (Extremely small chance – could happen – but seeing as most of the gun nuts voted for Trump, it’s a shrinking chance)

    Take care all and keep the faith! And thanks for being a safe place to come in a time of uprest 🙂


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  14. I also feel odd posting outside of our ongoing debate, but man do we agree on this. I’ve been calling Trump and embarrassment and this election a farce, mostly in the hopes that he’ll be that rather than actively dangerous. Between having to fight members of his own party to fulfill several of the promises he was elected on, and being outside an environment where he can shout “You’re fired!” at his opponents, I’m hoping he crumbles and walks off the job (not that Pence is a more appealing president… god what a mess).

    If there is a silver lining to any of this, I hope it makes both parties realize they can’t neglect the rural poor, or run a campaign solely on the flaws of their opponents. Other people have commented on this much more eloquently than I can, I just hope the democrats also get the message.

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    • I probably don’t need to soap box about this here, but just in case! If you are in the US, now is the time to write/call/email your representatives and tell them to make protecting the ACA and their immigrant constituents the hill they will die on. Trump has only the most grudging support of the Repubs and several have openly rejected him.

      It’s just distressing how many people around me are acting like the world has literally ended and there’s nothing they can do…. I’ve had a really long week.

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  15. Well, things are definitely turning for worse up here in Maine. Customer came in this morning stating she wants a full blown Depression to reset the economy and she’s looking forward to shooting Muslims from her front porch. I’m contacting the PO employee line on Monday to see if LGBT protection at USPS is at risk under a Trump presidency.


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